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10 effective ways to develop intelligence


Intelligence is the ability to think, to perceive, to analyze, to remember. Of course, first of all, it depends on heredity and upbringing. But if you do not load your brain work, the intellectual level begins to drop. Every person has the opportunity to develop the intelligence of their own. Here only it will have to work hard for it. Scientists have long been interested in this issue, and a number of studies have allowed them to establish that the brain is not immutable by design. Depending on external influences its level may vary. If you want to increase it, use the following methods of development of intelligence.

10. Reflect on complex issues

The students of the famous universities of Cambridge and Oxford entrance exams frequently asked questions, seemingly not related to the subject of study. They are quite tricky, but allow you to understand what is capable of a prospective student. In addition, they train analytical thinking. Most people live a normal life: work, home, family. So this average person is unlikely to answer these questions. Try to think not only about where and how to spend the weekend and what to cook for dinner tonight. Just look at the world, something will cause you concern. Ponder this question, and then look for the correct answer. If your answer agrees with, put a plus, if not – do not stay and develop the thinking further.

9. Learn to play a musical instrument

The established opinion that listening to classical music increases intelligence, was denied. Scientists have conducted a number of studies, which involved groups of children. Participants of one group were engaged in singing, others were learning to play musical instruments, and others were engaged in acting. The fourth group did nothing. After one year, all children checked the level of intelligence. Above all he was of those guys that played music. So fulfill your dream – learn to play a musical instrument. This will not only increase your intelligence but will make you versatile, interesting person.

8. Learn to think strategically

You probably think that the ability to think strategically useful only to fans of chess or other intellectual games. It is absolutely wrong opinion. This ability will allow you to build the right model in my head. No matter what you want to plan and forecast, business plan or to do list for tomorrow. Without the ability to think strategically, any surprise will take you out myself. Conversely, if you have developed strategic thinking, you will appreciate a variety of scenarios. No unexpected factors will not spoil your plans.

7. Solve logic puzzles

In school you regularly train your brain. And remember children's magazines with endless tasks like "remove match". After all, if you it was interesting. Such a small logic puzzles great develop logic and creative thinking. Try playing them now. On the Internet numerous tasks and puzzles in various fields. In stores you can find a lot of publications. Involve the employment of family members or friends. You will have a great time, even more closer, and most importantly will work your brain.

6. Practice meditation mindfulness

How many people live on the machine, they just do not notice how time runs. For Breakfast think about the upcoming day at work on personal matters. If you recognize this description of yourself, it is time to act. Try meditation of mindfulness. No matter what you do, but do it consciously. Are here and now. Think only about what you are doing at the moment. These practices will help you develop self-control, develop memory, creativity. In addition they are great to handle stress. Probably you will not be able to live consciously. Old habits, formed by years, just because you won't let go. Most importantly, do not retreat, and everything will work out.

5. Learn to think outside the box

People often think in patterns. It is formed since childhood. In one situation it is necessary to do so, and in the other, so that if not, then "you bad boy". Or girl, whatever. It is important that people lose the ability to think outside the box. When you need to make a decision, try to reject all the imposed stereotypes, relax, close your eyes. Think about the problem unconsciously. Listen to your thoughts, write down on paper that tells you your brain. Even comes to mind words that are irrelevant to the case, write it all down. And then analyze, you will find a solution to the problem. Gradually you will get used to think outside the box, you will not need to hold such sessions.

4. Train your memory

It is very important to train memory, it is a pity that in adulthood, this involved only a few. And people who think they don't need, then begin to suffer memory lapses. It all starts innocently: forget where you put the keys, what is the name of new acquaintances. Old age they can and do have serious memory issues. To avoid this, systematically train her. Learn poetry. So you not only train the memory, but also expand your vocabulary, get to know the wonderful world of poetry. Strain your visual memory, remember the pictures, unfamiliar places. There are many books with exercises that will help you train your memory.

3. Get enough sleep!

Of course, to engage their intellect need to be healthy, in good shape, and most importantly sleep. Enough sleep can restore the memory and to develop intelligence. American scientists have led the experiment. The participants were offered to play a video game with confusing logic problems. Participants who regularly slept more successfully passed the test. Some neurologists say that healthy sleep affects the quality of teaching foreign languages. But even if not to take into account the arguments of the doctors, remember yourself in those moments of life when you are able to sleep properly. Confusion, inability to catch the thread of conversation, poor concentration. Here and speech cannot be about raising the level of intelligence.

2. Practice math

When people graduate from College or other educational institution, mathematics disappears forever from their lives. The maximum that they think is money in the wallet. You probably heard the saying University, that mathematics leads the mind in order. Oh, and she develops good intelligence, analytical ability. Try at least for fun, to practice math. Select a suitable allowance. There are many publications that will make you love math.

1. Learn foreign languages

To develop your brain, and incidentally to perform the usual household chores, you'll help audio lessons. You can train your memory, increase intelligence, plus to this for you will be numerous benefits of foreign language proficiency. You will be able to go abroad without problems, you don't have to communicate with gestures in the hotel and in the store. You can watch foreign films without translation, read books in the original. It will also contribute to your development.

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