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10 ideas for an urban photo shoot in the fall


Outside, the Golden autumn. A beautiful poetic time. The sun is still shining, though the heat from it every day less and less. The trees have transformed a motley of colours. And winter seems much longer, and sad for no reason, but, the quiet coming autumn Blues. We begin to look for ways to cheer yourself up. One of the best options to treat yourself this fall to organize a themed photo shoot. Use the ten secrets of experienced photographers to your autumn looks in the pictures was bright, without a hint of the Blues.

10. Arrange a RAID on the porches of the city

Any photographer will tell you that the autumn landscape is perfect for photo shoots, thanks to the ambient light and the color contrast. All this can be used on open porches. First, the property offers all the benefits of natural light and the urban landscape, and secondly, the striking frame will not be damaged bystanders.

9. Use autumn leaves

Someone this idea may seem simplistic, but do not forget that everything genius is simple. Mixed dry leaves it is a symbol of autumn, so at least one picture autumn photo shoot need to use them. However, there are some difficulties to apply this attribute professionally for the experienced photographer, because usually behind the apparent lightness and a certain negligence of the scenes is hard work. If you treat this idea creative, you can come up with something fresher than a bouquet of yellowed leaves of the chestnut in his hand. A better option is to take the old umbrella, open it and randomly attach colorful leaves. To Supplement the application with berries, chestnuts and other beautiful details. In General, show imagination to the fullest!

8. Pay attention to the details

Soft scarf, casually wrapping his neck, felt hat, curl, like accidentally running off the hairstyle, all those cute touches and will add the pictures a feeling of lightness, as if the frame were dominated by complete improvisation.

Fashionable detail is a Cup of hot tea or coffee in hand, with swirling steam. With it in the picture creates a warm atmosphere despite the cold season. To efficiently capture steam in your photos, you must withdraw in daylight with minimal exposure. Don't forget that in order for the steam turned clear remove the need on a dark background.

7. Move the eyes as vividly as possible

Bright eyelids and clearly drawn arrow will put focus on your eyes. The style of makeup you can choose in accordance with their personal preferences and style of the clothes you chose for the photo shoot. If you put it mildly is not strong in the art of makeup, then you better turn to a professional, because to make a bright eye makeup, without descending to vulgarity, the layman can not afford. If you want to save money, you can use the arrows patch.

6. Play on contrasts

Urban motifs in the art of photography still have not lost relevance. Try to do at least one picture in this style. For starters, look in your city any homogeneous structure, for example, a concrete wall, ladder, high fence. The law of the genre, you need to dress in monochrome clothes with one bright detail. This can be a colored scarf, flowers, colorful shoes in this scenario, you will be the Central figure pictures background you will not eat.

5. Draw freckles

If the portrait photo you want to look playful and Flirty, freckles will give your image of this mood. Best of all, as a colorant to use a bronzer. To put it is brush for eyeliner or a cotton stick for cleaning ears. If you see that overdone, the excess can be removed with a cotton sponge.

4. Search for objects with ivy

What could be more picturesque than the photo taken against the background of some object, covered with ivy. This background is great for autumn photo shoot: shades of fading leaves become more muted, and this, in turn, adds to your image a special charm. Set color accents in the pictures, it is convenient to use the app Snapseed. To do a certain part of a picture more expressive, you need to make your point. Also with the help of Snapseed can be some part of the photo to make more neutral. For example, you can put emphasis on some detail in her wardrobe and the background to make it less bright.

3. Arrange a photo shoot in the rain

To implement this idea, you will need to take with a transparent umbrella and waterproof mascara. You also need to think in advance about the safety of the equipment, which will be a photo shoot. It does not need to purchase any sophisticated tools, because the camera can be hide from the rain an ordinary plastic bag, pre-doing there is a hole for the lens.

2. Climb above ground

This technique can be implemented, only provided that you do not have a panic fear of heights. For a spectacular picture will fit a balcony or roof of a high building. Remember, before shooting, you first need to take care of the security measures and not be guided by the principle of art requires sacrifice.

1. Add smoke

Colored clouds of thick smoke in an autumn landscape will look very impressive. Buy fireworks you can buy in the shops of this orientation. If you have concerns about fire risk or possible harm from such fireworks, you can be sure they are absolutely safe for humans. One caveat for this imagery you will need the help of an assistant, who should hold a lit firecracker near you without getting in the camera lens.

Pictures with smoke have to do with clear background. Also, note that a similar survey should be carried out exclusively with natural daylight.

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