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10 facts about the vampire Diaries TV series


The TV series "the vampire Diaries" has become one of the most popular designs on American television in its history. In 2009, when the first pilot series, the real boom started on the "vampire" theme. The story of two brothers vampires who enter the struggle for the soul of an ordinary girl, shocked and fall in love with young people around the world. Beautiful, a little dark fantasy story delighted the audience almost 8 years. Below are some unusual facts about the creation of the series, the cast and the filming process.

10. Twilight and vampire Diaries are not dependent on each other projects

What only hearings did not go on vzaimovliyaniya between "Twilight" and "vampire Diaries"! First it was rumored that the show is about the Salvatore brothers released only on the background of the fan wave of the famous Saga about Edward Cullen. It turned out that the books are "the vampire Diaries" came long before "Twilight", and now Stephenie Meyer began to accuse that the story she copied from works by Lisa Jane Smith. In fact, in the end, fans of both projects and the creators came to the conclusion that "the vampire Diaries" and "Twilight" are independent from each other paintings, and there is no plagiarism in their creation was not. Needless to mention that some actors of both projects are friends and Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon in "Diaries", eventually married Nikki reed, the star of "Twilight".

9. Some of the actors are not Americans

It just so happened that two of the three lead actors in "the vampire Diaries" origin are not Americans, and Slavs! So, the name of Nina Dobrev in Bulgarian it sounds like "Dobreva". Nina was born in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, and later she and her mom and dad moved to Canada when she was 2 years old. Nina speaks Bulgarian and can even confess your love in Russian. Paul Wesley, who plays Stefan, actually at birth was named Paul Thomas Vasilevsky. He is a pole, but the name he had to change in 2005. His agent said that the name "Vasilevsky" is not so resonant for the American audience.

8. The plot of the series is very different from the plot of the book

According to the book Elena is a platinum blonde, and vampire Vicky had to kill the younger brother of Elena, not Stefan. As of the writing of the script writers gone from the original book of the story to adapt it to TV format. Julie Plack has admitted that she has your vision of the plot, which at times has varied from series to series. Therefore, to follow the Canon of books was impractical. However, even ardent fans of the book version of in the end concluded that the changes in the story not made the series worse than the original Lisa Jane Smith.

7. The actress came to the police station

Immediately after leaving the series, when "vampire Diaries" got in his address a lot of positive critics, the success of the film the main Actresses, headed by Nina Dobrev decided to celebrate with a party at the club. After that tipsy girls had a photo session on the road. Passing motorists immediately began to call the police and complain about the blinding flash drivers cameras. In the end, the drunk girl was taken to the police station, where they obediently paid a big fine in the amount of 4 thousand dollars and went home.

6. Relations outside screens

For a very long time Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder met in reality. A couple could be seen kissing in cafes, on walks. They appeared together everywhere and even surf ridden exclusively in the company of each other. Most of these relations have pleased the fans, who in the series was rooting for the relationship of the heroes of Somerhalder Dobrev and Elena and Damon. Paul Wesley was married to Torrey DeVito, who later played doctor Meredith in several episodes of the series. When they divorced, the Floor began to meet with a colleague for the filming of Phoebe Tonkin, who in the series played werewolf Hayley.

5. Paul Wesley originally wanted to play Damon, not Stefan

When Paul first came to audition, he pretended that he would play the other brother. He was casting for the role of the sinister Damon. The writers thought long and hard about his candidacy, but in the end called Paul with an offer to play Stephen, for the appearance of an actor more suited to the way good younger brother. Later, Wesley admitted that he is happy to play Stephen and genuinely root for, so in the end, his hero was left with Elena. And his talent to play the villain helped him in those episodes, when Stefan lost control of himself and became a bloodthirsty killer.

4. "Starved vampire and take your blood!"

Against the background of fan love for the series writers together with the charitable organizations in the United States have come up with action for fans of the series. In the end, the idea that you can donate blood, had hit the epitome. Across the country hung billboards with the inscription "samori vampire hunger. Donate blood!" Fans stood in line to donate blood, to participate in a charity project and in return receive exclusive promotional materials about the filming of "the vampire Diaries".

3. Initially, the role of Helena was supposed to play Nina

Initially, Nina Dobrev did not really like the writers for casting. The girl was very sick and are unable to open up, playing the scenario. In the end, there were several main contenders, among which was lit Torrey DeVito (wife Paul Wesley), Ashley Simpson and Alexander's Child. Purposeful but Nina has decided to re-record the audition and send his team of writers. They were delighted with the game of the girl and her tenacity and almost immediately called her with the news that she was approved for the role of Elena Gilbert and Katherine pierce.

2. Nina Dobrev younger brother on the series

Elena older than his brother Jeremy for a few years. But really, Nina Dobrev, Steven McQueen under the age of six months! Guys often liked to make fun of this fact during sjambok. In the series the children have a guardian, their aunt Jenna, which is the series older nephews more than 10 years. However, playing jenna Sara canning older than Stephen and Nina just for one year! Needless to say about the fact that all the actors playing students in the "vampire Diaries" was at the time of filming the first season in over 20 years.

1. The Italian name Salvatore initially wanted to replace the American

Initially the name of the two Salvatore brothers to leave didn't want. In the opinion of the writers, Italian last name might sound too fancy for the residents of a small American town, referred to in the series. So they were originally selected the name "Whitmore", which is their uncle Zach in the series. However, later Julie Plack and Kevin Williamson came back to canonical "Salvatore", as later regretted. The surname of the brothers were loud, and she was subsequently explained to the brothers themselves, telling about their origins in the nineteenth century.

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