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10 movies similar to "Meg: Monster of the depths"


The recently released film "Meg: Monster of the deep" with Jason Stethemom in the title role became quite successful worldwide. At the heart of this picture lies a story, telling the viewer about Professor paleontologist Jonas Taylor, who has for many years writes about the Megalodon. One day, taking part in a submarine expedition, Jonas was convinced that primal beast exists to this day. The Professor again offered to take a deeper dive and what he see there, perhaps, will change his life forever. Since the audience was not sufficiently sated with this film, the less attention will be presented like 10 pictures on "Meg: Monster of the deep."

10. Deep blue sea (1999)

In the underwater lab a group of experienced scientists working on a cure for Alzheimer's disease. The main ingredient of the drug — cerebral fluid of sharks. But the brain of a shark is so small that this substance is not enough. Then the team leader decides on a very risky move — the increase in brain shark with the help of genetic modification. The experiment was successful, but it has one very unpleasant side effect — the brain of the shark is starting to show signs of intelligence. Now she kills not only for food but also for fun. A group of scientists forced to escape from an underwater lab myself...

9. Jaws (1975)

In one of the quiet resort town of Amity suddenly find the mutilated body of a girl. After examination, it was found that the girl's body devoured a great white shark that has chosen water this little town as their home. Now tourists are in great danger in the shark, which is almost impossible to get rid of. To help invite a former participant of the Second World war, Quint. He is famous not only for military exploits, but lots of experience hunting sharks. He decide to help the police chief Martin Brody and oceanographer Matt Hooper. Whether three people to stop a bloodthirsty monster?

8. Leviathan (1989)

One of the technicians mining during the next shift finds a sunken Russian ship, which, as he later discovers, was conducted secret experiments. The technician finds the box and brings it on the mining base. Later, thanks to the information from the safe, he learns that all the crew was struck by an unknown disease. Some time later, one of the miners dies and turns into a terrible monster that destroys everything in its path.

7. Piranha 3D (2008)

Victoria lake is annually held festival of the summer. Everything goes like clockwork, but a sudden late-night earthquake change at the root of all human plans, resulting in released a huge number of piranhas. For several years they were imprisoned and starving. The police intend to stop these killers at any cost and keep children's party. But the ferocious piranhas will do anything so as not to stay hungry for a few years...

6. Shallow (2016)

Every summer in the ocean all the surfers and Nancy is no exception. One day she decides to go on a deserted beach to lie on hot sand and ride the waves. Only she has no idea that soon you will regret your decision. Alone on a deserted beach, Nancy runs to meet the waves. Suddenly she is attacked by a huge shark. In the attack, the shark severely injures his leg Nancy. The girl, being far from shore, is left alone in the battle with the ferocious beast. What are the chances of Nancy for survival in a fight with a shark?

5. Rise from the depths (1998)

Simon Canton spent almost all their savings in order to build a cruise liner "Argonavtika". His goal is to destroy your own ship for a large sum. He hires a team that needs to sink the liner. But the ship is empty with an already broken back. When the mercenaries found out that the vessel had settled a large marine worm, it was already too late. Half of the team already dead, and mercenaries regret getting involved in this adventure. The remaining team members don't know what to do. For a monster it doesn't matter, he just wants lunch.

4. Tsunami 3D (2011)

Josh works as a salesman in a supermarket. One day, his boring and monotonous life is turned upside down. First, the store comes his ex-girlfriend with her past boyfriend. Some time after her arrival, come to the store the robbers whose plans fail due to a sudden terrible tsunami. The city is not only in the power of the elements, but also of sharks, which not against to eat citizens of this fair town. Now, in order to get out of the bloody traps, the guys have to combine their efforts.

3. Lake placid: Lake placid (1999)

Ancient lake lake placid, located in the virgin forests of America, fascinates with its beauty. The lake harbors a secret that brings death to all willing to learn it. At the bottom of this wonderful lake there is a scary monster. Those who violate the invisible boundary, will be killed. The price of revealing the secret of the lake may be too high.

2. Anaconda (1997)

A team of researchers goes to the heart of the Amazonian jungle in search of lost Indian tribes. They are not even aware that their guide possessed to capture a huge Anaconda. Of course nobody believes in the existence of this Anaconda, but when appears the first victim, the team immediately changes his mind. Eventually, the hunters become the victim, and the victim was a hunter.

1. Crocodile (2007)

Pete Mackel — known journalist. One unfortunate day, he decides to join the group of tourists headed by Kate Ryan. The group plans to make an expedition in the wilderness of Northern Australia that are densely populated with crocodiles, represents a considerable danger for people. The group arrives at the destination and sees a strange landscape poluzatonuvshim the boat. Despite this, tourists go swimming on the boat. Along the way they are attacked by a creature and makes a hole in the ship. The group landed on a nearby island and soon realizes that they were trapped, arranged the large crocodile...

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