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10 phrases that should not be talking to their employees


Every responsible head periodically, looking for ways to enhance the productivity of its employees. However, it happens that the head involuntarily, whether because of their nature, or because of their illiteracy becomes a strong demotivating factor in their subordinates. And we are not talking about any penalties for poor quality work provided by the labor legislation. It happens that some careless words a Manager can significantly reduce the interest of the employee to his professional activities, which ultimately would negatively affect the end result of his labor. Look at the 10 phrases that every chief must eliminate from your vocabulary.

10. "I spit on your apology"

First, if you put for some reason has taken a leadership position, then words like spit for all I care, it does not concern me at all should not be pronounced in respect of your employees. Similar slovooborotami show subordinates that you voluntarily take the part assigned to you responsibility, and this in turn is not good for your credibility.

Second, if during the working process there are any unforeseen difficulties, it does not mean that the blame for all the need to entrust subordinates. In any situation, you must give the person an opportunity to explain the reason for their actions, even if wrong. Otherwise, next time when your employee make a mistake, it is much less to feel guilty and try to rectify the situation, and blame everything on someone else.

9. "Figure that out himself (herself)"

This phrase in the address of the slave you sign up to their incompetence and disinterest in achieving a good result. Visionary chief urges its employees not only to talk about challenges but also to seek solutions to problems.

8. "You're lucky you even get to work"

If you carried out the recruitment of employees through roulette or throwing of lots, then such a statement may be appropriate. However, in most cases, recruitment takes place on the basis of professional qualities and experience of the candidate. So, recognizing that, took the responsible position of an uninformed person, you admit to being incompetent and irresponsible by the organizer.

7. "Your predecessor was better"

If the predecessor had resigned his post not because of a serious illness, death or decree, then it begs a fair question: Why is he still not here?. Maybe he's tired of the constant accusations of the chief-the petty tyrant and decided to find a place where you will appreciate his professional abilities?

In addition, creating in the imagination of his subordinate unattainable image of its predecessor, you completely take away his desire for professional growth, and is a strong demotivation for the effective performance of their duties.

6. "You are not able to perform even basic instructions"

Such a phrase will not teach your subordinate. You only will achieve that people will Harbor any resentment toward you and will look for an opportunity to repay you. No need to make enemies in the team, designed to work together for the implementation of a common goal. But constant abuse will eventually lead to lack of discipline and sabotage of the workflow. Besides, every good boss should remember that the failures of subordinates in varying degrees, associated with certain errors of the leadership.

5. "We've always done it this way"

Your task is not to teach a new employee to the thumb algorithm, and to encourage the improvement of the quality of his work. If you, without giving any adequate arguments, but we always did it so, don't allow the subordinate to look for other (maybe more efficient) solutions to the task, so you show him the limitations of your professional potential. Your credibility that will suffer.

4. "You should be thankful that I'm not fired"

Thank you and prostrate you can claim if you twice a month to bring home a salary your slave, not asking for the fulfilment of their official duties. If he works in accordance with the employment contract, then he has nothing for which to thank you. Remember, you are a gentleman, and he not land. You face, related to each other by mutual obligations, so you have no reason to show their superiority.

3. "I don't care what you think about this"

A similar phrase is the best way to destroy in the Bud any initiative arising from employees. Head, propagatively a similar principle of operation, will achieve what his subordinates, it is likely endowed with abilities and motivated to work effectively and turn into a inert mass, depicting activities.

2. "I knew you could handle it"

If you did, so why me? Probably, you are a bad boss, trying to absolve themselves of responsibility and to hang all the dogs on their employees.

This formulation is perhaps one of the most demotivating to work effectively. Remember the proverb, which after the hundredth insult, people still grunt? Then, keep in mind that the efficiency of a notorious officer who does not believe in their professional abilities tends to zero. A fault low collective productivity is the lack of skills for effective leadership.

1. "I watching you"

Such statements will not lead to an increase of labor activity of the employee, but rather will be the cause of his neurosis or depressive States. While one of the most important missions is to create a healthy working atmosphere in the team. Understand these tactics you will not get from the slave is nothing but flattery and bootlicking. Maybe your ego will be satisfied, but the efficiency of employees will be affected very negatively.

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