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10 financial tips for every day


If you do not know how to manage your money, then you can save even a very high salary. Because most people mindlessly spend money, and then sit on bread and water. This can be avoided. Moreover, there is the opportunity to improve their financial situation. This does not need to work day and night and take part. You just need to change your attitude to money. First, it will be difficult, especially if you treat the people who are not used to count money. Think, is a millionaire would be left them if I pulled my first million on shopping and entertainment. No, he put it in the future to obtain higher profits. To your economic situation has improved, just follow our financial tips for every day.

10. Live within your means

This is perhaps the most important rule. Do not allow yourself to spend money you have not earned. Often it happens that payday man feels like a millionaire. He buys what he wants, without thinking, will he have enough money left to cover the monthly expenses. Do not chase wealthy friends or acquaintances. If what they buy for you a luxury, do not attempt to meet them. Waste your money so that at the end of the month had to borrow. Separate needs from wants. By the way, many purchases are made impulsively. Denying yourself today, tomorrow you may thank yourself for your restraint.

9. Get yourself into the habit of keeping records of income and expenses

But not to spend more than you need to know how much money you need monthly. Sign a useful habit: keep a record of income and expenses. Options home bookkeeping many, you can use a computer program application on the smartphone or the old fashioned way to record data in a notebook. Usually people enthusiastically accepted for the accounting of income and expenses, but then it they are simply bored. It is important to bring the case to the end. This does not mean that from now until the end of life you will have to record every penny. Enough two or three months, to understand about, where and as needed. Also this method will help you to identify unnecessary spending.

8. Get rid of credit cards, consumer loans and other debts

Now at every step people are asked to take the credit. To do this, don't even have to go to the Bank. You can fill out an application online, the card will be delivered to your home. Have you ever wondered why financial institutions such complexity? Quite simply, they make money on interest. Using the loans, you are enriching the banks, thus deteriorating its financial position. Better not to take loans. If you can't afford to buy some thing, it is not necessary to take the loan, simply do not buy. Earn, earn, but do not try to get into a debt hole. Particularly caution should apply to microfinance organizations that promise to help a small amount to pay. With their extortionate interest you didn't pay.

7. Refrain from harmful financial habits

Harmful financial habits. For some it's a Cup of coffee in a cafe, for some daily chocolate. People spend money to cheer yourself up. But the purchase does not cause joy, you just used that every day commit certain actions. A huge hole in your budget are able to break such a bad habit, like Smoking. Cigarettes are constantly increasing in price, but the smoker cannot give them up and monthly spends considerable sums. However, he harms the health. If you smoke, get started now.

6. Don't let the money in the debt

In no case do not give money. You risk to lose them and damage the relationship. If you have extra money, better invest them in business or at least put it in the Bank for interest. Don't be afraid to offend people, if your friend is adequate, he will understand you. And generally it is better not to dwell on your financial well being, in order to avoid such situations. Otherwise, you have to ask for money in debt to colleagues and friends.

5. Pay yourself first

All know that first of all you have to pay yourself. Here are just a few who does that. Determine for yourself the amount you without compromising yourself will be able to defer. Economists typically recommend aiming for 10% of the total income. When you receive your salary, bonus or other cash payment, pay yourself. Set aside 10% or as much as you can. Don't touch the money. If the temptation is too great, open contribution. It is better not to keep money at home. It is very important to delay the funds immediately, or after some time delay will be nothing.

4. Compare prices in different places before you buy something

You think this is the inheritance of the grandmother on pension. Yes, of course, grandparents like nobody know how to save, when I go to the other side of town for cheap bread, while paying the fare. But seriously, go to several shops before you make a major purchase. It will take quite a bit of time and you will save money. Now it is possible to see prices on the Internet, there are lots of free apps, which are the most profitable products. But do not repeat the sad experience of grandmothers. It is not necessary to travel around the city, trying to save. Much more money you will spend on the fare or gasoline.

3. Create and acquire additional sources of income

This secret is used by many wealthy people. They usually are not the only source of income. You can also invest your funds. Stocks, bonds, stock markets, etc. You can open small businesses. You can rent a property, the wedding dress, the stroller, anything. Of course, do it so not to have future problems with the IRS. Remember that lotteries and other gambling games are not an additional source of income. The possibility of winning is too small, but the risk of losing money is huge.

2. Study the literature on financial literacy

In Russia generally little time to devote to financial literacy. People do not read books, they are just not interested. Of course, much easier to go with the flow. Loans to their education, make yourself a collection of books on financial literacy and set out to read them. Attend seminars, play economic games. Gradually, you will realize that you can do to the financial well-being never left your house.

1. Do not expect quick results

Don't expect that you'll be rich in a month. This is a very long and laborious work. You have to work hard before you achieve the desired result. It is very important not to give up and keep going towards your goal. Be patient, look for additional sources of income, preferably passive. Correctly treat the money, but do not overdo it in the limits, otherwise the risk of appearing to break. Read about famous millionaires. Did anybody get rich speedily? No, they just worked, aspired to the goal. Follow these tips and you will succeed.

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