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Top 10 unsolved crimes


Crime, perpetrators of which were never disclosed by the investigation, are of great interest not only to criminologists and historians, but also just for ordinary people who like sentimental stories. In such cases, dotting all the I could not even the most experienced detectives, and instead of a clear clues appear only more questions. And even decades later, we still hear a discussion about what then actually happened, and who was a major participant in the tragic events. It is possible that some of the perpetrators to this day walk free and probably make at least the worst atrocities.

10. Robbery in Japan

In December 1968, the representatives of the organization of the Nihon Shintaku Ginko were transporting 400 million yen. Along the way, their car was stopped by a police officer. As the reasons for the detention, he called a planned inspection of all vehicles for the presence of an explosive device. Unsuspecting employees comply with all requests of the representative power. Suddenly, out of nowhere smoke appeared. The guards were confused, and the police told them to escape. Using shock as servants, disguised quickly climbed into the car and fled in an unknown direction.

9. The murder of Tupac Shakur and biggie Smalls

These two young men were popular rappers in the 90-ies of the last century. It so happened that they had expired under very strange circumstances within a few months.

Shakur was driving the car home. He moved towards the car, which clipped the vehicle of the singer, forced him to slow down. From an unknown car opened fire, resulting in the rapper received four gunshot wounds. A week later from his injuries, Shakur died in hospital.

Six months later a similar thing happened with biggie Smalls. He left the party, when suddenly, his path was blocked by two cars. Came from one of the stranger and shot the singer.

These high-profile crimes were committed in areas with large concentrations of people, with a large number of witnesses, but the killers have not been punished.

8. The Murder Of Bob Crane

Bob crane became famous thanks to its participation in mnogoseriynoe Hogan's Heroes. He basked in the glory, however, over the years, fortune has ceased to be favorable to him: his wife left him, had problems with alcohol and drugs, the Directors ceased to offer the role. In the end, he slipped to the point that I began to shoot pornography. And one day, after revelry, the actor was found without signs of life. In committing the crime, the police have long suspected a friend of crane's, however, the court considered that the evidence provided by the prosecution, is insufficient for conviction.

7. Hijacking Dan Cooper

In 1971, one of the passengers of the liner Boeing 747 Dan Cooper said that he has with a powerful explosive device. The terrorist was never defensive, he only demanded $ 200,000 in ransom for the lives of passengers and crew members. After the invader received a ransom, the aircraft started to fly, and after a while he left it with a parachute. Since then, about its further fate is not known.

6. Jack The Ripper

Probably, these crimes have become one of the most iconic in the late XlX century. In 1888, in one of the districts of London were regularly occur cruel murders of women in prostitution. Maniac killed his victims brutally and subtly, displaying a fair knowledge of human anatomy, which subsequently gave reason to assume that the killer really was a doctor. However, it failed to find.

5. The Robbery Of The Gardner Museum

In 1990 the Gardner Museum was the largest in the entire history of the United States stealing extremely expensive items. It's the Heist of the century occurred with an unheard of audacity. Criminals disguised as police officers freely entered the building of the Museum and, without difficulty, made a total of 13 paintings with a total value of about $ 200 million.

4. Murder "the black Dahlia"

This is a terrible atrocity took place in the mid-forties of the last century. Living dreams of fame in Hollywood, young and glamorous Elizabeth shore came to conquer Los Angeles. On the eve of the death of a friend brought Elizabeth to the hotel, Biltmore Hotel. After that, the girl living has not been seen. Aspiring actress found dead a few days later. The killer not only brutally murdered the unfortunate, but also mutilated her lifeless body, cutting your mouth beauties.

It received wide publicity in the media, thanks to which the police received 60 confessions. In the society the case was called the black Dahlia because of the gorgeous dark curls murdered and unsolved mystery of her death.

3. Murder JonBenet Ramsey

In December 1996 the mother of six JonBenet Ramsey saw in the girls room, the letter in which the criminals kidnapped the child and demanded $ 118,000 in exchange for her life. Seeing this, the parents hastened to tell the police about the incident. After a few hours was found the lifeless body JonBenet.

It's still a cold-blooded and brutal crime remains unsolved.

2. Killer-The Zodiac

This story happened in the late 60-ies of the last century. A serial killer nicknamed the zodiac stated that on account of his 37 victims, but police were able to prove his involvement to only 5 episodes. Maniac sent to major news publications, the letter, which was encrypted fragments, consisting of 408 characters. This code eventually was solved, but there is not revealed the details, thanks to which it would be possible to establish the identity of the criminal.

1. The Disappearance Of Jimmy Hoffa

His ascent through the ranks of Jimmy Hoffa started in 1957. As a result, he managed to lead influential at that time the organization of the Teamsters Union. It was rumored that Hoffa was closely connected with the criminal world, to which he resorted, when it was necessary to influence obstinate bags.

One day Jimmy disappeared. His body was never found. The consequence tends to the version that the organizers of his murder, mafia bosses have become one of the largest crime families of the time.

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