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10 movies similar to "Cinderella"


Stories in which the good and kind but unhappy heroine, after many difficulties, finds its happiness, has always been popular. And, despite the fact that to meet the Prince can not every girl, I want to believe that goodness and justice will prevail sooner or later. Movies, the plot is similar to Cinderella, always watched and will watch a generation of girls, because for them it is not just a fairy tale and a dream come true, albeit on the TV screen.

10. Snow white: Revenge of gnomes (2012)

This Comedy film, based on the story by the brothers Grimm. The role of the stepmother of Snow white was played by Julia Roberts. The actress admits that there have always been a fan of Tarsem Singh (Director) and would agree to any role. She thinks he has an original vision, moreover, is an incredibly bright and original person. The story, though, and is a free interpretation of the famous fairy tale, the plot is not particularly different from it. The same wicked stepmother, seized power, and Snow white, where you will have to fight for his Kingdom. This should help the 7 dwarfs, whom the girl met in the forest.

9. Maleficent (2014)

It is a fantasy, a remake of the 1959 cartoon "Sleeping beauty", it starred Angelina Jolie. The film received mixed reviews. Critics could not fail to note the beautiful game Angelina Jolie and great visual effects. But many people do not like feminist ideas. They thought that in "Maleficent" men either destroy the life of the main characters, or be useless. But in Russia, about the picture, most critics have responded positively, calling it a magnificent tale, one of the best produced in Hollywood in recent years.

8. Alice in Wonderland (2010)

This adventure fantasy film, created by Director Tim Bertin. He said that reinterpreted the works of Lewis Carroll. The book is about a girl who just goes from one character to another. Between them there was no emotional interaction and he wanted to make a film that tells a compelling story. The main character, Alice, nineteen years old. It was at the insistence of the parents is going to marry the son of Lord Ascot, which she did not like it. During the festival, she sees a White Rabbit and runs after him. Thus begins her adventures.

7. Farther into the woods(2014)

This film was created by the same musical company "Walt Disney Pictures". It starred well-known actors. Thus, the role of the Witch played by Meryl Streep, as the Wolf – johnny Depp. However, Depp has often been criticized for this role as mere spectators and professionals. Wrote that his unlikely appearance, and looks more like a pimp, not a wolf. Many noted manners, the vulgarity of this character. But the film was nominated for many awards, including "Oscar" and received the "Golden globe". The plot is unusual. The main characters – the Baker and his wife. The evil witch put a curse on them. To get rid of it, you need to bring her 4 things. The couple go into the woods, where they meet various fairy tale characters.

6. Snow white and rose red (1979)

Great film by German Director Siegfried Hartmann, which premiered in the summer of 1979. Despite the fact that this picture almost 40 years, it is still relevant, because it talks about how important it is to remain kind, to be hardworking, selfless and courageous. The main characters are two sisters, snow white and rose red, which helps the brothers-princes, enchanted by an evil spirit.

5. Three wishes for Cinderella (1973)

The painting, created in the GDR and Czechoslovakia. Its like in many European countries. So, in the Czech Republic, Norway and Germany every year, more than thirty years, this tale show before Christmas. In the Czech Republic, the film was named the best fantastic painting of the XX century. She charged at the Grimm brothers ' fairy tale "the Three sisters". Different from the known history that helps the poor girl is not a fairy godmother, and a wonderful hazel.

4. Ella Enchanted (2004)

This romantic Comedy was filmed on the novel by Gail Carson Levine. The main role was Anne Hathaway. The actress said that he first read the book on which the film was made in 16 years. Was the first version of the script, much closer to the book, but he never came. However, she is confident that the film they did. The author of the novel says that his book is very different from the picture, so they should not be compared. The tale tells about a girl Ella, who since childhood, compelled all to listen. The "gift of obedience" she receives from the fairy Lucinda. After the death of her mother, she is at the mercy of the stepmother and her daughters, who scoff at Ella. She decides to leave the house to find the fairy and get rid of the hated gift.

3. Snow white and the huntsman (2012)

This picture is also taken at one of the tales of the brothers Grimm. The evil Queen Ravenna could play Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder, but the role went to Charlize Theron. For her sake, she did not star in Director Clint Eastwood. The main character is the same Rovenna, which is always young and attractive. The evil Queen knows that will die at the hands of girls, prettier than her. From her mirror she finds out that her stepdaughter, Snow white was the most beautiful and decides to sacrifice it. But the girl manages to escape.

2. Beauty and the beast (2014)

French is a beautiful film, shot on the eponymous tale by Director Christophe Gan. The plot is predictable. The merchant is taken to an abandoned castle. He becomes a prisoner of the monster, which allows him 1 day to go home, and say goodbye to his family. The daughter of a merchant, Belle's father's place is in a mysterious castle. Monster enchanted by the girl, and she's willing to reciprocate.

1. Eternal love story (1998)

The picture is removed on motives of the fairy tale Cinderella, but the story itself is much different from that to which we are accustomed. Cinderella, shown in this film, not passive, meekly tolerate bullying victim, but an active character in the style of the 1990s. She is not afraid to argue about the economy and civil rights with royalty, not waiting for salvation from the Prince, and she is ready to help him. The film received positive reviews from spectators and critics. The main role in the film played by drew Barrymore.

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