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10 players who are unable to get on world Cup 2018


Preparing for the world championship always starts in advance: there is a comprehensive assessment of the performance of players, clubs entice and sign contracts with prospective talent, the coaches pull up the "level" most productive football players. Just over a week before the competition, which this year took place in Russia, all participating teams (32) was formed and officially announce the final composition of the players. The choice of many of the "stars" the Directors of the club and coaches was easy. But on other frames I had to properly break down so that the final composition was perfectly balanced and "flooded" the best in his position.

The world Cup is finished, but fans and analysts still resent some personnel decisions. Consider what the loss of 10 players for the championship was a real surprise and, perhaps, a big mistake for the losing party.

10. Gianluigi BuffonItaly

Football fans frantically worried that you will not see in Argentina "king" Messi, drawing their views from other promising players in the national teams. So quietly "tip" defined that takes the championship idol viewers Buffon as an active player of the Italian national team. You had to see and feel the tears of Italian during the flash interview. Gianluigi career coming to an end, so he hoped for the last time to wear goalie gloves in the world championship and once again prove the undeniable aptitude. The frustrated adults and teenagers was predictable – the game is no charming Buffon is not the same.

9. Sergi RobertoSpain

How could you not take the national team right-back of Barcelona, which brought victory to the Spanish League? And yet the quality of his game was not convincing enough to coach Hulen Lopetegi. The Spaniard was not invited to the team as a spare player that was a real blow for fans of his powerful and interesting game.

8. Alvaro MorataGermany

Statistics Morata pleasing to fans – last season he gave up six great assists teammates, self-scored 15 goals technical. However, these indicators are suitable only for the average player, but given Chelsea 75 million euros is to work out more efficiently. Some media even called Morata disappointment for Chelsea, so the Spanish team took the national pet to the world Cup. Julene He again had to make hard choices between Rodrigo and Alvaro Vazquez, and he realized it in favor of the former. Rodrigo played last season, while here it not even half opened, and was in no hurry to bring Chelsea's long-awaited victory.

7. Pierre-Emerick AubameyangGabon

The Gabonese football is not much captivates the viewer, but Pierre-Emerick diversified his powerful game was named the best scorer in history. Nevertheless, in the qualifying match for the 6 rounds he never scored a single goal. This season Aubameyang did not stand out game, so the team just would have gotten lost on the field. By the way, the national team was bound to cause Pierre-Emerick on his own initiative he showed. The success at club level completely satisfy his ambition. It is a pity that one of the fastest players did not want to realize its potential in the national team of Gabon.

6. Alexis SanchezChile

Team and completely missed the championship, although won the Russian fans a game at the confederations Cup. Alexis paired with Vidal dragged companions in the final of the tournament, but Argentina, led by Messi, beat the Chilean team. Media believe that Alexis Sanchez could get the second place in the nomination "the epic flight by the world Cup in 2018". Among the analysts are also of the opinion that this year the national team of Chile is unlikely to be lit, just like old times, as after the departure Sampaoli quality of her game is quite subsided. Well, Sanchez will have a quiet summer, which can be carried out in the company of beloved Pets and the new girl.

5. Raja NainggolanBelgium

Wonderful football player is not picked in the national team scandal. Competition top player was out, but he managed to fall out of favor Belgium coach Martinez. The player even had to announce the intention to leave the team last year, but the conflict is "hushed up" and returned effective player. And all the "passions" made itself felt once the coach has not fundamentally Raju indicated in the application for the championship. Fans are wondering what happened between head coach and most expensive frame of the Roma, who miraculously dragged her European season in the semi-finals. The Martinez "wagging" that Raja allegedly incompatible with the selected game tactics and layout, but angry fans the answer is not convinced.

4. Christian PoliticsUSA

Probably, it's not a promising player, but still in the mass migration national team at the world Cup. Think themselves of a higher power did not want the presence of productive Americans in the championship of world football. Just before the last round the team confidently occupied the position of 3rd place, but the expected match with the well-known "outsider" Trinidad and Tobago. It would seem, did not win the Americans is simply impossible, and yet the outcome for the United States decided an own goal. It is a pity that the young (19 years old) and ambitious, Politic not realizes his talent this year – will have to settle for the title of "best scorer in the CONCACAF zone". More than 20 successful matches in the national team should be nice to warm the soul of the player, the more his career has just begun.

3. Gareth BaleWales

This year, Welsh was not even in the play-offs in the championship, so naturally, that it did not get. For Bale year was not the best – many injuries, did not improve physical fitness. In the last round of selection the player had with the stands is sad to note how companions every minute away from "trips" to Russia.

2. Jan Oblak, Slovenia

The team finished in 4th place in the group, but is not caused by Clouds, missed 7 goals (which is not much). The team in principle, remarkably few have scored, and the attacking play was very sluggish and unentertaining. The goalkeeper, claiming the title of "Golden ball", was the real star rather boring national team of Slovenia after the departure of the Samira Handanovicha, but even this did not save from the dreary span.

1. Arjen RobbenHolland

The career of 33-year-old Robben is already far not at the peak, so he worked hard on the flank, Bayern, hoping to once again get to the world Cup. However, his career in the team he finished, behind the Quincy Promes of Spartak. Many knee injuries did not prevent Rabbenu years to drag the orange team at all stages, so his conscience is clear. The midfielder first made his international debut in 2003, and for all time scored 37 goals – a good statistics. However, the results of the qualifying tournament of the orange remained in 3rd place in the group, so Russia never went.

Yes, a lot of players have disappointed loyal fans by not attending the world championship. Someone to prevent sudden and hasty personnel decisions, and the other squabbles with his superiors, and still others just poorly played season than not impressed the selection Committee. Well, many young players will have the chance to prove himself and earn a place in the national team.

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