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10 films about man's struggle with the system


The system exists to equalize people, to manipulate them to do what you need standing at her head. Can a person or group of people to oppose it? To fight for their freedom, for the right to be yourself and do what your heart? The best movies about fighting the system show the difficult path of confrontation and its outcome. Someone wins system, someone gives me hope. As anyone lucky.

10. One against all (1998)

The main character is a Butcher. Once he attacked the other with a knife, deciding that he raped his daughter. For this he was convicted and served time. And so the Butcher comes to freedom, in a society which obeys the system and have yet to find a place.

9. The people vs. Larry Flynt (1996)

Larry Flynt is an American businessman and publisher, who became one of the symbols of the sexual revolution. He and his brother started out as owners of a strip club, not very successful, however. And then flint decided to send out to potential clients leaflets advertising his establishment. These folks over time and turned into well-known magazine named as the club, "Hustler". This edition was a breakthrough, but met a storm of indignation of society, which accused the magazine of violating the morality. This is the story about the confrontation of the businessman, vivid personality with the public opinion about the crisis in society.

8. One flew over the cuckoo's nest (1975)

Randle Patrick McMurphy is a criminal who faces hard labor. To avoid such a fate, it mimics a mental disorder, what it is and sent to the hospital for examination. In the hospital, McMurphy is faced with tyrannical head nurse Ratched. Her subordinates all branches, and it keeps the staff and patients literally with an iron fist. The main character decides to resist Ratched, and at the same time to show the people of the clinic that life can be different.

7. V for Vendetta (2006)

James Maktiga takes the audience to England, dystopian future. Across the country, a wave of terrible epidemic, and the new regime is horrendous for the people. He brought to their lives all the charm of the dictatorship: the infringement of freedom, strict rules, curfews, impunity of the ruling elite and denunciations. But one day on the streets of London there is an unknown in the guy Fawkes mask who begins to fight for the freedom of people. He rescues a girl from the secret police and makes it his ally in the confrontation with the system.

6. John F. Kennedy. The shots in Dallas (1991)

Jim garrison, the district attorney. He learns about the murder of John F. Kennedy and as a concerned American begins to follow the course of the investigation. The FBI formally accused of killing Lee Harvey Oswald, but after the main suspect was killed, the investigation is terminated.

A few years later, Harrison got into the hands of the investigation report, in which he finds a lot of violations and inaccuracies. Wanting to find the truth, he begins to understand the sensational stories to find the real perpetrators of the death of the President.

5. Brazil

This movie is a dystopia, which is set in the country, subject to the power of the bureaucracy. The main character, Sam Lowry, living ordinary lives, working as a clerk and leads a primitive life, though the mother is part of the elite of the state. One day he meets a girl who often dream of him. This girl is trying to achieve justice, but not everybody likes it, and its well-being is threatened.

4. Gattaca (1997)

"Gattaca" was the debut film for Andrew Niccol. It did not become popular in North America and almost paid off at the box office, but became a model picture of the struggle with the system and forced to think about where leads the development of technology.

The action takes place in a distant dystopian future. People are not born as a result of love, and in test tubes, where they are programmed to help the society. Those who are born in a natural way, not fit, and it is waiting for an unenviable fate. That person is Vincent Freeman. He is emotional, sensitive, dreamy. To have a chance to survive, he buys someone else's identity. But a murder occurs and the investigation threatens to reveal all the secrets of Vincent...

3. Equilibrium (2002)

Director Kurt Wimmer shows the viewer a dystopian world of the future, lying in ruins after World war III totalitarian and controlled by the Council. Blame for all the troubles named human emotions, and the new government set the objective to save people from them. All that gives rise to emotions, it should be destroyed, and the people themselves take a special drug "Prozium". John Preston works in the secret police. His task is to find the "emotional criminals." One day he forgets to take the drug, and the emotions overwhelmed him, causing emotional upheaval and internal contradictions.

2. Law abiding citizen (2009)

The family of Clyde Alexander Shelton was the victim of a bandit attack. Shelton was wounded, the attackers robbed the house and killed the wife and children of a hero. Soon, the perpetrators fell into the hands of justice, but the killer only got three years. Shelton had to leave and as a result of their actions in jail. He puts an ultimatum to the authorities: either they fulfill their requirements, or it will start to kill people out of prison. Nobody believes in threats, but in vain. Soon there are the first victims...

1. School of rock (2003)

The main character is Dewey Finn plays guitar in a rock band. He has a bad temper, he opposes the norms of society, makes a mockery of them and only believes in rock-n-roll. Dewey rowdy on stage and jumps into the crowd. He wants to win with his band rock battle, but the other musicians are kicking him out.

Dewey Ekes out his existence in a dirty apartment, he is always short of money. But one day he answers a call intended for his roommate, and suddenly becomes a temporary teacher at a prestigious school. The headmaster suspects that the new teacher is an impostor, and is closely monitoring him. Dewey sees the rehearsal of a school band and gets the idea to make the young talents from the rock band. Dewey has to change, and children to overcome shyness and complexes.

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