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10 movements of the body, due to which you can stay without a job


Imagine that after a long search you finally found the job that suits you according to all criteria. Without thinking, you respond to a business proposal is flawless summary and promising a cover letter about yourself. You are 100% confident in their professional qualities, but during the interview something in your behavior, gestures or posture has forced a potential employer to abandon your candidacy at an enviable position.

For what reason could this happen? How did it happen that a place that should be occupied by a person possessing vast experience and sharp business acumen, got the candidate, not having extraordinary intellectual abilities, but when talking with the employer, a casual smile, listen carefully to all the comments, refrain from elaborate gestures and inappropriate jokes. In short, he endeared himself to the interlocutor not mind and skill level, and using simple non-verbal techniques. And you with all of your business advantages were not destiny. Most likely, the reason being that your body language, thanks to which you have demonstrated a possible employer all of their weaknesses.

We present 10 of the most common body movements that will hurt you when searching for a new job.

10. Crossing arms

Similar body position suggests that you have taken the defensive tactics of dialogue or currently are experiencing discomfort. To overcome a burning desire to cross my arms in front of you, start actively gesticulating. First, this way you will impress the expressive creative person. Secondly, when a person is accompanied by gestures your speech, it says that he visualizes the object of his narration, so it will be easier to take a problem and study it thoroughly. However, it should not this rule be abused! Remember, too Intrusive and pretentious gestures will have the opposite effect, and perhaps because of this, you will be left without work.

9. Indifferent look

Low emotionality indicates that you are very keen to make a favourable impression on your potential employer. Live facial expressions much more will play in your favor during a job interview than a straight face. However, it must in its expressiveness to stay relaxed and prevent affectedness.

8. Fussiness

Your nervousness may give some small Intrusive operation, for example, the habit during a conversation often smooth hair, look around, fumble with the handle, tugging the leg under the table etc. these habits are very annoying companion, which from the beginning of the conversation it can be configured negatively on your candidacy. In addition, excessive agitation betrays your lack of confidence, and this quality is very harmful to the development of business acumen.

7. Weak handshake

When meeting with a possible employer, look him in the eye, smile and firmly shake your hand, but not very much, otherwise it will cause the opposite effect. The most important thing in the right handshake to achieve contact with his hands. This will cause the trust of the interlocutor to you from the first minute of the conversation.

6. Habit to pull hair

The man began to pull at the hair while under stress. First, this action will distract your interlocutor from the subject of conversation. Second, pulling your hair, you will become a bit like playful child, so the employer will find it difficult to take you seriously, despite the presence of substantial professional merit.

If a candidate for a position of responsibility is a girl, this gesture can be interpreted from the interlocutor as flirting, or flirting that is likely to jeopardize the presence of a sufficient skill level.

5. Hands under the table

If during a conversation you will hold hands under the table, it will cause distrust among the interlocutor, and your chances of getting the coveted post drastically reduced.

The most successful posture for interviews, which helps to win over an interviewer is when the hands are on the armrests of the chair or on the table. This way you will be able to actively use their gestures, and show your openness and high level of communication skills of the interlocutor.

4. The invasion of personal space

The desire as soon as possible to establish contact with the interlocutor, do not be too Intrusive. Refrain from inappropriate claps on the shoulder, friendly hugs and other touches. Also, do not need too close to potential employer most likely, it will cause him discomfort, and he instinctively will look for any opportunity to distance themselves from you.

In fact, cronyism, especially in the first interview, does not like any one employer, so such techniques are likely to only harm your goal.

3. The lack of a smile

Recall the line from the rhyme:the smile will warm everybody. The truth, known to every child, unfortunately, not familiar to all adults. If during conversation your face will not smile, then the employer will perceive you as a person sullen, uncommunicative or closed. Often show him my warm friendly smile, but it should be done naturally and right.

2. A wrong landing

During the interview, pay attention to their posture. Straight back gives you the importance and nobility. In turn, asymmetrical body position can give you the embarrassment and self-doubt.

1. The lack of eye contact

When you're about to tell the other party, you may look in the direction. Also not bad if during the conversation will be when using gestures to visualize what tell it will be an additional testimony of the truthfulness of your words. However, when you speak the interlocutor's attention should be riveted to it. Eye contact is necessary not only to establish a trust relationship, but to a potential employer saw your sincere interest in his proposal.

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