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10 fantastic movies that you tear off from reality


Genre fiction is one of the favorite of the audience. This is not surprising. With the help of the fantastic paintings you can step back into the past and future, to visit distant galaxies and unexplored planets, make scientific discoveries, to observe the destruction of humanity and attempts to survive in its ruins. And all this from the comfort of your favorite chair. The human mind has always sought the unknown and imagining the impossible. Good fantasy film helps to break away from reality, fully immersed in the authors and actors of the game.

10. The Martian (2015)

Mankind begins to terraform Mars, but red planet is too unpredictable. During an expensive expedition "Ares-3" the sandstorm, and the astronauts are forced to hurry to leave the planet's surface. One of the members of the crew, mark Watney, is left on Mars. His suit was damaged, and colleagues decided that he was dead. But Watney survived, got to the residential complex and found the suitable accommodation. The talented engineer-biologist need to hold as much as 4 years prior to the arrival of the next mission.

9. 12 monkeys (1995)

2035. A terrible virus has wiped out humanity, turned a pathetic group of survivors into mutants, and only a few managed to escape from a terrible fate by hiding underground. But long they do not hold. The only option is to go back and find the person who created the virus. They were a scientist, which consisted in "army of the twelve monkeys". One of the survivors will have to destroy it. The choice fell on the criminal James Cole. He will have to go back in time and stop the pandemic. Choice men do not have: at stake is his life and human existence in General.

8. Equilibrium (2002)

The film takes the viewer into the distant future, where solved the problem of wars. They simply do not. The price for such a blessing – the absence of emotion. Any expression of feelings, and with it the creativity, books, art forbidden. Violation of the rules is severely punished. Compliance with the law is ensured with the help of the drug "Prozium", which is obliged to take every person. John Presto – agent in the service of the government, his job is to deal with violators of the rules. But one day he forgets to take the medicine, and opens a whole world, forcing us to see clearly.

7. K-Pax (2001)

In a psychiatric hospital gets a man in black glasses. His name is Prot. He can't tell anything from the "normal" BIOS, but claims that he was born on the planet K-pax and was transported to Earth in a beam of bright light. The doctor's diagnosis is unequivocal: progressive schizophrenia. But during conversations, the Prot is not confused in the data, talks so fluently and smoothly about his birth and life on K-Pakse, about his soon return, the doctor thinks involuntarily, and that if his strange patient in fact from another planet?

6. Interstellar (2014)

Humanity is on the brink of disaster. The air is saturated with nitrogen, the Earth threatened by a food crisis. But there is information that there is a planet suitable for habitation, only it is too far. Scientists have to make an experimental journey through a black hole, presumably connecting different points of the curved space, to open new possibilities of space exploration and to save mankind. The head of the corner – atmospheric, musical content, emotional intensity and eternal questions. "Interstellar" touches the deepest strings of the soul, afraid and yearning at the same time the distances and home.

5. Gravity (2013)

The main character, Ryan Stone, a doctor in the field of medical engineering. This trip to space for her first. She is accompanied by seasoned astronaut Matt Kowalski, with which the expedition should pass without problems. But a disaster happens, and the heroes find themselves alone in space in conjunction with each other in the middle of a black void.

It's an extraordinarily beautiful film, if you view where you can enjoy a simple but heartwarming story, stunning special effects and patterns of the Universe.

4. District 9 (2009)

First contact with aliens was established over 20 years ago. They saw the occupants and chance to save humanity, and guests were refugees from their planet in search of refuge. Not knowing what to do with them, people organized for the aliens camp in Africa – District 9. Over time it became clear that you can attack people, and they established a special control.

Meanwhile, the Corporation that manufactures the weapon, trying to learn the secret of the alien weapons. It is known that it depends on the alien DNA, but all attempts of scientists to create something similar failed. Vika Swann der Merwe, an employee of the Corporation, directs the operation of relocating the aliens to a new camp. During the search he finds a strange container, opens it, and the liquid falls on the face. From this point on in the body of Wikus starts, mutations, people, and gradually turns into the one from whom he protected the people. And salvation for him now is only in District 9.

3. I am the beginning (2014)

PhD student Ian gray is conducting a study trying to prove the evolution of the eye. It helps talented student Karen. Once, after a tragic history, Ian creates an incredible theory about the coincidence of the retina in different people. This film is a combination of research, scientific theories and romantic lines, visually very beautiful and atmospheric. It covers extensive topics, though it is difficult to find the answer, but to think about them is never too late.

2. Inferno (2007)

The film takes the viewer into the year 2057. The earth is on the verge of death, as the Sun fades. Humanity's only hope – an expedition on the spaceship "Icarus-1". Their mission is to close to the Sun and send it to the surface of the nuclear charge, which should return to "light up" star. While traveling in the silence of outer space, the crew begins to catch signals from the spacecraft "Icarus-1". But he disappeared a few years ago trying to perform the same task...

1. Time (2011)

Far into the future. The time has finally appreciated and became the main currency on Earth. Aging stopped, people after the age of 25 do not change, but each year of life costs money – time. The rich are alive and well, and the poor are forced to fight for existence. The main character comes from a ghetto. He was unjustly accused of stealing time and is forced to go on the run, taking a hostage. Unwittingly, this pair has become a powerful weapon in the struggle of man with the system.

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