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10 facts about coffee, which few people know


Did you know that coffee is the third most popular drink that people all over the planet are addicted to? Ahead in the ranking only natural liquid – water and tea, which can easily drink small children and patients with different ailments.

Caffeine is still being studied by physicians and scientists, and without knowing all its positive and negative properties. Of course the fact that it causes some kind of physiological and psychological dependence, confirmed, and he even has a kind of syndrome. And there are coffee "addicts" on the planet at the same time is home to about 1 billion people!

Like many other foods and beverages, coffee has its positive and negative properties, as well as completely unique moments which we will now discuss. We present 10 amazing facts about the coffee drink, which you were not even aware.

10. Drinking coffee can help you burn fat

Few people know that the drink really can be used for drying the body during sports training and diets. First, it has a light diuretic effect and leads to the outflow of fluid from the body, reducing the swelling and, as a consequence, weight loss is 1-2 pounds. Second, scientists have proved that daily consumption of caffeine can accelerate metabolism by 3-11%, and this is a very good indicator. Third, the organic acids in the drink help to produce hydrochloric acid, which accelerates and simplifies the digestion process. Of course, that the coffee is really work for fat burning, you have to abandon the various additives to it – cream, sugar, etc., Replace them with milk of zero fat content and, of course, a synthetic sweetener.

9. You don't need to drink coffee to Wake up in the morning

This myth speculate manufacturers of the drink that put people in artificial psychological dependence. So people are born ritual: woke up so sluggish and sleepy, and return energy and vitality will only flavored drink. In fact, in the morning, our body produces enough stress hormone cortisol, which provides a sense of energy and clarity of mind. This biological process is due to the circadian circadian rhythm. Therefore, the best time for drinking the coffee beverage is the period after 9-11 o'clock in the morning, when hormone levels begin to fall and may occur natural lethargy.

8. Caffeine starts to act very quickly

The drink is one of the Champions according to their performance. Its effectiveness can be compared with modern drugs and injections. For example, the caffeine starts to affect the Central nervous system in 10 minutes after a SIP. He immediately releases fatty acids and increases the secretion of adrenaline, providing energy and productivity. The maximum concentration of the substance is reached after an average of 45 minutes after consumption of the coffee beverage. And the effect of caffeine lasts for 3-5 hours, so 2 cups a day is enough to maintain the natural tone in the workplace.

7. Caffeine is actually crystals

Everyone called instant coffee granulated. However, if you hold insight into the chemistry of the substance, we will be surprised, as the caffeine represented the smallest crystals whose size ranges of about 0.0016 inch inches. These kids have a whitish color or even colorless, and the taste quite bitter. Despite the tiny size, the crystals of caffeine are a great stimulant and even in small doses, affect the brain, peripheral and Central nervous system.

6. Coffee does not contribute to dehydration

Despite the fact that coffee helps to eliminate fluid from the body and produces a light diuretic effect, it does not lead to total dehydration of the body and "drying" of cells. Allowable amount for health is to 600 ml per day (about 2 cups weak drink) that will not lead to negative consequences. Diuresis does not change significantly from the presence of caffeine in the drink. Melons (watermelon, cantaloupe) are much more pronounced diuretic effect, however, many allow yourself in one sitting to be almost a kilogram of pulp.

5. Caffeine improves results when doing sports

The substance increases the level of stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, which result in a tone muscular system, to charge the body with energy and increased productivity, allowing you to work almost to the limit. That is why the IOC thinks caffeine is a natural drug traces in the urine lead to disqualification of the athlete for competition. Of course, a couple of pints of weak drink for a couple of hours before the performance will not lead to consequences for a career. Critical value is the excess of 12 micrograms of caffeine per liter of urine.

4. Coffee was opened thanks to the Ethiopian goat

Who would have thought that the green, red and other coffee berries will help humanity to discover the Ethiopian goats. Once the local shepherd noted that his herd is showing unprecedented vigor, but still refuses to sleep at night. The method of long observation "wards", it was revealed that all the matter in the diet of animals, which included unusual colored grain. After some time people began to collect the fruits of the coffee tree and consume food to achieve a psychoactive effect. And the first drink from the beans were cooked about 700 years ago. The soluble coffee was invented by the Belgian 112 years ago.

3. Coffee is good for your liver

Scientists have conducted experiments and found that the risk of development of pathologies of the liver, such as cirrhosis and fibrosis is reduced depending on the amount of coffee consumption. The data were confirmed by histological examination – 4 cups a day is the prevention of these diseases in 80% of cases.

2. Coffee helps you live longer and healthier

Already confirmed that coffee beans (especially green) contains more antioxidants than natural green tea. Of course, for their release of don't boil the coffee in the Turk, and just heat on high temperature. Antioxidants prevent aging of cells, purify them from free radicals and other harmful components. It is believed that daily consumption of a coffee beverage almost 60% reduces the risk of neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson, Alzheimer and other dementias). Coffee is the prevention of hypertension, improves the sensitivity of cells to insulin, preventing the development of type 2 diabetes.

1. The first webcam in the world was made for coffee

And you thought it was invented to secretly monitor young children, unfaithful husbands or business colleagues? No, the first webcam was designed by scientists from Cambridge University, which created a special camera with very useful feature is to track when valuable beverage ended signal.

Here's a coffee drink is amazing – and he invented it quite by accident, and complex disease it prevents, and athletes helps. Of course, coffee is useful in moderation, and it is named from 2 to 4 cups a day depending on the strength of the drink and the caffeine content.

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