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10 cities, which were seen ghosts


Autumn cold period is a reason to get involved in various mysticism and the paranormal. Not surprisingly, many Internet users are beginning to "surf" in search of information about ghosts, ghosts, mysterious abandoned places and lost cities. And yet the approaching Halloween is a reason to choose to visit the city, which is associated with the appearance of those or other ghostly creatures.

Well, why stop at one city, when the United States are literally a storehouse of such mystical places. You can fall to make this tour of the cities, which once were carried out or are still living ghosts and the darkness the sights properly will test your nerves to the test.

We offer thrill-seekers the TOP 10 American cities in which there are rumored to be very real ghosts.

10. Charleston (South Carolina)

There is a saying that in this town of ghosts more than the local inhabitants. Of course, the city is very old and ancient architecture attracts – and this is the reason for the emergence of different frightening gossip. According to rumors, the local ghosts have it a fancy old hotel. For example, the hotel Battery Carriage House residents claim the Ghost of a young girl who lives in a personal room number 203. Some even mentioned that they have mysteriously disappeared things – poltergeist chtoli job? Psychics using special detectors also allegedly revealed the presence of supernatural forces. By the way, the hotel Meeting Street someone locked residents in room 303. And other people told me that he had seen a Ghost like the first owner of the hotel in my room.

9. San Francisco

A huge city bright lights can offer you not only a mass cultural program, but also mystical tours to institutions with ghosts. For example, the owner of a night club managed to film a Ghost of a little girl in a white dress. According to his statements, after the departure of the visitors a nice Ghost happy frolicking on the Playground. The Director says that the club was once the morgue, so in principle the paranormal for this place are logical. More ghosts dwell in the prison of Alcatraz, where he once held the most dangerous criminals (e.g., al Capone). Now, the prison built a Museum where guests noted the presence of paranormal phenomena, and even claimed about the voices supposedly heard of the empty chambers. And the hotel Queen Anne record the Ghost boss Mary's school, who lives in room 410.

8. New Orleans (Louisiana)

The town is known by the locals as a place to conduct voodoo ceremonies. Many still pursue this kind of subculture. Know all about the mystical Queen Marie Laveau, which is due to the knowledge of voodoo has destroyed any of the city Governor and other officials. People say they saw Marie, accompanied by the undead during night marches through the old quarters and the city cemetery. The hotel Monteleone is also rumored to be haunted, for example, a naked man in a mask. Guests also told us that hear the speech the mystical jazz singer, you see a ghostly child and even a watchmaker who is still mastering the craft in the lobby.

7. Portland (Oregon)

In the city at the beginning of the 10th century was is a huge sea port with the so-called the Shanghai tunnel. It is for him, according to rumors, the local pirates were sent into slavery the kidnapped people and transported prostitutes to work in the Eastern countries. Still in the tunnel are worn spirits of the missing people. By the way, with mystical phenomena and associated historic Pittock mansion, as well as the local tavern and the famous Bagdad theatre, therefore we recommend this town to visit for the lovers to celebrate Halloween to the fullest.

6. Savannah (Georgia)

The city is almost the first in the list in saturation haunted. The American Institute of parapsychology and all registers then the greatest number of mystical phenomena in the United States. That's why Savannah has become a meeting place for tourists who are going for a themed Halloween celebration. There can be alleged to meet the ghosts of Civil war for independence led by the famous General Sherman. A city of ghosts represented in the novel by John Steinbeck. Beretta "midnight in the garden of good and evil", which seems to be written based on real events.

5. Philadelphia

This town also boasts a concentration of mythical creatures in the territory. Especially the local famous Eastern state penitentiary. This institution for over 180 years, and the enterprising residents have decided to place within its walls attraction "Terror in the dungeons". According to the rumors, visitors can observe the terrible prison guards and crazed criminals. Newcomers can offer to watch the action or participate in person – a memorable Halloween provided.

4. Washington

The white house is the first school of the city, due to the "invasion" of ghosts. Many presidents and their wives, as well as just employees of the institution noted that always felt a mystical presence, which is sometimes diluted by extraneous sounds strange. Someone even managed to personally deal with ghosts. Then walked around Abigail Adams (wife of the second President of the United States) in lace bonnet and shawl, and David burns (businessman who sold the government land for the erection of the city of Washington). Also noticed the sullen Ghost of Andrew Jackson (opponent of John Quincy Adams in the election) and the famous Ghost of President Lincoln, who died tragically.

3. New York

The capital of the United States are more attracted by the restless life of the metropolis, shopping, bright colors and places of business in such bustling cities of ghosts don't usually settle. That's just the Bowery hotel, located in the Manhattan, refutes this idea. Looks elegant hotel, sheltered rich tourists and guests of the city, just teeming with ghosts. The last note is most often in the morning, with almost all the elevators institutions together fail.

2. Chicago

In this large city, many places are connected with paranormal phenomena. At the top of the local water tower in the evenings walking around the Ghost of a hanged man. And one of the houses called hull house also has a bad reputation – there supposedly dwelt the devil's child. In the historical Museum of ghosts and all the regulars, as previously, the building served as the local residents of the morgue. In one of the Nightclubs on the walls there were mystical spots, and the hall allegedly wore perfume in a red dress. Local theater Mohawk, where burned to death six hundred people, is also swarming with calm souls. And the Ghost of al Capone, according to rumors, regularly dissects in hotels, the Metropole and Lexington, where the offender had once appointed a meeting with accomplices. In the Drake hotel almost 100 years ago on the opening day, jumped from the roof the woman in red, after which the visitors continued to see her Ghost.

1. QC

Tours offer 1.5 hour to enjoy the mystical ride on the most "dark" places of the town. Will tell you about the ghostly executioner that took place in the town mass executions, arrests and the crimes that left behind is still not appease the soul.

That's such a kind of space-lovers can visit mystics. We do not encourage particularly rely on a real meeting with the Ghost, but to tickle nerves on the eve of you can try.

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