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10 effective methods to generate new ideas


Every successful business depends not only from economists, who calculate routine every detail and output of the enterprise crisis-free operation, but also from marketers that generate new concepts and ideas. And if you work with numbers often clear and ordinary, requires knowledge of the formulas and proper use of programs, in case marketers sometimes just needed a "light" head and creative inspiration. But if you're sleepy in the morning, bad night's sleep or even experience a crisis of identity – what is inspiration?

Motivation is one of those "pull yourself together and do" is useless when the brain is full with problems or is on strike against the rich creative work. But life without inspiration and ideas – this is not life, but existence. So, we need to whatever was to return the enthusiasm and generate new ideas. Below we will show you 10 effective methods how to achieve this.

10. Sinektika

The author proposes to base the solution on the analysis of the diverse, and sometimes incompatible elements. The method also involves the use of analogies and comparisons, associations. For example, one of the engineers, watching the worm-burrowing and making moves in the wood, opened Quezon method in the construction of underwater structures. Analogy can also be applied when the subject identifies himself with the future invention, for example, is that the arm – blades ultra-new helicopter. At a symbolic analogies are metaphors and allegories, perhaps combining one object with the properties of another (wooden brains, steel, etc.). Fantastic analogy assume full imagination to invent a non-existent music, or language for describing the subject feel in the matrix, without gravity, etc.

9. Method of focal objects

Involves generating fresh ideas by joining the source object properties of other, randomly selected. First we need to choose the object of focus – one that demands perfection, improvement, innovation. Further, in the special literature (book, magazine, encyclopedia, etc.) choose a couple of concepts about random objects, their characteristics. Found properties joined with the source object and the options will modify using Association. The solution was estimated from the point of view of efficiency, innovation and adequacy of the customer's wishes.

8. Brainstorming

Known for generating new ideas in all modern groups. At the next planning meeting gathers the whole team, and everyone gets quickly and efficiently to offer any ideas that come to mind. They can be crazy, silly and irrelevant, but to push on the correct thought of another person, to inspire. The leader records the ideas of each person and then organize a peaceful discussion and a vote that can saturate the project with new nuances and details.

7. "Bus, bed, bath"

This method advises creative people to draw inspiration from every place where it is located. No need to lock yourself in the office routine and to expect that it will be visited by the Muse. Diversify their activities – go for a walk, do some sports, take a bath with aromatic oils, play with the animals. You never know where you will be visited by a brilliant idea – in bed or bath, that is why the method got its name. Often interesting ideas are generated shortly before bedtime when the mind begins to shut down and the unconscious takes over and "creative". That is why it is important to have on the nightstand Notepad with pen for a fast fix "hot" thoughts.

6. Trap for ideas

Imagine that you are a catcher of his ideas and, armed with a shovel, ready to chase them like butterflies. It is actually a bit simpler – you will need handy tools: recorders, notes on desktop, phone, tablet and even your own hand. You have to capture ideas whenever and wherever they would not have visited. Even if the idea of raw, you will be able to modify it later in a quiet place. But the main thing is to grab his "the Firebird" by the tail as it flies past (learn to catch the metaphor).

5. The method of "Mental maps"

A popular method resorted to by teachers in the University. The drawing of the logical block diagrams and the construction of causal relationships allow the person to better assimilate the material. This same technique can be transferred to the process of generating new ideas. For example, you can in the center of the sheet to draw the object (the subject), which should include creative thought, and continue to run multiple branches of development, which may in the process go its associative branch. This is creative thinking of a person, his right hemisphere, which is responsible for the creation of new ideas. The more details of the event will be filed in pictures, the more likely it is that you suddenly inspiration struck. Author – Tony Buzan, who described the method in his book "use your head".

4. Morphological analysis

Method involves breaking the global challenges of the project at a number of local who have their details and specificity, a multitude of items and solutions. Each of the past need to be discussed in the team, building a detailed table showing where to specify all the components of the object and their features. The head articulates the problem and identifies the important elements of the object, recording them in the table, and the team helps to assess all possible options of events to choose optimal. The way, incidentally, as old as the world, but effective in situations where the ill-fated ideas did not want to visit. Implemented morphological analysis often with the help of algorithms and computer software.

3. Method of Edward de Bono's "Six hats"

The method used to generate and evaluate a very unusual and unexpected ideas, which is important to consider all the nuances and details, to consider the new situation in different ways. The creative process implies that each person in turn wears 6 hats in a particular color. In a black hat, he examines the negative aspects of the idea. White strictly checks the facts and numbers, operates logic. Yellow allows you to analyze the strengths and pluses of the ideas. Add green stimulates creativity and creativity in the study process. And red even allows to consider the idea with considerable emotion and sensual sphere. The last blue hat is intended to summarize the work.

2. Indirect strategies

This method allows you to exit a knowingly dead-end situations in the project. Prepare a special card (you can find the electronic version) in the form of the deck. For each recorded command. Team members are encouraged to take turns to pull out these cards and strictly follow their instructions. It can be cards with a similar meaning: "emphasize the flaws", "use the previous idea" "develop the idea", etc. Cards can be made individually for each enterprise, given its specificity and activity.

1. Transcript

This method is also based on creative thinking and associations. For inspiration you need strange object – a tattoo inscription in a foreign language, psychedelic pattern, character, etc. the Task is to begin to look carefully in the picture or the text, trying to find the first Association with him. Don't forget to capture ideas that came to mind – suddenly they can be useful in their professional activities. This exercise should be repeated every day that will help to develop and strengthen associative thinking.

These are simple but effective methods to quickly activate the mind and show the world a new and interesting idea.

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