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10 movies similar to "the Midnight sun"


A great story about love that can illuminate not only two people, but all around. This story shows that love is multifaceted and allows dreams to come true, opens a second wind, even when a person is broken and no more strength to rise from his knees, to admit mistakes and start again.

If you like this drama, it is recommended to pay attention to 10 films, like "Midnight sun".

10. Three meters above the sky2010

A film about love between two completely different from each other: the Babi – reared and offered a girl from a wealthy family, and ACI resolute adventurer who loves to take risks. It would seem that the relationship of these two outstanding personalities are doomed to separation, but the young lovers enjoy their time together. Every day Babi and ACI is more and more get to know each other, discovering new beautiful world that was previously unfamiliar to them.

9. One day2011

The main characters of the film are ambitious and confident young graduates Emma and Dexter, they have strong characters, but everyone wants to achieve their goals in life. Young people spend together is only one day and fall in love with each other, however, they realize that they can't be together. Exactly a year later fate once again brings them, like giving another chance at happiness and love. This is the story of how much can mean only one day together, for two different people.

8. P. S. I love you2007

The romantic story of two people who lived "soul in soul", it would seem, what could be better? But the lover dies suddenly, leaving to his wife the seven letters to brighten up her loneliness and sadness after his death. This is a film about a strong and beautiful love that transcends death. The story of how the soul is immortal, and love will not go away, she is not afraid of obstacles. True love gives strength to life and leaves a good touching memories.

7. Remember me2010

The film is about the difficult life of a young guy named Tyler. He's very young, but his shoulders fell too many problems. Tyler becomes wise beyond his years, he has to be responsible for his family, to help his family. One day he meets Ellie and his life is turned upside down it comes out of a prolonged depression and finds happiness. This is a story about how love can save a man and change him, give him new strength to live on, no matter what.

6. If only2003

The story of a difficult relationship between two people, where everyone loves each other, but forced to jump into the hobby and work that hinders the feelings. A young man named Ian is constantly busy with work, he didn't have time to spend it with his beloved. But a sudden tragedy puts everything in its place: Samantha – favorite Ian dies and only then the main character realizes who he has lost. However, the fate is merciful to Ian and gives him a second chance.

5. The dark side of the sun1988

The film tells the story of a young man who suffers from a life illness that makes constantly hide from the sun. Rei was used to this ailment and seemingly resigned to his fate, but once life brings him with a young actress who hopelessly fall in love with the hero. Ray is willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of a few days spent with a lovely lady. This is a film about pure and naive love, the desire to overcome difficulties and readiness to give their lives for the opportunity to be with his beloved.

4. Keith2008

The story of first teenage love, which comes suddenly and finds the young heroes off guard. Kit – a new student in the class, he annoys many, including a pretty girl Natalie, she hates the guy for his arrogant nature. But when the young man better, Natalie realizes that Keith is not a man, as it seems, with each passing day she is more and more in love with him. However, Keith keeps a secret, which over time begins to suspect Natalie.

3. A walk to remember2002

First love comes to the pupils of graduation classes unexpectedly. Landon is extremely popular in school, following him around many girls, he attracts lots of looks, all attention is focused on it. But, unexpectedly for himself, Landon falls in love with Jamie – a modest and demure-a student, she captivates the main character of their beauty, innocence and intelligence. Young lovers impress others with their bright and sincere novel.

2. This whole world2017

The main character of the movie name is Maddie – she is young, curious and romantic. But because of his serious illness Maddie can't leave a sealed room and out into the street, the girl suffers from in their "cage". Fortunately, loneliness Maddie brightens up her neighbor Ollie, who wants to bring in a girl's life with new emotions, it keeps her busy. At some point, Maddie decided to risk everything that she has, just to be with Ollie. Maddie decides to leave his safe home in order to see and learn the world around.

1. The fault in our stars2014

A philosophical love story of two young people who are seemingly too late to be happy because they are terminally ill and their life can end at any time. Hazel and Augustus meet in a support group for cancer patients, over time, more getting to know each other, the girl and the young man realize that between them not only sympathy and support, and more. The point of the film is that never give up and happiness can come at the most unexpected moment. This is the story of mutual aid and support which can give strength for life.

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