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Top 10 best mystery films. List 2015


If you want to tickle your nerves a free evening, but you're not a fan of creepy naturalistic tapes like the horror series "Saw", a good choice would be mystery films. They are able to keep in suspense until the denouement and have an interesting plot. A list of the best mystical movies 2015 – learn to view any of the paintings worth the time.

10. Visit

Opens the list of the best paintings of the mystical Thriller "the Visit".
Teenagers Becca and Tyler go for a week to visit his maternal grandparents, whom she had not seen for many years. For children is the first meeting with the grandparents. They were surprised by the regulations set in the house – after half past nine in the evening they are not allowed to leave his room. And I wish they did not break the rules...

9. The woman in black 2: angel of death

In ninth place in the list of mystical movies 2015 – "the Woman in black 2: angel of death". This is not the sequel of the picture in 2012 with Daniel Radcliffe in the lead role, as many think, but a separate work. Although the overall plot of these two mystical tapes are similar.
During the Second world war from London to evacuate the children into the country. Young teacher eve with her older partner accompanies a group of schoolchildren to the old mansion standing on the outskirts. The first night the girl feels in the house something weird is going on. Gradual she comes to the conclusion that some sinister force intends to harm her pupils.

8. House at the end of time

"The house of the end times", which occupies the eighth place in the list of the best mystical movies of 2015, tells the story of an elderly woman Dulce. 30 years ago in her family was a terrible tragedy – he was killed by her husband and missing son. The woman was found guilty and sentenced to a long time. After the liberation she returned to the old house, and after it was the ghosts of the past. Dulce, which tempered the years spent in prison, intends to understand what happened on that fateful day and what happened to her son.

7. Poltergeist

"Poltergeist", a remake of the cult films of 1982, is on the seventh position in the list of the best mystical movies. The story remained unchanged – the family who moved into a new house, confronted by supernatural forces. The victim becomes the youngest member of the family – baby Madison. She is kidnapped, and to rescue a girl can only love and devotion to loved ones.

6. Queen of spades: Black rite

In sixth place in the list of exciting mystical paintings 2015 – work by Russian Director Podrevskogo "the Queen of spades: Black rite". The genre of horror and mystery in cinema presents rare films, so the new picture is one of some interest. This is a story about that it is not necessary to disturb the rest of the supernatural creatures and play with them, because you never know what will happen in response. A group of teenagers decides to play a trick on the youngest of them and is having a large mirror in a call session of the spirit of the sinister Queen of spades. Who knew that it actually exists, and friends will have to pay for their prank high price.

5. Remove from friends

Fifth place in the list of the best movies of the mystical is the work of American and Russian filmmakers – Thriller "unfriended". The picture is interesting an unusual story and the fact that the survey is conducted through computer monitors. Some friends in the evening talking on Skype through a conference, when they suddenly joins someone else's. Events take a dangerous turn when a stranger starts to demand that friends confessed who posted compromising videos of their drunk friend. Unable to endure the shame, the girl was shot. The mysterious visitor is sure that the cause of her death is among friends and threatened with death if you will not hear the confession.

4. Scary stories

In fourth place in the list of the best mystical movies 2015 – the picture of the "Scary tales", based on three fantasy stories by Italian writer of the 16th century Giambattista Basile. In one state, the Royal couple could not appear in the family of the child, until he received a hint, that the Queen wants to eat the heart of a sea monster brewed alone a virgin. In the battle with the monster king dies, but produces the heart, and the Queen can rejoice in the birth of a son. The ruler of another country finds flea and grows it to giant size. When she dies, he decides with the help of her hide to find a future chosen for her daughter. King is convinced that one of the contenders for the hand of the Princess will not be able to guess whose hide hangs on the wall, but wrong. Mountain giant, with a keen sense of smell, gives the correct answer and takes the bride to his cave.

3. Insidious: Chapter 3

"Insidious: Chapter 3" – the third position among the best mystical pictures 2015. The first two parts had great success with the audience, but in the third film, its creators decided not to exploit the old story. Events occur long before the incident with the family of the Lamberts. This time a psychic Elise Rainier come to the aid of the young Queen, who believes that she is trying to contact the spirit of her deceased mother. Alice went into the trance, sees that the girl is chasing a dangerous entity to deal with the Queen which not under force. But clairvoyant risking his life in the astral world herself stalking evil spirit, threatening with violence.

2. Crimson peak

New work by Director Guillermo del Toro "Crimson peak" is in second place in the list of the best mystical ribbons of 2015. It is a wonderful Gothic melodrama with great visuals and special atmosphere.
In the nineteenth century in an old English manor Allerdale unfolds a chain of strange events. The owner of the house Thomas sharp brings a young wife. They met in the United States, where Thomas was looking for financial assistance for the development of the family mine, located on the estate. Edith's father dies and she finds solace in a young nobleman. Once in the mansion, where there is desolation, a young woman falls ill. With every day it gets worse, the dark walls of the house evoke nostalgia and an older sister, Lucille Thomas forbids her to go down to the lower floors. Once Edith steals the bunch of keys, opens found in the basement of the music box and learns a horrifying secret estate Allerdale.

1. The last witch hunter

The Thriller "the Last witch hunter" ranks first in the list of the best paintings in the genre of mysticism, 2015. Fans of brutal VIN Diesel saw him as a stern warrior Riddick and crazy street racer Dominic Toretto. In the new film, he appeared in the form of the fighter of evil spirits Calder, won in 13 century they murdered the Queen of the witches curse in the form of eternal life. Since then, it took 800 years, the witch hunter continues to make a mark in the modern world. The order created by his brethren, governs the relationship between hunters and witches. Calder catches and passes to justice those who use their power not for peaceful purposes. When he dies his chronicler, hunter begins to investigate, since this sudden death looks very suspicious.
"The last witch hunter" – a fascinating mystical picture with an interesting plot and VIN diesel in the unusual image of a wizened immortal warrior.

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