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10 phrases that need to talk to the baby every day


Educating our children and talking with them every day, we rarely reflect on how they perceive us. For us they are primarily dependent little people who need to feed, clothe, and protect them from all dangers of the world. And for them we are the whole world. The hackneyed phrase about the fact that children absorb everything like a sponge, it is actually of great importance. Every word can become for the child a call to action, leave a lifelong mark on his soul, to impose the print on character of the little man. There are several phrases that are worth repeating to the children every day so they grow up happy.

10. You will do it (I believe in you)

In childhood even small tasks sometimes seem child is immense and difficult. It is for this reason that your child is not yet aware of all their capabilities and abilities. Therefore, encouragement from parents is very important for motivation and inspiration of a child. Every day to repeat that the son or daughter to solve any problem. Then the kid from an early age will not be afraid of difficulties and learn to overcome them. And in the future support the parent will give in already grown-up child the confidence and determination that is very important for any adult.

9. You're smart

Low self-esteem is not only adults. Children can also think about yourself extremely poorly. They compare themselves with other children and get very upset if you think that the comparison is not in their favor. And only in the parents to convince the child that his mental capacity is no lower than their peers. If you do not tell the child that he's smart, in any difficult situation, he will give up and blame it on lack of intelligence. And the realization that parents believe in the power of his intellect, will help Chad to successfully solve the most seemingly impossible tasks.

8. I'm always with you

While your child is not matured, became independent and not started my own family, parents are the main people in his life. Over time, children learn that friends can be coming as a phenomenon in life, and that family is the only thing they have really. Therefore, from a very early age, it is important to let the child know that you are always near and ready at any moment to support it. Remind your son or daughter that in any situation they can count on your help and understanding.

7. How was your day

The end of the day you need to mention the family conversation on how was everyone's day. After all, every day happens something interesting and it is important to share this with loved ones. The child is also not an exception. When you pick him up from kindergarten or school or just sit together for dinner in the weekend, ask how the kid has his day. But you can't ask it mechanically, only "for show". Even if your own day has been hard and you're tired, listen carefully and actively respond to childish words. It is this informal conversation will help you in the future to keep baby warm relationship when he grows up.

6. I feel for you

With the height of past years we, adults, children's grief are seen in small trifle. After all, our problems do matter, and children's grief is kind of like nonsense. We don't even want to sincerely empathize with the childish insults and sorrows, and it is a very good reason. Adults know what their problems will somehow be resolved and forgotten, and your sadness think big and serious. So always try to understand the child's problem and to tell my baby how sorry we are and know what his soul. This will be a great support for the child.

5. Don't give up

Adults know that makes no sense to be afraid of difficulties. But the kids don't have a clue. So they can give in to any difficult situation. And in order that the child grew up confident and was able to solve complex problems, parents need to teach him to deal with setbacks and keep going towards your goal, even if it seems out of reach baby. Make it clear to your child that making mistakes is normal, but it is important not to give up and keep trying.

4. I trust you

When a child plans to do something or already did and talks about it with parents, it is important to hear what they think about this. The phrase "I trust you" from mom and dad for the child will be the greatest compliment in this case. His self-esteem will definitely go up and it will feel like an adult. When you want to tell the kid something serious and start a conversation with the phrase "I trust you, I can give the Council?" the child then will feel very important and necessary.

3. I'm proud of you

All of a child's life for the first time. Kids first sits down to read books, learn to scrub the floors or cook, decide their first task in class, come to the sports section or a circle drawing. And in these moments, every child wants to hear encouragement from mom and dad. Every day a child makes a small accomplishment or discovery, and your remark "I'm proud of you" will inspire confidence in the child and lead it to new victories. Saying this phrase every day, and he'll know how much we appreciate him and be proud of them.

2. Let's hug

Anyone experiencing for a few day stressful situations. And children also feel to some degree every day anxiety or embarrassment. In order to calm the baby after the hard everyday life, you need to start just to hug him. Psychologists say that children need to embrace each day, several times. Without daily hugs, the child may grow indifferent man. Hugs not only help reduce anxiety, but also improve mood and to bring the baby with his parents.

1. Thank you!

Never forget to thank the child when he did what you asked him to. Praise worthy of even the most insignificant, in your opinion, the things the kid cleaned his room, he got dressed or washed dishes. Even if the child has something bad happened, be sure to thank him, and only after that gently point out the flaws. The word "thank you" creates the desire to help in the future, teach children to be polite and brings parents and children.

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