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10 phrases not to say to pregnant women


Even if a couple is consciously preparing for the birth of a child, pregnancy is not the best period in a woman's life. If you are the husband of this woman, then your life you raspberry also not seem. We all know how naughty pregnant girls. To their credit, bear a child – not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Morning sickness, constant desire to sleep, fear for the child. Add to poor health obsessive conversations and advice from friends and colleagues who remember my pregnancy scare horror stories about childbirth. To 9 months for you to become a torment, even though you do not say more to his wife. Let her relax in the home environment, feel the peace and joy of your situation. She calmly prepares for the birth of the baby. You, in turn, make her comfortable, spoil her, say compliments. Or at least remember 10 phrases not to say to pregnant women.

10. Wow! What is the waist is your friend!

Never make compliments to other women in the presence of his pregnant wife. If you select the perfect form of her friend, TV stars or just passing by women, the scandal is guaranteed. The girl is going through that slender beauty she turned into a Hippo. And here you are with your compliments, not intended for her. Don't compare her with other women, try not to focus on appearance. You're certainly not worried about how you will look in a year, and your wife, hardly seeing a positive pregnancy test, said goodbye to their perfect forms. By the way, prepare for the fact that after the delivery your wife can become a butterball. Not everyone is able to quickly return to their previous weight.

9. Think of it – sick!

If your spouse is bad, don't try to cheer her up with phrases such as "Think – sick. Drink some water. I, too, was sick last Sunday, when I had been drinking. I'm not dead." Many girls hard physically, some can't stand the smell of fried chicken or cigarettes, others even can't eat, it wants to come back. At such moments, you must find her, lay her on the bed, cover blanket, take a hand and tell me much love. In any case, don't talk about other women. Let your mom throughout the pregnancy was worked in a factory and my grandmother worked hard on the farm and gave birth in the field, do not put them in the example. The best thing you can do is sympathize.

8. Floors and who will wash?

You, of course, understand that the more belly your wife the harder it is to keep the house clean. If you are concerned about clutter, you should not tell the girl what she needs to do. Take a broom, a rag ... do you know what the broom? Many men do not relate to domestic Affairs, I consider it women's work. Again, if you live in a city apartment, men's work here is simply no. You don't need to light a fire, collect firewood, clean the tracks from snow, to dig a kitchen garden. So you can assume some household responsibilities. If cleaning the apartment beneath you, then hire a housekeeper or just be silent.

7. Try to have a boy!

Every man dreams of having a son. That's just not necessary every day to talk to my wife about it. Even if you are going to beg for an heir, she will not be able to influence the sex of the baby. By the way, do you know what the sex of the baby depends on the father? Rejoice in the fact that fate gave you the opportunity to educate a child. Some of the couples fails to give birth to a child, over the years, they are treated, go to Holy places. They'd be happy with a girl or a boy. And your wife may think that if it's a girl, you will be unhappy, will it fall out, leave with a baby. That, and fantasizing women are able. Don't forget that pregnant women are very impressionable.

6. You can wait with your contractions?

If your wife felt something remotely resembling a fight, don't tell her, "Honey, let me watch the football, and then we'll go to the hospital." Drop everything, and in the hospital. Sometimes childbirth can be rapid. It is better not to leave her in the later stages alone, who knows what might happen. If the hospital told her about the contractions and sent home, it is not necessary to sigh in disappointment and reproach her. If your wife is pregnant for the first time, she probably doesn't know how to go into labor.

5. Look, we've been invited to a party... Maybe I'll go alone?

If your girlfriend is pregnant, you can forget about entertainment. Cafes and clubs, night sessions, meetings with friends and alcohol is all in the past. "I'm not pregnant" will argue that the majority of men. Yes, you are not pregnant, but perhaps your wife also would like to dance and drink a few glasses of wine, to have fun. So better not to remind her about the previous entertainment. Possible stay home or go to those places where she will feel comfortable. Of course, don't stay home, but instead of a club choose a non-Smoking room in the lounge cafe of the city.

4. I do not understand – you are swollen or just fat?

Don't remind her about the appearance. Overweight, big belly, swelling. Let your girl now not like that cute girl that drove you crazy, but that's it. Don't tell her that she looks bad. Make compliments, praise it. Of course, not all pregnant women look bad, some pregnancy even is. In any case, don't point out flaws and often tell her that she is very beautiful.

3. When will I have normal sex?

The topic of sex is taboo. Some couples have it the whole pregnancy, but doctors recommend not to get involved, especially if there are complications. Do not complain to the wife that I can't wait when she gives birth, and you will have normal sex. We might disappoint but you still for a long time it will not. When the baby is born, all the attention wife is staring at him. And you're more likely to dream about sex, and restful sleep without interruption for motion sickness. If you have decided to have a child, be ready that your life will change dramatically. Will have to sacrifice their interests.

2. I said I'd call Bob!

That's when the controversy starts strong. It is when parents try to choose a name for the child. Many men do not take into account the opinion of his wife. They believe that all must obey, and the man has the right to choose the name for their child. Still need to come to this option that satisfies both. Even if you are already tired of discussing the same names every night, do not dismiss the questions of his wife. For it is very important. Patience is what you will have to be in the next 3 years for sure.

1. And child just all be okay?

Such questions are off – limits. You should never show your pregnant wife that couldn't find, worried for her and the baby. If something goes wrong, you should support it. But do not rush to extremes, do not pretend you do not care about the child, and wife. Just in any situation, remain calm. Life is unpredictable, who knows what will happen tomorrow. Think positive, be confident, surrounded by care and attention of his wife and unborn child. Yes, do that, so asking your favorite, talk to her belly, because it has long been proven that a child at a certain time begins to distinguish the voice of the parents.

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