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10 movies similar to "Focus"


The film "Focus" was released in 2015. It tells the story of a veteran con man (will Smith), who easily knows human psychology and skillfully plays their weaknesses, waiting for the money. One day he met a girl who makes the first steps in the illegal field, and between them broke out feeling. Exciting intrigue intertwined in the script with romance, and the film did not leave the audience indifferent. After looking once again like to dive into the world of unreasonable people, sometimes transgress the law, but such a brave and charismatic. As viewers will be an interesting Top 10 movies similar to "Focus".

10. Ocean's eleven (2001)

Star actors, including George Clooney, brad pitt, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts and the not less famous, Director Steven Soderbergh, vivid characters, exciting plot, a reckless plan, lovely girl – all the "ocean's Eleven". The main character, Danny ocean, just released from prison and is already planning to steal 160 million of the most famous casino that belongs to a rich and ruthless businessman Terry Benedict. It gathers eleven professional that can help Ocean to implement a daring plan.

9. Maverick (1994)

The inimitable con man and card player Bret Maverick wants to participate in the championship game of poker. But he did not have enough money for the downpayment, and he is forced to extract them in the usual manner: cheating and beating. Lovely Annabel, a clever thief, is also committed to the championship, and with Maverick they have to go through many adventures together before they will be able to fulfill his dream.

8. Rules of removal: method hitch (2005)

Alex Hitchens, known as hitch, is a successful matchmaker who helps men to find a common language with women and find your love. It's not just a hobby, a profession, nursing hitch.

Another client, Alex becomes shy accountant albert who is experiencing feelings for the star Allegra Cole. Hitch decides to help him, but faces an unexpected problem: as a journalist, watching the life of Allegra, a beautiful and bright that hitch without memory falls in love. But this journalist is on the verge of a bombshell: it intends to disclose the identity of the mysterious new York matchmaker, come what may.

7. Player (2014)

Jim Bennett is a man living a double life. Everyone knows him as a good teacher and a talented writer, but few know that he doesn't imagine his life without passion. Every night he spends at the casino, taking a lot of money. In the world of illegal gambling laws do not apply, and the participants are dangerous. Once Jim has staked everything he owns and even his own life. And lost. He wants to correct the mistake, but to get such a chance is not easy.

6. The illusion of deception (2013)

Four ordinary, at first sight, people, professional magicians, illusionists. They make one of the main desires of man – lust for a miracle. Their show is magnificent, it seems that they are filled with magic and sorcery, but behind every miracle lies the mind, calculation and technical support.

And all four receive mysterious letters that collect them in the same house. They have to know each other and work together to make the whole world saw an incredible show, a beautiful picture, which hides something more.

5. Twelve ocean's twelve (2004)

A team of adventurers, so successfully gathered around Danny ocean, can't sit still when there are so many opportunities to get rich. This time their target is larger, and the idea is more foolish: the Heist already in the three capitals of the world. Danny and friends will again develop a detailed plan, but this time the task is complicated by the fact that they're being watched. Adventurers try to catch special services, and Terry Benedict, whom ocean last time stole the girl and fortune, dreams of revenge.

4. Matchstick men (2003)

Roy and Frank are two friends who profit from fraud in trade. Once they were successful, but last time things went down, including because of the strange swarm. He has a mental disorder, he is obsessed with cleanliness and suffers neurosis. Frank can't bear it and sends Roy on psychotherapy, where the scammer finds out that he has a daughter Angela. Father and daughter happy connection, but Angela quickly realizes what the parent, and requires to teach her the intricacies of his case. And the young adventurer begins to get nice...

3. Twenty one (2008)

Poker – game for special people. This was Mickey Ross, but the excitement left for him in the past. Now he is a respected teacher of mathematics. One day, Ross decides to return to the poker world, but not himself, and with the help of their wards. From the students he selects the most talented and teaches them the tricks of the game. Their goal is a big win in Vegas. But successful young people interested in a major crime figures, who decided to use them for their own purposes. Now Mickey has to fix his mistake and get the students out of trouble.

2. The prestige (2006)

Show magic is a world of magic, where the impossible becomes possible. But behind the scenes it takes a tough confrontation entertainers seeking to make the best show and impress with their skills. Robert and Alfred – magicians, whose friendship has grown, first in competition. And then in a real war. They are willing to do anything to beat each other, and their rivalry began to threaten the lives of others and their own. "Prestige" is the delightful result of a collaboration between Christopher Nolan with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale.

1. Dirty rotten scoundrels (1988)

Freddy Benson and Lawrence Jamieson speculators, to untwist the money of the rich bored ladies. First, Freddie learned from senior colleagues, then they become friends, but recently fell out and it became crowded in the same city. Colleagues make a bet: who will win the first unknown woman, and he stays in a nice town in the South of France. The other will have to leave the Holy place.

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