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10 films in which actors starred in a sex scene, really


Music videos and the cinema of modernity is literally riddled with immoral behavior and debauchery. Erotic moments, sometimes blatantly pornographic nature, devalues the spiritual relationship between a man and a woman, undermining the family, promoting youth early sexual debut. Add to this homosexual scene intended not to destroy the gene pool of the country, and it becomes simply terrible for the future of not only film, but of humanity as a whole.

Against this background, in the head just resonates with the idea that some actors are not attracted to doubles in the footage of the sex scenes, as well as feigned sex acts with a special silicone lining and other fraud. For more realism, some Directors asked the actors to play convincing and really, forcing to engage in physical intimacy on the frontier in the spotlight and in the face of the whole working group. And if such behavior for money we call prostitution, wincing in disgust of the mere mention, when talking about Hollywood actors – it's a masterpiece of art. What a double standard?

Such scenes often does not reveal the deep essence of the film and a spiritual crisis actors, but still added for "peppercorns" to attract the attention of sophisticated audience. Look at 10 famous films, where the actors are not faking the sexual act.

10. The brown Bunny (2003)

We are introduced to the lost in the life of a sad boy who is always in the path no final destination. The whole time he is thinking about the woman from the past that can't let go. The viewer shows a romantic and not very shots where the actors Vincent Gallo and Chloe Sevigny communicate with each other. And against this resonates scandalous scene, where the actress orally meets the main character. Such a "masterpiece" without any censorship came to the festival de Cannes where it was booed by critics and even received a comment like "worst film in the history of the festival". Gallo, who concurrently was the Director and screenwriter, rewired it properly, and then the ardent fervor of critics diminished.

9. Ken Park (2002)

Something to intrigue the viewer, except as a story about frustrated teenagers and their sexuality. Three friends is in constant conflict with parents, arguing with each other, simultaneously having no non-binding novels, which are accompanied by oral satisfaction masturbating on the screen, group sexual acts, and other vulgar things. A pornographic acts displayed close up to the viewer to "not bored". Some countries (Belarus, Australia, Norway and Canada) had the sense to ban the film due to the presence of the explicit scenes. And even justify the Director that all the actors in the scene are adults, not brought to the film the desired popularity.

8. Club Shortbus (2006)

And again, the film is about three characters who try to survive in the society, solving sexual problems and pathology. In the frame we see a homosexual, a woman, dominantrix, as well as sex therapist doctor that I never in my life did not have an orgasm. All these people are in the underground club for the most daring lovers of sex, where indulge in secret fantasies. The Director decided to "take the bull by the horns", selecting from five of my videos those actors who look the most profitable in the frame. Also the author of the film boasts that all filmed orgasms were real. Supposedly for the comfort of the actors, Director and cameramen also worked in the Nude during filming of sex scenes. And we think that is one of the varieties of Masturbation, covered creativity.

7. Cruising (1980)

This time we follow the life of a serial killer (al Pacino), whose vocation was the search for and killing of homosexuals. The Director decided to enter in the Thriller scenes of gay sex between men, which hired the new York gay men of special clubs. They supposedly helped him to prepare the content for the film, and then played the necessary role of victims. Project sponsors were not happy with the final "masterpiece" that forced the Director to cut a good video, removing the extra "strawberry". And still the film is not saved – it failed at the box office. By the way, the cut sheets of the gay scene was used by James Franco in the documentary.

6. Romance X (1999)

The film introduces us to a French woman, Catherine, who is studying women's nature and tries to understand what the experiments are ready rejected the beloved man woman. Partner shooting became a known pornographic film actor who helped actress on the pad to reveal the natural sexuality and present it to the audience. Critics in disgust, watched scenes of Masturbation, oral satisfaction, kotousov, ejaculations and stuff bdsm uncensored. The original uncut version managed to launch on the air only at night. By the way, the movie failed, despite highly persuasive efforts of excited actors.

5. Fuck me (2000)

The very title of the film suggests that it will have to contemplate the exhausted audience on the screens. The film introduces us to two women, one of whom is a prostitute and the other is a porn actress. "Co-worker" constantly find themselves in situations connected with sexual intercourse, various perversions and violence. By the way, the actress for the base of the tape was chosen from the category "x", so all sex scenes are completely natural and without embellishment. And yet the viewer critically embraced history "nymphs" who have sex with everyone you meet on the way, and then kill them in cold blood. The film had problems with censorship and was banned in theaters in many countries.

4. Nymphomaniac: Part 1 (2013)

The acclaimed project was to talk about spiritual quest, torments and erotic experiences of the heroine from childhood to 50 years. Woman puts herself on the diagnosis of "nymphomania" and vengeance explores all the facets and subtleties of pathology. The film begins with the fact that wounded and weak character Joe on the street finds an old priest-the bachelor. Joe decides to confession with detailed descriptions of sexual adventures. In the frame and then flashed the male and female sex organs, natural to outrageous sexual acts, Masturbation scenes, BDSM and oral sex.

3. 9 songs (2004)

Let's not confuse romantic and attractive title films. In it we tell about a scientist who dedicates his life to the study of Antarctica and along the way has sex with a student, arrived in England for training. Stormy affair in detail and details of sex life ends after a year, when girl Lisa returns home. The film is dotted with fragments of rock concerts against the backdrop of explicit sex scenes. By the way, the actors had to proceed to real sex acts after the preliminary rehearsals. Nevertheless, test shots also made it into the final version of the film.

2. Intimacy (2001)

As you may have guessed, the film is about intimacy, but rather about the bartender and actress Tetra that every Wednesday meet in the city for a quick sexual needs. More from the characters in the movie have nothing in common that could create a good platform to build a dramatic tie. Nevertheless, the bartender starts to weigh on long-lasting secret relationship. The film is full of plot mistakes, and still managed to take several awards at competitions (many believe that this contributed to the act of oral sex closeup).

1. Irreversible (2002)

The crowd favorite Monica Bellucci is not shy to show juicy bits on the screen. The movie is replete with many sex scenes, but it anal 10 minute rape most of all remember the corruption of the audience. Dare to disappoint – this the only moment of the film was staged 100%. But you can "enjoy" scenes of Masturbation and oral sex, are in "Irreversible" the most that neither is true.

We present an instructive review of it for the audience to see "the true face of" favorite actors. It turns out that for the most shocking and dissonant roles (which are excellent career move in modern society), actors are willing to flout all principles and values, of course, if the latter they altogether present.

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