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10 movies that are important not to miss this summer


The film industry is one of the main entertainment currently. Each person can find a film that will have his taste. Monthly out hot new products from leading production companies. And the Prime Minister of some of them is impossible to miss. The best way to spend a summer evening is to go to the cinema and enjoy another long-awaited premiere of the main stars of Hollywood.

10. Escobar

The picture Escobar tells the story of the famous king of the drug trade, Pablo Escobar. He sold drugs, tortured and killed people he was called the most violent criminal of the 20th century. The way of life he began in a small Colombian city medellín. It was there that began the formation of a future criminal. Residents still ambivalent about the identity of this person. Some hate him, some worship him for his service to the city. Pablo has spent a lot of money for the improvement of Medellin. The picture is removed on motives of the memoirs of the journalist, which describes the relationship between a girl and a Escobar. The main role in the film played a married couple Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz. In Russia the film comes out June 14.

9. 8 friends of Oushena

've all seen the legendary crime Comedy – 11 friends of Oushena. But if you imagine that Danny ocean has a sister and she a brother, prone to robbery on a global scale. The plan Debbie ocean hatched 5 years. But for its successful implementation Debbie would need a team of professionals. The goal of criminals is to steal 150 million dollars in diamonds. Venue – the main event of the world fashion MET GALA. The victim – a famous actress Daphne Kluger. The cast tape is shocking. The main role performed by Sandra bullock. Among the cast noticed by famous Hollywood actress Sarah Paulson, cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter and the incomparable singer Rihanna. The film will take place on 21 June.

8. Skyscraper

When the world is approaching a terrible catastrophe all of a sudden becomes unimportant. The main thing is to save the lives of loved ones at any cost. But if at stake are the lives of thousands of people? If among the inhabitants of the hero who can stop the impending catastrophe. Blockbuster Skyscraper tells the story of the agent of FSB in resignation will Sawyer, who after retiring from Federal service is a real security. Only he can save the city from impending fire disaster caused by the highest and most technologically advanced skyscraper in the history of mankind. Traditionally, the role of a superhero of modern times will play Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson. Premiere in Russia will take place on July 12.

7. Code Gotti

Biography Code Gotti tells the story of one of the most notorious crime figures of our day. His career in the underworld John Gotti started with small orders. And now the Gotti family is one of the richest in new York. Financial well-being and a desire to get as much power in this family are valued much above any moral values. But everything changes when it comes time to pass things from father to son. The heir to the criminal business refuses to follow in his father's footsteps, not wanting to live like a criminal. But what will make the Gotti Jr., when his family will hang a real threat? Will he accept his father or go his own way? Output on the big screen is scheduled for August 2nd.

6. The purge. Beginning

The film is set in dystopian United States. Crime in one of the cities of America is on the revs and then the doctor may Abdel invited members of the government to conduct a social experiment. Its essence lies in the fact that the city for one day will do completely closed for departures outside the territory. And by citizens will be allowed to do everything, from petty theft and ending with murder. But the experiment takes an unexpected turn. His "spirit", like a plague, spreading all over the country and leads to the onset of hell on earth. The premiere of the film scheduled for August 2nd.

5. The spy who conned me

The main heroine of the Comedy – girlfriend Audrey and Morgan. Their life is carefree and fun, but lacks the main thing – the perfect man. All relationships end in tears and broken hearts. And now Audrey once again threw the guy just disappeared from her life. But thanks to the support of the best mate a girl could come to our senses and begin to move on. Sorry, forget about this story the girls will not succeed. Returning home in the evening of a friend he caught up to the thugs who requires to reveal to them the whereabouts of the former boyfriend of Audrey. Miraculously they manage to escape them. Now girlfriend forced to hide from gangsters. Going to Europe, they meet the mysterious young man and from that moment, the story is just beginning. Release date pattern assigned to 9 Aug.

4. Reproduction

The main character, a talented scientist named will foster works in the science lab and is studying cloning. He's happy with his life, he has a successful career, a wife and two children. It seems that in his life everything goes perfectly. But his family doesn't think so. Will is constantly working in the laboratory, and the wife and children never have time. Because of the loaded schedule of relations between family members become strained. When the wife and kids will get in an accident and could not survive to anyone. Then will decide, using their discoveries to bring back to life your favorite. The film will appear on screens on August 23.

3. Alpha

The film takes place 20 thousand years ago. On earth, the last glacial maximum. A person has to go all out to survive. Help can only come hunting. After one such trip, the young hunter remained wounded out in the wild. In severe conditions he finds injured wolf and nursed it. From this moment begins the history of the domestication of a wild wolf. The premiere is scheduled for August 23.

2. 22-mile

Ghosts – the so-called elite squad, which does not officially exist, but in fact it is quite real. The Ghost agents can solve any problem, when the rest of the special services do not. With the support of the CIA agents will withdraw from Indonesia of a COP who has valuable information about corrupt politicians. To the plane on which the police officer is safe, you need to overcome the 22 miles and not die on the way to it. The main role in the film played mark Walberg and John Malkovich. Premiere in Russia is scheduled for 16 August.

1. Don't worry, he won't get far

John's life goes downhill when, after the celebration of his birthday, he has to sit behind the wheel drunk and gets in a car accident. After it, John was confined to a wheelchair. John was a pathological alcoholic. For help he turns to a psychologist, where it becomes clear the reason for his addiction. At the age of 13 he was seduced by a teacher. Having experienced the first sexual experience at such a young age, the guy begins to feel like an adult and commit acts that lead to such sad consequences. On the Russian screens the picture comes out August 23.

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