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10 trendy ideas manicure for short nails for summer 2018


Healthy, strong, well-groomed nails – the calling card of women. This summer beauty is combined with practicality. Manicure specialists offer many design options for your nails. The desire for naturalness will appeal to many women, because short nails have its advantages: it is easier to maintain, they do not interfere with performing everyday homework, underline the beauty of hands, care of short nails requires less time and money.

In the summer of 2018 natural manicure assumes the rounded shape of the nail plate that extends over the edge of a finger only a few millimeters. As for color combinations, talk about them below.

10. Solid manicure in pastel colours

A great option not only for the romantics and young fashionistas, but for everyday office work. Manicure in pastel colours will always be in trend. It is universal and at the same time variable. A wide range of colours and elements of decoration allows you to create unique nail art. Popular nail colours is dominated by natural milk or flesh, exquisite mint, sky blue, lemon. To add zest to everyday image and make it formal, masters of nail design use bright blotches, rhinestones, lace, sequins. This option manicure is considered a win-win for the wedding ceremony. It will emphasize the elegance and romance of the bride.

9. Geometry

For fans of correct forms relevant manicure with a minimum of parts. If the lines are thin and scattered, if the shapes, the rectangles and squares of a small size. Popular there is a longitudinal strip adorning the ring finger. A relatively new and trendy style geometric center, is perfect for a summer manicure. Black-and-white stripes combined with floral ornaments are at the peak of popularity. Manicures in the art of origami is a real godsend for owners of short nails. Neat and discreet, it at the same time looks very simple and stylish. Nails cover the main color and one or two fingers applied a schematic illustration of origami animal.

8. Bright French

Who said that French should be made in the classic French style, using beige and white colors? Summer – time for bright colors and experiments. Colored nail Polish for French manicure will be popular as ever. Generally there are one or two bright nail varnish, and on the other draw a smile in the tone. This can be a rich bright green, bright orange, deep blue, bright yellow, passionate red, stylish black. What contrasting colors are, the better. The main thing to combine them. The only thing that should be avoided in the design of short nails, large pictures, large parts that can visually be weight them.

7. Natural motifs

Fashion stamping with natural motifs (animal and vegetable colors). Now the flowers bloom not only in dresses or blouses and Polish. Exquisite roses, orchids, irises, simple, cute daisies or colourful sunflowers, the choice is rich enough. This season, the popular combination of white with a rich green. So the way will be images of juicy leaves and grass. Do not have to draw on the nails a masterpiece worthy of the Hermitage. Little blossoms of roses or flowers daisies will be an exquisite decoration and give the manicure a unique tenderness. Can't draw? Come to the aid of a special sticker.

6. Fruit theme

The abundance of fresh fruit on the table – that's what we like summer. Why not reflect your love for vitamins in a juicy manicure? Nails, like slices of watermelon, orange, kiwi, looks not only amazingly delicious, but summery and refreshing. And if you use a lot of different fruits at once, you can make a good cocktail. With the help of modern tools masters of nail design to achieve the extraordinary realism. And now the slice of lemon on the nail, decorated with juicy droplets, looks so voluminous that it is possible to feel its taste in your mouth.

5. Negative space

This technique of manicure perfect for short nails. Its popularity he received a few years ago and this summer has not lost relevance. Technique is a special application of the lacquer in such a way that part of the nail unpainted. This can be achieved in two ways. The first is to cover the nail with clear varnish and using thin brushes to apply the desired pattern. Second – before applying colored nail Polish to stick on nail strips of paper, and after the procedure to remove them and fix the resulting image with a clear coating. Nails, decorated in the style of negative space, looking pale and vulnerable.

4. Ombre

The gradient pattern looks impressive not only on long or short nails. Smooth flow of color from dark to lighter, mesmerizing and visually lengthen the nail plate. The color transition may start from light to darker shade. A lot of options: Ombre using sequin, vertical and horizontal, in pastel tones or rich colours. Usually stretching techniques apply the two tones, however, this nail art can combine three shades. Achieve the perfect blend, or using a special brush-comb or special brush.

3. Nautical theme

Want to keep memories of holidays by the sea? A manicure in a marine style. He will remind you of carefree days filled with bright sunshine, gentle waves, warm sand. Fashion blue and white horizontal stripes, reminiscent of a vest, drawings of anchors, gold sequins, symbolizing the sand, the Ombre of white and turquoise colors. Adorn the nails with the image of starfish, shells, palm trees. In the fashion of the scaled gradient, resembling a mermaid tail. The actual all shades of blue combined with white, red. Appropriate yellow and orange colors, with which to depict the sunset at the beach.

2. Lace

Lace manicure looks adorable on short nails. Variant with white laced patterns are universal and suitable for everyday image, and for the release, but the black lace on the nails effectively accentuate evening dress with an easy fit. Light Dory a classic wedding manicure. Most often, the nails decorated in the technique of stamping, striking pattern with special stamps. Azhur can cover all nails, so one or two. In addition to classic black and white colors in summer 2018 will be popular lace patterns are made with gold or silver lacquer.

1. With marine decorations

Continuing the popular marine theme not to mention fashion bulk sea decorations: seashells of kamifurano, small pearl rhinestones, and gold elements in the form of sea stars, skates, shells. Nail looks luxurious, fully decorated of a seashell. The effect of volume is achieved with the aid of special equipment and materials. Such a claw-shell looks quite realistic. After analyzing fashion trends summer manicure on short nails, it is safe to give the first place it is marine-themed and oversized jewelry. This manicure suitable not only to those who have returned from holiday, but those who are only going to meet with the gentle sea.

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