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10 movies like "the Shawshank redemption"


Famous iconic American film drama, released in 1994 and is loosely based on the works of Stephen king still stirs the imagination of the audience. The film has a huge popularity in our days. Many people want to watch something similar, forcing sincerely empathize with the main character, to worry about his fate, to believe that he can prevail over the difficulties.

Especially for you we have made a selection of 10 great movies that are similar to "the Shawshank redemption", filmed in the same style, have similar meaning and are associated with the detention.

10. Escape plan2013

"Escape plan" viewers saw in 2013. The main roles in the film played by Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cavite. The plot revolves around ray Breslin, who is one of the most prominent experts on security systems. He is often invited to test US prisons, almost all he manages to get out without any problems.

But one of the protagonist invited to test a top secret prison, "the Tomb," he agrees, not knowing that he was framed and trapped to get out of there, he has to enlist the help of a prisoner named Emil Rottmayer.

9. The green mile1999

The film was released in 1999, was based on the novel by Stephen king. The action of the film takes place in a prison called "the Green mile". It enters another prisoner named John Coffey, he put forward serious charges of rape and murder of two girls. John threatens to death in the electric chair.

Warden in the prison work Paul Edgecomb, who gradually began to notice that John Coffey could not commit such a terrible crime, a prisoner has a good character and can wield the power of the healer, helping others to recover. But on the Floor trying to save him, John refuses, saying that he prefers to die than live in such terrible world among the killers.

8. Three days to escape2010

The film appeared before the eyes of the audience in 2010. The lead actor is Russell Crowe.

The life of a simple teacher of literature John goes on, quite peacefully, until his wife Lara is not accused of murdering her boss and put in jail. Now the life of the main character changed because he needs to return to his beloved wife freedom, and their son mom. To achieve their goals John does things that previously would not have dared. He develops a plan, which will help the wife to get out, enters into an agreement with Damon, who once escaped from prison. The film has a happy ending, the whole family is reunited and sent back to where they won't bother you again.

7. Midnight Express1978

Drama was released in 1978. The protagonist of the film decided to remove from Turkey, the drugs, was caught at the airport and sent to jail for 4 years and 2 months. When his release is not much time, the court reconsidered its decision and increased the sentence to 30 years.

Hayes was preparing to escape from prison, but he was given another inmate – Rifki. This act angered the protagonist, and he beat the rat, bite off his tongue, for which he was sent to the sector for the insane prisoners. He tried to transfer to the hospital, bribing the jailer, but he took the money and wanted to abuse the Hayes, this hero could not stand, he felt a terrible rage, killing a security guard, he changed into his clothes and escaped from prison.

6. Papillon1973

The premiere of the crime drama took place in 1973. The story is autobiographical. The main character called Henri Charriere. "Moth" is his nickname. He is falsely accused of murder and sent to prison. Many times the prisoner is attempting to escape, but each time it fails.

In the end, it is sent to French island-colony, to escape from which is impossible. Henri makes a raft and jumps on it in the water off a cliff, finding, thus, the freedom to which it always aspired.

5. Offender2008

The dramatic Thriller, the audience saw in 2008. The main character – Wide porter kills a burglar who was discovered in his home, he is sentenced to three years imprisonment. In prison Wide are forced to take part in fights with other inmates, who meet the guards.

Once in prison the inmate arrives, John Smith, who killed 17 people in revenge for the rape of his wife and daughter. Wide tries to sit in jail, once again, not getting involved in a fight, waiting for the date of release, but it's not easy. The guards let him down, the sentence increased by another six years. Wide considering how to proceed.

4. Escape (TV series)2005-2017

For the first time the television series was seen on screens in 2005 until 2009, came out 4 seasons. Then released season 5 in 2017. The film revolves around two brothers. One of them is Lincoln burrows was sentenced to death for a crime he didn't commit, the other brother – Michael Scofield tries to save him. The action of the show throughout all 4 seasons takes place in different prisons in the United States, Panama, and Yemen.

3. Escape from Alcatraz1979

In the prison island of Alcatraz and takes Frank Morris who escaped from other prisons. In this prison he had problems with the prisoner Woolf, who Macks on him. Not once Morris is fighting with the wolf. For one of the fights Frank sent to solitary confinement, after that, he decides to escape from Alcatraz.

Inmate plans to leave the prison through the ventilation shaft, he enters into a conspiracy with other inmates, prepares all necessary for escape. Prisoners cannot leave the prison walls.

In the final film States that it is unknown whether they could swim to the mainland, or was lost in the waves of the Gulf.

2. One flew over the cuckoo's nest1975

The film premiered in 1975. The action of the film takes place in 1963. Criminal named Randle Patrick McMurphy is transferred to a psychiatric clinic to conduct the examination.

Once in the asylum, the protagonist does not understand why all people suffering rude attitude of its employees, be allowed to interfere with personal life in group therapy sessions.

A riot at the psychiatric clinic of pointless, as most are in it, agree with its laws. McMurphy wants to escape, afraid to stay there forever. Agreeing with one of the patients of an asylum – Chief, he plans an escape plan but it ends in failure. After that, the main character undergoes a lobotomy. The chief smothers him with a pillow and escapes through the window.

1. A prophet2009

The film was released in 2009. The storyline of the movie revolves around the main character 19-year-old boy named Malik, trapped in a French prison. It is not easy to be in detention, on the outside he had no relatives and friends.

Malik is forced to carry out orders of a gang of Corsicans who run the prison. Gradually, he mastered this difficult place, begins to think about their own plans and to develop them.

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