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10 Hollywood actors and Actresses who couldn't make the stars


Every year we see on the screens appear new and new faces: some stay in business and are involved in various projects, while others are lost on the "horizon" of Hollywood stars. The problem is whether the actor's data, appearance, lack of connections or famous parents? Or maybe people just so honest that it is not ready to use my ambitions and to go over the heads to achieve goals in life? In any case, not all Hollywood actors can boast of the demand in show business, a large list of players and popularity among fans.

Today we look at the TOP 10 Hollywood actors and Actresses who still have not received nominations for movie awards, often unemployed and of this "great movie" only dream of.

10. Alex Pettyfer

A nice young man famously shot in action on spy theme called "thunderbolt". However, the film failed, that was not a reason for Alex to lose heart. Then followed a more successful project – the Thriller "I am number four", which, unfortunately, also didn't reach mass popularity. It seems that two penalties had put a temporary stop in your career Pettifer, because now he is forced to appear in the base and not popular art-house films that don't show up in classic theaters, where major money spinning.

9. Denise Richards

Young attractive actress with an ample bosom lit up in many television shows early in his career. The girl was actively involved in different projects, but its debut took place during the period when the famous Director Paul Verhoeven moved to Hollywood. He pulled the young actress for a key role in the fantastic film "starship troopers." Admittedly, the love story on the background of a huge shooting space spiders all seemed to taste as sweet Denise. Then came the Thriller "wild things" is, admittedly, less quality, and the role of Charlie sheen. Now aged Richards loosely considered popular actress, therefore, acted in low-budget roles.

8. Taylor Kitsch

After emigrating to the United States the guy was moonlighting as a model (the good, the external data enable) only dreamed about the status of the Hollywood actor. Taylor was invited to the TV series "Friday night Lights" which became popular among the people and made it a sought-after actor. So he got into his first serious project – a fantastic film "People of IKS: the Beginning. The Wolverine". Then followed the idea of a good picture "battleship" and "John Carter", which was finally able to confirm the status of a Hollywood celebrity, but did not grow together, because the films failed at the box office. Now about the stellar play of Taylor, few remember, so I invite him mostly in a cameo role.

7. Garrett Hedlund

And another newbie, who dreamed of an acting role, working part time model in adolescence. Adulthood, Garrett persistently decided to leave modeling career for a great movie and even managed to debut in the famous drama "Troy" in the role of Patroclus. Then followed the main role in the film "Tron: Legacy", which allowed the actor to show their talent, not while remaining in the shadow of the protagonist. However, the film has become legendary, and the garret is forced to do roles that will turn up.

6. Josh Hartnett

This handsome especially shame – such potential lost! Remember how charming Josh played a student in the science fiction Thriller "the Faculty"? And what about his heartwarming character in "pearl Harbor"? Lit Hartnett in "Black hawk down", forever realizing that the action roles are not the limit of his ambitions. The actor began to go through scenarios, having refused even the title role of Superman (and in fact the character was great, I agree). Hollywood embraced this intelligibility as an insult, so they stopped to throw Josh's life chances. Now he's starring in low-budget films and the ordinary American serialchik, never leaving an imprint in cinema.

5. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Surprisingly, Gellar got to this sad list, because in the late 90-ies of the proposals did not rebound. The actress powerfully presented itself in the cult youth series "Buffy the vampire Slayer", who is still nostalgic grown generation. Then followed the popular horror story "Scream 2" and romantic drama "Cruel intentions," in which Gellar played well the role of the bitchy and drug-dependent sister of the protagonist. Unfortunately, the image of a careless teenager firmly entrenched for a growing girl, so new proposals in really large projects, it did not wait. Now Sarah you can catch a glimpse of some TV show.

4. Armie Hammer

The beginning of a career, Hummer was quite successful – it was fun to do twins-antagonists in the acclaimed film "the Social network". Then Armey touted in various patterns, but important film "the Lone Ranger", contrary to the expectations of the creative team, was a fiasco. But that's not all – then failed at the box office "Agents of A. N. K. L.", where the hammer was a great opportunity to show themselves, but not together. Then Hummer can be observed in the voice (e.g., "3 Cars").

3. Taylor Lautner

Do not believe it? As this muscular attractive fellow, from which went crazy the fans of "Twilight", he suddenly left in the lurch! Shooting in the Saga was to provide Taylor a ticket to a bright future of Hollywood, but the actor has not the best times. For example, following the "Twilight" project "Pursuit" flopped at the box office. Now Lautner actively plays in the series ("the Cuckoo", "the scream Queen") and films, but the coveted main role is not getting. The kid is still young, and brave – all in front, so his career to put a cross in no hurry.

2. Lily Collins

Began career young cute actress is not so smooth. Successful fantasy Comedy "Snow white: Revenge of gnomes" gave the girl hope for the development in the field of cinema. However, Lily butted in art house project "instruments of death: City of bones" which did not disclose its capacity and, it seems, rejected the exit in the real Hollywood. Before Lily can only be proud of the nomination for "Golden globe" in a not very famous film "Without rules".

1. Katherine Heigl

Katie may confidently go to bed, because during the stormy youth lit up in a large number of popular projects, having played a major role. The blonde known for cult TV series "grey's Anatomy" and for films like "27 dresses," "Life as we know it", "a Little bit pregnant" and so on, But now against the actress work 2 points. First, the age lets you know more young and ambitious blonde "comes on the heels". Secondly that even more weight with Heigl, few people want to work on one platform, as the actress is known in Hollywood unreasonable demands, scandalous and a bad temper. If it does not immediately become more compliant and less legible, is in danger of losing a possible "comeback" to Hollywood.

Experience of the above actors proves that even the world of show business is not forever. The Hollywood pipeline is ready to grind up and spit out any actor, regardless of his achievements and past achievements. It is very important to stay afloat, what you have to do unpleasant things to regularly work on themselves and not to disappear from the sight of the paparazzi – how else to drum up interest to the person?

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