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10 facts that sound improbable


The world is full of miracles that are so familiar that they seem self-evident. We are accustomed to the daily miracle of mobile communications, television, Yes a simple plane in the sky.

But there's absolutely reliable facts that are not found at every step and therefore seemingly incredible. Here are just ten of them.

10. The human finger can sense microscopic particles

Touch our daily companion. Although the vision brings to mind more than 95% of all information, always and I want the thing to touch and even lick. But it's amazing how sensitive can be our skin.

Your finger seems rather rude part of the body. It has a relatively thick skin, covered with rude folds and grooves. Meanwhile, the fingers can feel the smooth glass a scratch or a speck of dust measuring just one-thousandth of a millimeter. However, this is the finger gently hold on to the test surface.

It turns out that the grooves papillary pattern allows you to feel fingers on such small parts. Brostoski finger pattern at the same time acting as a small antenna, each of which is independently "feels" the surface. Grooves a lot, all of them different shapes and by matching the slightest differences in their signal, the brain is amazingly detailed picture.

9. Mammoths have long been our neighbours

Mammoths appeared much earlier than man. But extinct the last "hairy elephants" only in the mid-tenth century BC.

It was a very long time. But the famous Egyptian complex of pyramids was built more than twenty thousand years ago. If you consider that mammoths were found not only in Europe but also in Asia and even in Africa, it is possible to assume that the Egyptian pharaohs were able to enjoy the beauties of wool, watching the construction of their tombs.

8. If we transfer bacteria?

Usually we think of such a suspicious neighborhood only because of the disease. Actually, the human body is a complex symbiotic system. For us and especially within us — constantly there are millions and billions of tiny neighbors. Mutually beneficial partnership provides the germs home and table, they also allow us to be unpretentious food and protection from the threat of colonization of our body other dangerous residents.

How great is their number? If you count the microbes individually, many of our guests are consistently about 30 trillions of microbes 10 thousand different species. Despite the fact that this tiny creature, the total mass of microbes reaches two pounds.

7. Is it possible to obtain twice the same card layout?

It turns out that despite the fact that in a standard deck of 52 cards, all of humanity will need billions of billions of years. The number of combinations of the deck is a number with 67 zeros. And if this tedious work will be to engage all of humanity, we will need about 9 — and twenty zeros after the nine — years. So, for the uniqueness of your cards you should not worry.

6. Value that is greater than the number of particles in the Universe

Mathematicians love to juggle with numbers and terms that to the uninitiated, not having the slightest practical sense. Thus was invented the integral calculus, complex calculus and not applicable in practice, indicate very large values.

To refer to "a large number" of American mathematician Edward Kasner conversing with his nephew, jokingly suggested the name "a unit with a hundred zeros" some funny term. I laughed, and suggested a new term "googol".

Fun to mathematicians but this was not enough, and jokers at the same time suggested to give the name completely unimaginable number that can be described as "ten to the power of googol". Him they called "googolplex".

Both values are certainly larger than the number of elementary particles in the known Universe, and are examples of mathematical curiosities.

5. Americans read more books than eat hamburgers

"Public library system" the United States formally includes 66 thousand participants. According to the reports of the Corporation "McDonald's", across the planet, there are about 40 thousand restaurants of this brand.

Almost two-thirds of Americans are weekly in libraries. While recreational reading took about a third of readers.

4. Koreans sweat without smell

In South Korean shopping European very difficult to find deodorants. And all because the Koreans barely use. Why?

It turns out that the intensity of the "smell of armpits" is determined by the activity of so-called "ABCC11 gene". The residents of South-East Asia "active" the gene this sequence occurs more often than one thousand people. So trade deodorants simply has no commercial potential.

3. Canada's population less than the population of the U.S. state of Florida

It would seem that such a large state on the territory occupies almost a third of all of North America. But the population comparable with the population of only one Florida. According to the latest census, and in the state, and the whole state's population of about 40 million inhabitants.

However, censuses usually do not take into account the number of migrants, especially illegal.

2. Who has the longest neck?

Offhand, it seems that giraffe. And if you count the number of vertebrae in the neck? It's amazing: the giraffe, like humans, only 7 vertebrae in the cervical spine. Occasionally there is a deviation of the skeleton, in which the vertebrae can be 6 or 8.

The birds neck "historically long". The Swan neck can be from 22 to 25 vertebrae. But Swan all intuitive. And the Sparrow? As many as 14 — and neck-I almost didn't see.

Reptiles even more interesting. A crocodile neck is not even visible, and the cervical vertebrae nine. Snakes and legless lizards neck not and neck in the skeleton is not allocated — in the same way as the fish.

1. In Wyoming, only 2 of the escalator, but the 32 Islands

The state population is very small — about half a million people. The buildings are mostly one and two story, so the escalators are obvious architectural overkill.

However, for the sake of prestige and solidity of the administration of the two banks arranged in their buildings escalators. Both rival Bank located in one city in the neighboring streets.

But in the state as many as 32 Islands, officially marked on maps and have their own geographic names. With access to the sea there. The island was formed by numerous seasonal floods and river channel-oxbow lakes and numerous rivers.

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