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10 Hollywood celebrities who shunned publicity


If you look from the side to be a star should be very interesting and cool. The profession of an actor, it would seem, downright created for people, daffodils, you can still amaze a crowd, be a trendsetter trends and fashion, behind the scenes to get others to imitate and follow you. In fact, these are the owners of large corporations, advancing through the "brand" of public people, their ideas and goods.

Contrary to popular belief that all actors are vain and "bathe" in popularity, some members of the Hollywood shunned public life and try to protect personal and family relations from a "long nose" paparazzi and journalists. Of course, they appreciate the commitment to the fans and are happy to give them their creativity, but do not admit to himself closer than necessary.

Look at the 10 Hollywood stars who had the reputation of a real recluse, trying to avoid the attention of the press and fans.

10. Michelle Williams

The actress does not occupy the attention of the audience – star of the popular art-house films, four nominated for "Oscar". Girl 10 years ago lost civilian spouse and father of her daughter, a popular actor Heath Ledger. Since then, Williams is doing everything to attract minimum attention of journalists. She tries to hide her private life and not taking it out on display to the public. Of course, this isolation has an impact on the career of the actress, as any PR is important for the star and allows it to whet the interest of the public, and also to roles in truly large-scale projects.

9. Daniel Craig

The actor is recognizable all thanks to the epic role of James bond in a series of movies. To say that Craig enjoyed the popularity and attention does not. He loves to work and live in the new role, and to efficiently do their job and even to delight audiences, but the obsession of the paparazzi and crazy fans anyone will tire. From the sharp gaze of society protects Daniel and his family life. He is proud of that great effort was able to keep secret from the public his marriage with popular actress Rachel Weisz, which occurred 7 years ago. I learned a lot about celebrity marriage after some time, which allowed the newlyweds to enjoy each other without too much fuss.

8. Bill Murray

Bill "boycotting" the conventions of Hollywood and takes in the team or PR people, no producers, not even a personal assistant. In this regard, with the actor hard enough to contact and make an appointment. Although the Murray is campaigning to leave him messages on his phone and come in person. Periodically an actor can be found at home in Charleston, where he spends days away from the secular elite and bustle. If the inviting person is important or dear to Murray, he will attend his feast, Banquet or other private event. And an elderly actor tries to take the best from life, travels frequently and seeks to meet new people.

7. Johnny Depp

Many fans would like to be close with johnny, that's just the actor himself does not demonstrate the hypocrisy of joy about the fact that he is surrounded by fans. He admitted more than once to reporters that hates the fame and attention. It was one of the important reasons why an actor for a long time was moved with his civil wife Vanessa Paradis in France. There it was easier to avoid the curious media and persistent fans. Also, the actor tried less to appear on the street. Now not by choice, Depp was involved in a fierce discussion of his personal life (divorce from amber heard) and financial difficulties. And it instead put first the creativity and talent of the actor.

6. Kate Winslet

Family relationship, Winslet went wrong – she managed to give birth to three children from different men. Therefore, it is not difficult to predict that his personal life, the actress tends to keep secret and not stand out. Younger children doesn't need to hear gossip of envious and spiteful critics to miss the psychological trauma. The actress repeatedly made it clear that children are her priority, so she deliberately eschews secular and public life, in order not to harm their normal childhood. Basically Kate lives with his family on the coast in England, and sometimes even refuses proposals in a movie for the sake of family.

5. Idris Elba

In the film Idris gets the role to play a kind of superheroes, real alpha males and athletes. In life the man tries to keep private life away from prying eyes. So when he appeared on the red carpet with girlfriend, it immediately attracted media attention and caused many gossip. It seems that beloved Elba Sabrina Dhore like social life, so the man agreed to take out a personal to see just because of love for her. Idris himself has made it clear that he is not famous "angelic behavior", so do not want to give the public the opportunity to get under his skin.

4. Julia Roberts

The famous "Pretty woman" leads a life completely opposite of her character, and it hides away from people and personal relationships. In 2002, the actress married the operator, and settled with him on a ranch in new Mexico. Happy mother raising three children, hit in Hinduism and perform the yoga asanas. Calm and Nirvana, a personal area and a family favorite – what else is needed for happiness a real woman. And events and Julia is in the chic and Shine, leaving for a few weeks there to discuss her style and flowery appearance.

3. Sandra Bullock

Hollywood actress at the time, got fed up with the enthusiasm of the audience, so I started paranoid to hide her personal life from the public eye. For example, it is 3 years ago allowed the media photographers to capture her foster daughter only from the back. The image senior adopted son bullock was hiding face behind a masquerade mask. Sandra is trying to be seen rarely and then, accompanied by the husband. Free time shooting, the actress tries to spend away from Hollywood, for example, in New Orleans or Texas.

2. Harrison Ford

Actor in cult films such as "Indiana Jones" and "Star wars" just couldn't physically hide from the numerous fans, enthusiastic critics and interested journalists. And yet Ford has found a solution, moved to a large ranch in the mountainous area of Wyoming. It is believed that this region has the lowest population density States (after Alaska). Harrison tries to avoid interviewers and photographers. But by means of authorities Ford refuses, participating as an experienced helicopter pilot, in the rescue expeditions.

1. Joaquin Phoenix

In his youth the main negative actor "Gladiator" lit the whole hog and actively attended events. Now the actor quietly and secretly settled in Los Angeles, dealing mainly with his beloved, friends and loved two dogs. Phoenix says that every time during filming awaiting their completion so we could go back to the shell. Joaquin leads a quiet life, so journalists looking for outrageous reasons for reporting, not popular.

As we can see, not all Hollywood stars are pompous people who like to foment itself around the extravaganza of passion and gossip. Modest actors know that a real devoted fan sees them as, above all, personality and talent and not a "puppet" for the entertainment of the crowd.

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