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10 financial goals, which you want to achieve as early as possible


Most people live in the present day and not think about the future. Therefore, deprived of your favorite (or least favorite) work, the person left without a livelihood. Well, if he's healthy and capable, but things happen in life. Illness or accident will not catch you off guard if you correctly manage your money. Most likely, you're thinking that if your little paycheck still delayed, then all will have to restrict ourselves around. Of course, if your income is below average, it is necessary to strive for its increase. But to become more confident in their financial future, it is enough to set a 10 financial goals. And of course, strive to achieve them.

10. Financial literacy

If the person is not committed to financial literacy, what kind of well-being in General can be a speech? It can be learned. Financial literacy comprises several aspects. Of course, the most important is a personal accounting software. You should know how much money you earned and how much spent. You must also be able to compare terms of services of banks or other organizations. In this case, you will not get screwed if you decide to use these services. It is useful to develop the ability to understand the investment. Then you will be able to increase their funds. Read books on Finance, attend courses, seminars. But pay attention, where do you get your information, listen only to reliable sources.

9. Financial triumph

Feel financial triumph have every. This is a major purchase, trip or something else that for you is especially important. Set a goal and achieve it. Save money, look for additional sources of income. When you allow yourself to experience a financial triumph, this will inspire you for further work. A purchase will delight you for a long time. Do not spare money. If you do not promote yourself, your enthusiasm will eventually end.

8. The increase in asset

Even if you are far from accounting, you probably know what an asset and a liability. An asset is something that brings you money and liability is something that takes. It is important that the asset always exceeds the liability, it is necessary to increase it. You have to find additional sources of income. Optional to take a few jobs here and there. At this rate of living you will not last long. Then you will not be up to of assets and liabilities. Asset can become a Deposit in the Bank, real estate, securities. Of course, in investing you need to understand that not everyone is given. But to open a cash contribution and receive interest. Best value is a property that can be leased.

7. Financial independence from parents

Children always remain children for their parents, even if they are already over 30. But wouldn't you take the help of parents, tell them "no." It's time to learn to provide for themselves independently. Chances are your parents not so young. They have their own desires, they denied themselves everything, just to help overage child. Constantly hoping for the support of the parents, you lose the remnants of independence. You will never achieve anything on their own. Aspire to financial prosperity. At this age, you should help parents, not they you.

6. End materialism

Financial success is not measured by the brand of car, brand of jeans or the latest model iPhone. But for some reason also hard people try to show their "coolness" things. Don't waste money on something that you can not afford it. Especially do not take anything on credit, if it is not a vital acquisition. Brand things you will surprise nobody, but they will knock a serious dent in your budget. And the cost of the car or the phone in a couple of years will be reduced significantly. If you have extra money, invest it in investment or own education. Then the money will work for you.

5. The management of the budget

You will never become financially successful if you don't learn to count their money. As noted above, the asset should be more of a liability. So the liability is the monthly expenses, which you must calculate. There are utilities, travel expenses or petrol, the purchase of products. Don't worry, you don't have to count every penny before the end of life. Enough to charge a couple of months. You will learn how much money is spent on food, how much on monthly bills. You can plan your budget and even save money. When you see your purchase for the month, you will be surprised how much money is wasted. For doing a home budget, use a special program or regular Notepad and pen.

4. Understanding the work of banks, tax system etc.

You must have at least the slightest idea about the financial system of the country in which you live. Otherwise, you may become a victim of fraud. In the quest for additional sources of income, do not overdo it. If you get a large amount unclear what, problems with tax can not be avoided. So make it properly. The state allows you to return the tax paid when buying property, medical treatment or education. Use this. Banks and financial institutions will never operate at a loss. So use "a" only if you really understand this. Otherwise you will have to pay large interest for the use of funds of the Bank.

3. Repayment of loans and debts

But it is better not to borrow. And if they are, make them faster to repay. Many families pay a mortgage, it is a heavy burden for a 15, 20 or even 30 years. Of course, to pay a large sum at once, many can't. But to repay earlier, then save. If you can put additional amount on the repayment of a loan or mortgage, between a lower monthly payment and lower term, choose the second. If you monthly pay a certain amount, you can pay it on. But it will have to pay already 10 years, and 9. Also you will save on interest, their amount will decrease. In debt is not worth taking. Take you and others at the time, and give your and forever.

2. Passive income

Find a passive source of income. It will bring you profit without your participation. Deposits in the Bank, investments, securities, stocks, bonds. A lot of options. Buy real estate, rent. You can rent a baby carriage, a chair. Invest in the business. But before you invest, you need to read everything, weigh all the "pros" and "cons". Do not invest all your money in one source of income, but then lose everything. Participation in lotteries and promotions to passive income does not apply. There you probably will lose your money and not make a profit.

1. Financial goal

You have to set a financial goal. I know, it sounds a bit strange: "the aim is to set a goal". In fact, without a list of goals to which you aspire, you will achieve much less. Make a financial plan for life. For example, in 25 want to buy a car, 30 in an apartment, in 40 to finish country cottage. When you have realistic goals, you will know what to strive for. But do not set unrealistic goals that will never be able to achieve, otherwise all your financial plan will fail.

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