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10 phrases that will repel money from you


Psychologists say that human capabilities are limited or implemented depending on the algorithm specified at the beginning of the path to the goal. To put it simply as you would call a boat so it will float. In any case the important role played by attitude, especially for such an important part of our lives as making money. Why someone achieves success in any financial endeavor, with the least effort, and someone is beating like a fish on the ice, trying to make ends meet? Turns out, there are phrases which man himself puts artificial limitations on the path to success, thus would be programming yourself to fail. If you are willing to never experience financial difficulties, suggest once and for all to eliminate them from your vocabulary the following wording.

10. I can't do that

Saying this to yourself or to someone else, you acknowledge that your strength and capabilities are limited, and no matter how you tried still nothing happens. If you understand that some thing in this time you can't handle me, don't need to use this phrase. Say better: I'm not going to take care of it and I have a good reason or until I have sufficient funds to carry out this task. Thus, you acknowledge that you are not going to take on something, but it does not say that the blame for your personal inferiority.

9. Life is unfair to me

There is one catch phrase which should be remembered by everybody who likes to complain about his life: did Not ask God for justice, because if it is really fair, then your things will get even worse. The validity of this expression could in their own skin to experience the hero known Fulmarus Almighty with Jim Carrey in the title role (will review at your leisure). Be grateful for all that life gives you, because only in this case, you will be able to evaluate the data you opportunities and successfully implement them.

8. I fail to become rich

First, it is not necessary to formulate his ultimate goal in this abstract definition of rich. What does it mean? A million, a billion? Rich compared to whom? Set measurable goals and objectives. Remember, the universe only recognizes exact requests, otherwise it will act at its own discretion, and it can disappoint.

Secondly, it is a very comfortable position in advance to write off all their mistakes on a rock just wasn't meant to. Be sure that the fate of this character turn, character of habit, so the habit of telling yourself this phrase to your destiny will affect not the best way.

7. To the people not be ashamed

Did you know that people who have achieved success in the business never looked back on the opinions of others? They were not afraid to challenge society and won. Therefore, it is not necessary to imitate something that someone might not like it. In the end, love cannot be. Do what you think is right and be honest with yourself. And let the opinions of gossips and detractors will never be your guide.

6. Money are always very hard

Not harder than to climb Elbrus, to fly to the moon or to live without some body parts. The world is so constituted that before to get something, need to earn (of course, we are talking about legitimate means of earnings). Remember, because the commandment in the sweat of your face shall you eat your bread has not been canceled. However, fear of any possible difficulties is not a reason to retreat from their dreams. The road by walking!

5. I don't have time for this

This phrase is valid if it said mother of many children, at least three pogodak or man, who live there two days. If you do not consider yourself to any of these categories, then the time you still have, you just spend it on something. Try to organize your day efficiently and you will see how much time you have left to work.

In addition, it should be noted that success was not the one who works hard, someone who works efficiently. So try to make the most of every minute spent maximum benefit, then you will be able to compensate for the lack of time.

4. Happiness is not in money

It's hard to argue. However, if you utter this phrase to justify their laziness and lack of initiative, then philosophical utterance will acquire a negative connotation. Unfortunately, only those of us who know true wisdom, can become true ascetics and renounce most of the wealth. Most people walk the earth and not find the strength to refuse the bread. Therefore, these pathetic phrases you can't convince himself or others that to count every penny your conscious choice.

3. Small salary, but calmly

Spokoinogo in the coffin. Probably, this Outlook on life had the famous Akaky from the Overcoat Gogol. Remember how he finished? Want also? If not, then no need to trim his wings (assuming you have them) and choose the stable a small salary instead of being able to achieve heights in the business.

2. Give as you can

If you are so rich that you will still pay your debt or not, then you can lend using this formulation. However, if you said it out of politeness, then you can put yourself in an awkward situation. There is a possibility that the person you borrowed a certain amount, take advantage of your generosity and will pull until you pull the plug or make a scene. Therefore, the debt was not the cause of your quarrels with a friend or acquaintance, then I will honestly provide you with all the time. If you become uncomfortable, you can explain that you are in a difficult position, therefore, forced to put such conditions.

1. I have no money

This phrase is capable of human to make a zombie. If in thought or in conversation regularly eat those words, you will not have any opportunity to improve their financial situation, because in the end, you accept this situation and stop looking for possible solutions to the problem.

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