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10 movies that led its viewers on the real crimes


Art cinema is ideological power, which has a great impact on the crowd. Often through the movie, we instill some habits, including harmful (to accompany the feast, alcohol, Smoking to calm the nerves, to finish the suicide in the case of dismissal, etc.).

Especially susceptible are people very close to my heart to perceive what is happening on the screen. And some of the characters or events are so convincing that people will not will simulate a similar situation in life, fully imitating the actor.

Interestingly, many real criminals inspired the plots of thrillers or horror. The people realize that what is happening in the film – it's not the real fictional events, yet copied in their lives, using "tips" screens.

Consider what 10 popular films evoked potential criminals and people with mental health problems the desire to realize the most terrible dreams.

10. The purge

A dystopian Thriller with elements of psychology was released in 2013. In the tape talk about the future and the annual "cleaning", which lasts for 12 hours. During this period, law enforcement agencies have the right to retire, and all the "wishing" to commit robbery, murder, violence and other crimes. The girl locks house locks and security systems to not be subjected to murder, and gives the protection of a colored man. All ends in slaughter and chaos. Also 3 years later the man Jonathan Cruz has implemented its "clean" for four days he killed three people, including African-American Billy Boyd, who became the first victim.

9. Project X: Dorval

This film is based on real events that may have inspired the robbery. In the story of teenager Cory collects with the help of social networks a noisy party of five hundred people, which leads to hooliganism, rioting and robbery, until police arrived with dogs and a military helicopter. In the Comedy rises the topic of weapons and drugs. Teenagers States really appreciated the idea, so some decided to repeat "cliches": the country swept the mass of the party in abandoned buildings with alcoholism, drugs and even weapons. A particularly memorable case when 13 guys almost blew up the vacant house, valued at half a million dollars: it was demolished doors and walls, smashed all the Windows.

8. Creek

Well-known slasher from the American Director was so impressed the audience that there were a number of parts as well as comic parody. During the eponymous series the killer in a memorable costume and with a knife stalking Sidney Prescott, making her life unbearable environment, accompanying this bloody massacre. In real life for fun on holidays maniac imitated by many than amused and frightened friends. However, one day in 2001, 24-year-old boy killed a teenage girl. First he offered to meet, and after receiving the denial in the famous mask passion struck 30 times with a kitchen knife. Then he called the police and repented, explaining that he had long wanted to recreate a favorite episode.

7. Money train

Hilarious action-Comedy from like to the audience, but no one expected that it will be followed by a chain of dangerous imitations. The story tells that the robber throws the cashier flammable liquid and trying to set fire to, but the latter survives. In reality it was not. The offender, in imitation of film star, threatened the cashier with arson. He gave the robber the money, but did not survive. Followed by 7 more imitations of the tragic outcome. In the end, the film was removed from the film, as people were outraged about the violence that allegedly promoted with screens and inspired the attackers.

6. Saw: the Game of survival

Serial film stirred the consciousness of many people – long time on the screens did not show such a sophisticated and bloody torture. The main character, a cancer patient, John Kramer, punished bad people, thinking they survival game. Each character had to learn a lesson, and only in this case there is a tiny chance to survive. The film inspired two teenagers, and they decided with the help of "jobs" out of the way two girls and a COP, shooting action on camera. The mother of one of the teenagers accidentally heard about a conspiracy and handed them to the police, where they admitted that the film was the source of bloodthirsty ideas.

5. Higher power

The film is about the killer of Dirty Harry and how he is pursued by the police. The city is a series of murders of mafia tycoons. The film is accompanied by a sophisticated scenes of death and violence, and is also linked to the theme of the trade body. In one scene a prostitute is forced to drink a chemical liquid for cleaning the pipe, and then the woman dies. In 1974, the organized gang took 3 hostages in a music store and forcibly poured down his victims in the same chemical liquid Drano company. However, the "unfortunate" victim, though suffering from pain and disgust, refused to die. Unfortunately, then they just had to shoot. The film "Higher power" after this episode was criticized for having scenes of violence.

4. A nightmare on elm street (part 2)

The famous "exploits" Freddy Krueger kept in fear of children and adolescents in a variety of times. The second part is remembered by the audience the scene where the charred and mutilated maniac blades cuts a man's face. In 2004, obsessed with the film the Englishman Gonzalez at a party made exactly the same murder, killing four people. In this part of the movie character Freddy uses terrible knives in the killing of the victims. Paranoid schizophrenic Gonzalez also killed their victims like knives, for which he received a whopping 6 life sentences for committed 4 murders and 2 attempts. Later, the maniac right in the camera committed suicide.

3. Rambo: First blood

Sylvester Stallone has inspired many men and his personal qualities, and the movie Rambo and completely delighted the audience. Many young people tried to emulate former participant in the Vietnam war Rambo. One of these pseudo-military clothes in the form of, tied on his head a red bandana and decided to kill a police officer in Toronto, for which the guards were forced to shoot the man. After some time was discovered by another insane man, who 2 weeks lived in the woods, climbing trees and obmazyvat your body with a protective paint. In this crazy shot from a slingshot at passing people – a kind of comic parody of Rambo. Violators of public order had to be transported in psychiatry.

2. The dark knight

Blockbuster popular Director Nolan strongly possessed the minds of the young generation. This led to really tragic consequences. In 2008 in Colorado right at the premiere screening of this film one of the visitors shot 12 people, while on the face of it caused characteristic smile paints as the main villain the Joker. Psychopath James Holmes was taken to the clinic. In a few years, unstable teenage girl attacked the teacher with a razor blade from the razor in his hand. The victim fought back, but she could not stop, so the same razor cut his mouth in the manner of the character of the Joker.

1. Fight

Cult crime drama shows memorable game two favorite actors of society – De Niro and Pacino. Not to imitate such compelling characters was impossible, as it turned out. Spectacular shooting of the film came to life and in real life, when in 1997, Hollywood was a similar massacre. As a result, the robbers were killed, and their house was discovered the tape recording of the film "Fight".

You never know which films will be suddenly alive with violence and murder. Some characters can "reach out" to the most secret and darkest corners of the brain of mentally unbalanced people.

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