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10 effective ways to fight allergies


Allergic suffer a lot of people around the world. Food, contact, to pollen, medicines it poisons the lives of tens of thousands of people, depriving them of many opportunities, creating a lot of daily inconvenience. But it's not so bad. There are forms of allergic reactions that pose a real threat to the lives of people, including angioedema or anaphylactic shock. Therefore, scientists, pharmacologists and doctors-allergists dozens of years working on creating all-new methods of combating this disease and its main manifestations. Here is the top 10 most effective remedies for allergies.

10. Sleep longer

According to experts the largest concentration of pollen in the air, which is the strongest allergen, occurs in the interval between 5 and 8am. At this time, Allergy sufferers should not go outside or keep the Windows open, otherwise your morning be ruined by a compulsive itching nose and watery eyes.

9. Antihistamines

This is probably the most effective way to quickly eliminate the main symptoms of allergies. These funds are available in the form of tablets, injections, ointments, gels, etc. However, antihistamines should not be used without consulting a doctor, as a violation of the ingestion and dosage of the medication may lead to unpleasant consequences. You should also know, abuse of antihistamines reduces the natural protective forces of the body, which may in turn harm your health more than an allergic reaction.

It is important to keep in mind that antihistamines cause severe drowsiness, so they should not be taken when driving or performing work associated with concentration.

8. Cleansing the body

Often the cause of allergies is getting an excessive amount of toxins and toxic compounds in the body. Therefore, people with allergies need to carefully consider the state of his digestive system, and in the season of exacerbation of Allergy (for example, in the flowering period of some plants), it is recommended to take sorbents that help to cleanse the bowel of harmful substances.

7. Homeopathy

Official medicine called homeopathy pseudoscience and not recognized it means the methods of treatment of diseases. However, there are many supporters of homeopathy, who claim that it can help with allergies.

It should be borne in mind that the therapy of homeopathic remedies involves a long course of treatment and correction of nutrition. In addition, homeopathic medicines can cause aggravation of symptoms in the initial period of treatment.

6. To avoid contact with the allergen

The most obvious and effective way to prevent the unpleasant symptoms of hay fever is to avoid contact with the Allergy source. Therefore, the first stage of treatment of this disease should be aimed at identifying the allergen. This process can be very difficult and take a long time, but without it would be impossible to correctly make the tactic effective treatment.

5. Nasal lavage

If you suffer from hay fever, you should regularly to treat the mucous membrane of the nasal passages. Thus you will clean the sensitive area from exposure to allergens (pollen, bits of animal hair, dust, etc.). This procedure is very useful in case if no opportunity to avoid contact with the allergen, for example, when ragweed. Therefore, experts recommend to resort to the nasal lavage with isotonic NaCl solution several times a day, making your condition may significantly improve.

4. Elimination of stress

No wonder they say that all diseases of the nerves. At the time of stress or extreme physical stress the human body becomes more susceptible to allergens. Therefore, the aggravation of allergies, you should make every effort to avoid emotional overload. If in practice to follow this advice fails, you should try to minimize the negative effects of stress. You can visit a psychologist and take medication to stabilize the emotional background or the treatment of nervous system disorders.

As prophylaxis of development of stress in the first place, you need to learn relaxation techniques and sleep.

3. Drink plenty of liquids

An allergic reaction always involves intoxication. To speed up the process of removing toxic compounds from the body, you need to drink plenty of fluids. This is necessary in order to reduce the severity of pathological manifestations of Allergy, among which headache and General malaise.

2. Special injection

If conservative methods of dealing with Allergy tested, and as your every attack only worsens, then you may find it possible to use a special injection can suppress the development of allergic reactions. The injected medicines are small doses of allergens, thus helping your body to produce an immune response to their action. This method has much in common with the production of vaccinations.

To such a method of Allergy treatment is usually resorted to if all other available methods have not brought the desired positive result. The injections must be done daily for 6-12 months, and after this period, 1 injection per month.

Of course, such a technique is quite difficult to decide, however, for many people, periodically suffering from severe allergies, this treatment may be the only opportunity to lead a full life.

1. Strengthening the immune system

In itself the appearance of allergies is a symptom of disorders in the immune system. Therefore, to reduce the risk of allergic reactions or to reduce the severity of symptoms, it is necessary to take certain measures to strengthen the immune system. The most simple and at the same time, effective ways of healing the immune system is through regular exercise, healthy diet, healthy habits and avoiding harmful habits.

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