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10 phrases that will definitely bring to mind any man


Unfortunately, not every woman has krasnozem. And sometimes, in the moment burst of passion or wanting to encourage her lover to action, so I want to say something disturbing his imagination, not to slide into vulgarity women's novels and not aspiring to look like a carny from a cheap adult film. In such moments, you can use the following 10 phrases that will help to bring to mind your partner.

10. "Having seen you this morning coming out of the shower in the buff, I'm so excited

Everyone knows that women love with their ears. Representatives of the strong half of humanity is also susceptible to compliments. Men are usually very much excited in response to such revelations of their partners. So, after this recognition, your partner will surely want more time to please you tonight.

Besides, a positive assessment of his partner's pieces prostimulirujte to maintain the form in proper condition for as long as possible to bring you aesthetic pleasure.

9. In a whisper: "can't wait — I want you right now"

This phrase is able to make even the most reserved man. Such words would not have the desired effect if you said them alone with him in an intimate setting. Much spicier it will be barely audible whisper that phrase to the elect in his ear (gently to bite his earlobe it will inflame him even more) in any public place. After I tell him about it, give your face a bit aloof and bored expression.

Forbidden fruit is sweet. The inability right now to merge with you in the passion, adding his desire and fear, waiting the moment when you are finally left alone together and you can talk privately to complete the project.

8. "I like it when you in that shirt / pants. She /they are so emphasizes the shape of your body."

This is another way to tell your beloved man, his appearance turns you on.

According to most psychologists, these phrases are especially glad to hear from their women, men have higher social status and those who are much superior to the age of the partner. A rich and prestigious man, it is important to know what his wife or girlfriend are attracted not only by its material possibilities, and a Mature gentleman nice to know that his age does not prevent him to have success with his ladylove.

7. "When we get home, I want you to do whatever you want. Don't ask. Just do it!"

Fantasy men on the topic of sex is limitless as is our universe. On the way home he had in mind all the details will scroll through all possible options. Besides, a certain percentage of men like in bed with their partners to simulate the roughness, so the words can be very do not ask them to provoke.

However, you should bear in mind that any promises of this kind, you may subscribe to the most daring experiments. You ready for this? Then go ahead! And if not, from these phrases it is better to refrain, because for men it will be the same that tune in to the dinner in the restaurant and get a beer with dumplings at the TV. After this disappointment, phrases of this kind will not have the desired effect.


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These words will surely excite your partner. Most likely, he will decide to leave all the important things to see you. But, no! It is not so simple. Let him live with hope all day, until, when will be able to implement his plan. In the end, the anticipation stimulates the appetite.

Also, it is highly likely that every time you wear this thing, the man will remember those words and that night that followed your confession. So, next time you can't say anything, but will still receive a kind of passive income.

5. "I had an interesting dream... did You do to me what you never did before..."

After this phrase, the fantasy of your choice will issue such options that you never dreamed of. To enhance the effect produced play in the mystery and ask him to think through what was actually the plot of your dream. You can also hint that there was still another man. This spicy item can excite your partner, however if he is pathologically jealous, you should not do this.

4. "If we were alone right now, what would you do with me?"

Hearing these words, your man will not be able to think about anything else, even if you really try. His fantasy is to sublimate all things seen in movies or read in books connection with a woman. You can continue to add fuel to the fire during the day not to allow his interest to be extinguished. And at night, you will be able to appreciate the result of his speculations.


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Try to be relaxed and creative. Most men do not share the taboo attitude of some women towards a detailed and precise description of your desires. But the male brain is designed so that it is difficult to understand abstract appeals. Therefore, when you clearly formulate their thoughts and directly tell your partner what want from him, he will likely be happy to perform it. First, it is going to encourage his imagination, and secondly, he will be glad to know that you take pleasure from this his self-esteem will grow exponentially.


drives me crazy to the extreme" label=]

Select any feature of the behaviour of your men, which particularly excites you and about which you will be able to speak a lot without losing details. This technique drives crazy even the most experienced of men. Besides, he flattered, with what attention you watching him.

1. "Yesterday you were just incredible..."

And of course, we cannot forget to praise the man. It prostimulirujte it to try for you with even greater dedication. Encourage him not only with words. Try to be open to his requests, even if at first glance they seem too unusual. In the end, love is, above all, a desire to give, not to receive in return, so giving the nearest person their warmth, affection and gratitude for his attentive attitude to you, you make him happy. And this is the strongest glue that can hold one man next to another for many, many years.

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