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10 effective tips for improving your appearance in 30 days


At the present time women strive for constant improvement. Women know that in order to bring your looks to the ideal, you need to spend a lot of time and effort. However, to significantly improve the appearance and can be for 30 days. It's pretty easy, but keep in mind that all recommendations must be performed regularly: only discipline will help to achieve the desired results. This article discusses the best tips for improving their appearance for a month. They will be useful not only for ladies but also for men.

10. Enroll in a fitness club

Of course, you can not become a champion for 30 days, but you will improve the muscles, to adjust the shape. You can certainly do at home, but it is convenient not for all: many people prefer to enroll in a fitness club and train under the guidance of an experienced instructor. At the present time available a variety of options: gyms, Pilates, stretching and so on. Each person has the opportunity to choose the workouts that fit best for it. To not lost the desire to go to classes, pick up a fitness club closer to home.

9. Update haircut

Hair should be cut regularly, even if you don't want to fundamentally change the way. These procedures will allow you to keep the curls beautiful and healthy. Regularly updating hairstyle, you will also from time to time to get rid of the accumulated negative energy, to "cut off" her positive energy. However it is possible and to experiment with appearance, namely, the haircut. To do this, refer only to such artists who has firmly won the trust of the visitors.

8. Set up sleep mode

If you constantly fall asleep after midnight, sooner or later it will begin to have a negative impact on appearance, health and even the health. At 12 o'clock in the morning phase of sleep is the most active. If it is flowing, the rest will be defective, to the same after midnight is much more difficult to fall asleep. The best option is to go from 10 to 11 PM and get up around 7-8 am. So you will always sleep, and on the exterior is reflected in the best way.

7. A manicure

Hands of the fair sex needs to be well groomed. Some do a manicure yourself, but sometimes it is very difficult. If you don't want to take care of hands at home, find a good artist whose work you completely satisfied. You will need to visit approximately every 2 weeks. It is not necessary to cover the nail varnish-you can simply trim them, remove the cuticle and burrs. It is also worth noting that well-groomed hands – the prerogative of not only women but also men. Representatives of the stronger sex with a manicure look more solid and well maintained (the latter in a modern, civilized society – not a crime).

6. Care for the skin

You should not wash with soap and special soft means of cleansing the skin. This can be, for example, quality milk, light foam wash. Then you will need to use the cream (in summer – for humidification in the winter – for food). If the skin is problematic, you can try to clean it yourself or regularly go to the beautician.

5. Treat yourself to a massage

This procedure is very pleasant and incredibly useful. If you are not able to go for a massage regularly, at least treat yourself once, however, it is preferable to visit a therapist at least once every 7 days. So you will effectively recover after a difficult work week. Some people who have financial resources, prefer to call massage therapists to the house, and not to waste time on trips to the salons.

4. Get familiar with food

Of course, very difficult to change their eating habits dramatically and immediately. To save yourself from unnecessary stress, you can do it gradually. First, reduce the amount of sugar in coffee and tea, and then start eating sweet things, fatty things only on weekends. Then you can finally give up this junk food, but it is not necessary to completely switch to a healthy lifestyle. Enough to learn to control yourself.

Don't forget about Breakfast in the morning, do not cram the night. Avoid snacking between meals. However, there is another option: instead of sandwiches, cookies choose to eat vegetables, fruits. The number of the latter will need to control, because the sweet fruits are very high in calories.

3. The more you walk

The best option – about 4 miles a day, but in modern conditions of life not everyone has the opportunity so much time to devote to walking. Train yourself to at least walk before bedtime about half an hour. You can also opt out of using the Elevator: walking the stairs will provide a remarkable additional load.

2. Smaller touch face with hands

You should avoid touching the face with unwashed hands. This is a very common habit, and it causes a lot of problems. If you don't start to control yourself, prepare for the fact that on the face there will be acne. This is especially true for those people whose skin itself is problematic or has high sensitivity to various external influences.

1. Disassemble the closet

Will need to sort through all the clothes in your closet. No regrets throw away those things that are very spoiled. It is not necessary to throw out good but unwanted clothes, but we should not leave her in the house. Give these things to someone else, take them to the charity. Instead of the clothes that you have saved to purchase things you've always wanted. Think carefully about your style. Changing old clothes for new ones that you like, you will each experience a lot of joy, catching a glance at his reflection in the mirror.

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