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10 facts about the life of the ubiquitous Olga Buzova


If before the name of Olga Buzova knew only fans of "House-2", now about it have heard everything. Too many of her lately. It is no exaggeration to say that it's ubiquitous. Music channels playing the clips, Newspapers relish the juicy details of her personal life, she has worked as a presenter, participates in television shows, starred in commercials, TV shows and movies. Anywhere from it not to escape. Perhaps that is why fans of the stars is more than enough. But people that Olga can't stand too much. In fact about her life little is known, except the gossip that spread media. Who is she, how did she manage to achieve such a crazy popularity? If you are interested in this person, read 10 facts about the ubiquitous life of Olga Buzova.

10. Childhood and dream of becoming an actress

Olga was born into a family of ordinary military. Her childhood was quite ordinary, but the girl was very capable of learning and at the age of 3 years began to learn English. Her parents were intelligent, wanted their daughter a decent education. The girl's mother decided to give Olga to school in 5 years, because he knew that the girl was very smart. But, the first time Buzova was difficult, her classmates were 2 years older than her. But still she was able to meet the expectations of parents and became an excellent student. That's just wanted it is not about the prestigious institutes and the Nobel prize, Olga was eager to get into the world of cinema. The parents were adamant, and in response to the daughter's dream of becoming an actress said a firm "No."

9. Education

Few people know that Olga is a fairly intelligent person. Although she often gave the impression of a dimwitted blonde, participants "House-2" and a singer of songs, devoid of any sense. Nevertheless the girl studied well. She went to school with a silver medal. And then entered the St. Petersburg state University, faculty of geography. She studied quite well, but still dreamed of becoming an actress. So, when we started the project "Dom-2", she took a sabbatical and traded the geography of participation in the project. But, apparently, Buzova not one of those people that stop halfway. At 24, she graduated from the Institute, she even received a diploma.

8. Early career and relations to the project "House 2"

In 2004 Olga was in the TV show. She has a sociable and easy going, so it was not difficult to make friends with the inhabitants of the "House". Soon the girl is "build love" with a member of the Roman Tretyakov. Viewers still consider them the most romantic pair of the project, and Buzova best participant. This relationship lasted 3 years, as long as the novel has not left the project, stating the fact that tired of this life. It is expected that the Olga will go after him, but His was in no hurry. After parting with Olga Tretyakov tried to start a new relationship, but nothing serious ever came of it.

7. The beginning of a career leading

The girl was perhaps the brightest participant of the TV project. No wonder that, when some time later, she announced her decision to leave "the House-2", the producers offered her a position as a leading. So began her career as a TV presenter. "Dom-2" is not the only project that led Buzova. "Roma buzovoy", computer game "Black label", entry in "Morning on TNT", the list goes on and on. Now she also refuses to work with the presenter.

6. Designer

Buzova, like many celebrities decided not to stop there and conquer the world of fashion. She has released several of his own collections of clothes, opened more than a dozen stores and online boutique. But around designer Olga Buzova always go gossip. Often say that Buzova copied someone's outfit and throws it over his invention, that things are not very good quality, in addition they have a high price. Although of store traffic is not affected. Thanks to the popularity Buzova they are always full of customers.

5. Wedding Tarasov

Participant of "House-2" was not able "to build a family. But she managed to do it in real life. Her choice was a football player Dmitry Tarasov. Olga says that in the beginning their relationship was like the relationship of teenagers. They were so in love with each other, everything was like a fairy tale. Olga kept only one small detail, at the time he was married, soon, for the sake of his new love, he left the family. And in 2012, took place the wedding of young people. They were very happy, their relationship to each other could envy. They never tired of pleasing each other, say nice words, to arrange surprises.

4. Causes of divorce

But all the stories sooner or later, over and oline tale. The girl did not expect that fate had in store for her such a blow. Beloved husband cheated on her with a famous model. Olga was very upset by it, but still she managed to cope with the betrayal of her husband. This helped her loved ones and fans. They cheered their idol in social networks. Olga decided that we should not be upset for long, she was closely engaged in his career, as well as change the image. Now Olga is a sultry brunette.

3. New reality show

As Olga was free, she announced her participation in the new show (Married Buzova). This project gave the opportunity for men to compete for the heart of a star. 15 the bravest men fought for the love popular but so lonely women. Olga shared with the fans his experiences, said that she was very lonely. She hoped to find the project his love. But here, Olga no luck. She again chose the wrong man. The winner of the show claimed not to heart Buzova, and money, he tried to get out of difficult situations. He thought about profit and not about love. Buzova is very worried and has said publicly that it will no longer look for a man in this way.

2. Beginning a career as a singer

Musical career she had begun in 2011, but the first solo single she recorded in 2016. The song "the sounds of kisses" took the first place of the iTunes chart. It caused a lot of conflicting opinions. Someone liked the songs of the stars, someone criticized her vocal. The latter was much more. However, Buzova not discouraged and prefer not to pay attention to criticism. The girl is very stubborn, she continues to sing, record albums and to remove clips. Still on Muz-TV, where Olga was presented in the nomination "Breakthrough of the year", her nerves passed. Buzova are unable to win this contest and just cried. This event was discussed on the network.

1. Departure from the "House 2"

Buzova were so fascinated by the career of the singer, on "the House-2" it does not remain time. A long time girl torn between music and career of a TV presenter. The rumours that His going to leave the project, circulated for a long time, but she continued to work. Not so long ago Olga has admitted that leaving "the House-2", she warmly said goodbye to participants. Buzova barely made this decision, because it was dedicated to the project for almost 14 years. But perhaps the star made the right decision. She develops her career singing in films, is a successful business-woman, and "Dom-2" is a page of her life that it's time to close.

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