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10 tools that should be in every home


In our age of aggressive emancipation and equalization of the sexes, has virtually no concept of male and female tools. But a few decades ago under the first was understood to be something like a soup ladle, skimmer and cutting Board, and the latter includes a hammer, nails and pliers. What can you do, the world changes. However, even in our time, stayed at home, where the bag of tools, the absolute owner of which is the head of the family. In spite of the skeptics, I can say that modern man is able not only to touch the fingers on the keyboard, but to hammer in a nail or change a plug. And below it more efficiently, it is necessary to always have on hand a versatile set of tools with which he will be able to quickly and efficiently resolve any problem.

For those who consider themselves representatives of the stronger sex, we have prepared a selection of tools that are required for each master-crazy hands.

10. Claw hammer

Well, what's a Toolbox without a hammer? They say that even if a man just holding it in his hand, he immediately will increase testosterone levels.

Hammer is known to all percussion instrument, which is mainly used for driving nails and breaking things (chopping walnuts do not count). It consists of two main parts: the metallic percussion part and handle made of wood or plastic. The hammer can be of several types depending on the size and shape of the percussion part, as well as its purpose.

Ideally, each home worker should be a few hammers. But if you decided to only one, the most versatile option is an with a claw hammer. With the opposite from the shock of the hand, the strikers he has are in the form of a fork, in order to use this tool, you can not only score, but also to remove the nails back.

9. Allen wrench

Have you ever wondered why in old German porn plumber comes, holding in the hands of a plunger (which would be logical ), and Allen wrench? At the sight of the men with this tool, most of the women on the subconscious level start to feel complacent awe, after all, so their opinion should look like a real man.

A Crescent wrench can replace a dozen ordinary wrench, because its size can be adjusted, so it can be used for almost all kinds of bolts.

8. Level

Incredibly useful thing! Without it you can not exactly hang a picture, to level the floor, put under the refrigerator, a volume of the series, that it move not Without level, you will likely spend a lot of time and nerves, yet achieve more or less acceptable result.

Now in the free market are more improved versions of the standard levels, that are able to maximally facilitate your work.

7. Universal square

Perhaps in adult life when faced with difficulties in using this tool, you have once again regretted that I was not paying attention in geometry class. Universal square can be described as advanced model of school protractor, because it is also used to measure and construct angles.

Having one universal square, you'll be able to save on the purchase of a surface gauge, Malki, measuring and drawing lines and other tools.

6. Screwdriver set

Screwdriver absolutely necessary thing in every home. With her participation are the most types of minor repairs, such as replacing outlets or switches, repair household appliances, etc. For different types of work have their own versions of screwdrivers, so it is advisable to purchase from the kit. Believe me, this purchase must sooner or later justify itself.

5. Roulette

Roulette is a very necessary thing, which should be in the Arsenal of any artist. It can be useful when performing the most routine cases, for example, if you need to compare the width of the rack and the size of the angle in which you want it to push, or to measure the diagonal of the TV. The tape measure will not tangle, will not tear and is unlikely to be lost. Simple and easy to use.

4. Hacksaw

Hacksaw is another mandatory attribute of men, whose hands grow from the right place. Hacksaw is especially necessary if you live in your home: it can help to cut branches. Also it is convenient to use for cutting lumber, and in General, a real man will always find what to cut, the main thing before it to measure no less than seven times

3. Stationery knife

This tool is most often found in classic English detective stories, as gun crime. It is difficult to say why a utility knife so stirred the imagination of famous writers, but in the home this tool is very useful. He is sharp and always at hand.

2. Pliers

This handy little thing can be useful in emergency situations, for example when you will need something to hold and not enough hands. Pliers can be applied in order to remove the bolts and nuts with torn edges.

1. Cordless drill driver

Probably each of us wants to coexist with a person who frequently uses this tool during repair work. Seriously, though, any master is almost impossible without it. With the help of such drills can be done in the wall hole and tighten the screw.

By purchasing this thing, you need to pay attention to the battery voltage. You can buy a cordless drill with a capacity up to 18 volts, but it should be borne in mind that the higher the voltage, the greater the weight of the tool. 12 volts is enough to run small household works. Also it is equally important that the drill had multiple speeds and a reverse function that there is always the opportunity to spin the screw back.

Another important caveat when working with a rechargeable drill-screwdriver to enable it better on weekdays and during working hours, if you don't want to alienate all the neighbors.

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