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10 facts about the effect of beer on body girls


Everyone knows that alcohol is bad for the human body, but in saying this, mean only spirits. In fact, you need to consider even low-alcohol and beer. How it affects health and what problems it may create, will examine later.

10. Heart disease

Those who regularly drink beer may experience dyspnea, palpitations, malaise after physical exertion. The fact that the consumption of beer increases the load on the heart muscle. For example, if you drink 2 liters of beverage, the load will increase approximately in 2 times. Such influence, of course, is not the best way affects the work of the heart.

Another reason that contributes to disease, the composition of the beer. It has a cobalt, it has a destructive impact on the heart wall. And since alcohol in beer is relatively low, it is usually drunk in larger quantities, respectively, and cobalt in the body gets bigger.

9. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract

The most common problem after drinking beer is diarrhea. It arises from the fact that ethyl alcohol contained in the drink, in the process of metabolism, it forms another substance, acetaldehyde. It is very harmful to humans, so the body tries to get rid of it.

Besides, alcohol, once in the stomach, irritating its walls and a mucous membrane, that leads to unpleasant sensations of heartburn, pain, problems with digestion, fermentation. If the decay products enter the intestine, there is diarrhoea.

8. Alcoholism

Beer is a dangerous beverage in terms of addiction, because no one takes him seriously, especially those who drink it consistently. Therefore, to convince a woman that she is dependent on alcohol is very difficult. We used to think that it is a light refreshing beverage that you can drink in the heat or during get-togethers with friends. "It's just a beer" phrase, familiar to many. But since alcohol still contains in its composition, the dependence is still there, first beer, and then to the drinks stronger. So relaxing first can of beer, a woman may want something else and move on to whiskey, brandy or vodka.

7. Health problems in the unborn child

Beer has an effect on hormonal balance for men and women. The girls who use this drink, may develop dysfunction of the ovaries, reduced hormone production. A child whose mother regularly took the beer, you may experience genetic abnormalities, problems with the correct formation of tissues and organs, including the brain. Hence mental and mental abnormalities, bad bodies.

If you drink beer during pregnancy, the child may not receive adequate nutrition, since alcohol constricts blood vessels and umbilical cord. And this may cause different functional abnormalities.

6. A fundamental change in behavior

Usually girls drink beer in order to relax, relieve stress. If not, and the woman for some reason can't drink, she becomes irritable, aggressive.

Added to this are other changes in behavior caused by the influence of alcohol on the body:

  • Depression;
  • Reduction of maternal instinct and desire to care;
  • Mood swings.
  • 5. The General decline of immunity

    Women are constantly drinking beer, begins to grow fat tissue, body weight increases. Because of this, the immune system decreases, and the girl can often start to ache. Her immune system cannot cope with the infection as well as before. No matter how strong he was, drinking alcohol will make their corrections and gradually destroy the body's natural defenses.

    4. The appearance of extra pounds and cellulite

    As we have seen, beer disrupts the heart muscle, because of this slowing metabolism in the body, and the appearance of extra pounds. Alcohol also worsens the condition of the skin, it becomes less elastic, sagging, hence, there is cellulite.

    In addition, the composition of beer has yeast that cause appetite. So the girls or eat fatty foods or snack drink a variety of snacks: chips, crackers, fish. And salty food water retention in the body, thereby causing deposits of fat, puffiness, and creases.


    The hops in the beer in very large quantities, contains in its composition of hormones, namely estrogen. 1 kg of hop approximately 300 mg of estrogen. In the processing of quantity is a little reduced, but if you abuse beer, vegetable hormones have an impact on those that are already in the body of the girl. Because of this hormonal balance is disturbed, and light thin hairs can begin to become darker and thicker hair does sometimes appear in places where they almost was not. Growth may begin, for example, on the face in the area of the chin and above the upper lip, stomach or chest.

    2. Disturbed hormonal balance and infertility

    The phytoestrogens contained in beer, can cause more serious problems associated with the violation of hormonal background:

  • Uterine enlargement;
  • Obesity;
  • Impaired function of reproductive function;
  • Early menopause;
  • Irregular cycle;
  • The possibility of cysts tumors in uterus fibroids.
  • Due to one of the following signs or their combinations may develop infertility. All of these problems, even if resolved, aggravate the condition of the female sex organs and body as a whole, so not all the girls can then have children.

    1. Cancer

    Beer can actually provoke cancer. This does not mean that from a few mugs at the woman a cancer will come. But substances dissolved in the drink, are carcinogens, which appear tumors and other consequences. Women beer increases the chance of breast cancer. In addition, the alcohol contained in beer, can change cell structure and cause cancer cells division.

    Also during fermentation in beer are formed aldehydes, methanol, ethers and other toxic compounds that are very harmful to the body and contribute to the development of cancer.

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