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10 movie sequels that were better than the original


Often if the book or the movie was successful, the authors decide to release a sequel. This is not surprising – there are sequels for a long time. It is enough to recall the epic Leo Tolstoy's "War and peace". It is logical that if the movie box office and high ratings, the film will shoot next. But in most cases, such films become only a pale copy of the original. However, there are exceptions when a sequel is better than the first film. Below is a list of 10 movie sequels that were better than the original.

10. Batman returns

"Batman returns" filmed in 1992 by Director Tim Burton. This sequel to the 1989 film "Batman." The plot in Gotham again restless. Boy are abandoned by their parents grew up in a flock of penguins. And now he wants to avenge them and this city. At the same time on the streets appears Catwoman. She is also driven by revenge. So Batman again to save Gotham. The sequel had a much greater success than "Batman". For the first three days after the premiere it has surpassed its predecessor at the box office — 266 million dollars worldwide.

9. Mad Max 2

"Mad Max 2" is the second part of the film "Mad Max" Director George Miller. Took it in 1981. It shows the events of the energy crisis that struck the planet. Gasoline is now more valuable than money, fight for it all. Max is the driver, it looks for fuel in the deserted Australia. Finds the camp with supplies of fuel. When he organized the attack under the leadership of Hummus, Max can't stay away, he comes to the aid of people. The movie was loved by the audience for more exciting and dynamic plot than the first part. He literally keeps in suspense and does not let go until the final credits. Named the most successful commercial film project. Income from the rental exceeded $ 100 million. The gathering of the world $ 23 million.

8. Planet of the apes: the Revolution

"Planet of the apes: the Revolution" continues the sci-Fi film "rise of the planet of the apes". 2014, directed by Matt Reeves. The film is about genetically modified monkeys. They threatened people who were still alive after the epidemic. Rule the world is the one who is stronger. Rivals on the brink of war. Interesting story, the conflict and struggle there is a place of drama and emotions. Film fans note that in the second part of the story about monkeys computer characters very realistic, unlike the first. Be amazed by the special effects and graphics. The gathering of the world 708 million dollars.

7. Hellboy 2

"Hellboy 2". The 2008 film from Director Guillermo del Toro, the sequel to the comic "Hellboy. The hero from hell". The plot in the Universe there is not only the human world, but also secret. Between these two worlds of brewing conflict. The Terrans in danger. The only one who can help people is Hellboy generated both worlds. He is faced with a difficult choice between a new life and one which he always lived. The sequel surpasses the original in scope and dynamic nature of the plot. He is also stronger effects, rich scenery. The amount of fees in the world more than $ 160 million. The sequel surpassed the original $ 53 million.

6. The Lord of the rings. The two towers

"The Lord of the rings. The two towers" — the second part of the trilogy. Director Peter Jackson, 2002. The history of middle-earth continues. Two hobbits Frodo and Sam must destroy the one Ring. An extraordinary creature Gollum will lead them to the gates of Mordor. The hobbits merry and Pippin captured by orcs. The army of orcs is coming to the gorge. It is a fortress in which people are hiding. Fight. The benefits "the Lord of the rings. The two towers" in a rhythmic and vigorous style of narration. It feels the breath of history. The film was in the top ten highest-grossing films, fees 926 million dollars worldwide.

5. Star trek 2

"Star trek 2" — the second film in sci-Fi media franchise of Star trek. Based on the film fight captain Kirk with his old enemy Khan. For 15 years he was in prison. But now he got out of all their troubles blames the captain. In this deadly battle Axe to confront an old enemy. The film is largely superior to the first. Visual effects, sound, design. Here first used computer graphics. Dynamic plot, also in a fantastic picture added elements of Thriller and drama. Box office worldwide 97 million dollars.

4. The Bourne Supremacy

"The Bourne supremacy" is the sequel to the Bourne identity. Director Paul Greengrass. A spy Thriller about how con Bourne, a CIA agent. And again he saves himself and loved ones. James is forced to participate in the battle with the assassins, gets into political scandals. In the story, Bourne travels to Russia. The sequel compared with the original is more entertainment. Viewers note the interesting chases, fights and dizzying firefight. Fees amount to more than 288 million dollars, one of the ten highest grossing films USA 2004.

3. Terminator 2. Judgment day

"Terminator 2. The day of judgment" — a film by James Cameron, filmed in 1991. Fiction Thriller about how a post-apocalyptic future of the terminator appears. He wants to destroy the son of Sarah Connor. John Connor helping the terminator of the previous generation, which reprogrammed. The plot — the confrontation between the two terminators. From the outcome of the battle depends the fate of the human race. The sequel turned out much better than the original. The film used special effects, which were not in the "Terminator", and could not be. They are created with the aid of a microprocessor. He appeared later. In addition, the Director of each moment of the film brought to perfection. He was demanding of the actors, cameramen, make-up artists. The result of this hard work came a quality film. She gathered more than $ 519 million. To compare fees the first part of 42 million. The sequel to more than 20 different awards.

2. The godfather 2

"The godfather 2" — the second part of the gangster Saga. The film was made in 1974 by Director Francis Ford Kapolei. There are two story lines. In the first narrative of the life of the head of a mafia clan of Vito Corleone. In the second story of the mafia syndicate. It is led by the son of Vito and Michael Corleone. This movie is one of the few sequels that deserve the love and acceptance of not only the audience but also critics. In addition, he was awarded the "Oscar" for the title of "Best film". Very interesting idea of weaving the two story lines, the life of the father and the son. The Director was able to bring an atmosphere of life of the family mafia. And it's interesting to the viewer. Fees worldwide over 102 million dollars.

1. Star wars: Episode 5

"Star wars: Episode 5" is an epic adventure film. Director Irvin Kershner that was released in 1980. At the core of his fight for the Galaxy. The Emperor's forces capture the rebel forces. Han Solo and Princess Leia was taken prisoner by the Imperials. Luke learns from There Master and is not that ahead of the battle with the troops of the Emperor. The audience eagerly awaited continuation of "Star wars. Episode 4". The sequel did not disappoint them. Interesting plot, great acting, visual effects and graphics. The most successful film in 1980, it has collected 538 million dollars.

All of these sequels surpass the originals. So the notion that they are removed in pursuit of easy profits at a rapid pace and is not particularly looking for story and quality, not always true.

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