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10 interesting facts about pregnancy


The birth of a child is a miracle of nature, which continues to be researched by scientists and physicians. Many modern women are becoming interested in the details of the pregnancy and have time to prepare mentally and physically to prolonged gestation of the baby. Unfortunately, the knowledge of the most limited understanding of how the uterus increases with each trimester and what hormones to maintain reproductive health must pass. However, with a woman's body are very complex and amazing changes, which you do not even suspect.

Today we present the 10 most interesting facts about pregnancy.

10. Super sensitivity to smells

That the woman becomes sensitive to smell during morning sickness, heard many. Culprits of this are the elevated levels of the hormones human chorionic gonadotropin and estrogen secretion which is further enhanced with the development of the embryo in the first trimester. Some researchers believe that strengthening of the sense of smell 11 times associated with a protective reaction of the body to stale, missing and rotten food. Nose pregnant helps to perform initial screening of products potentially harmful for her and the baby. But don't worry – even if the olfactory center brought, that enlarged the liver can filter out toxins and other harmful components.

9. Your uterus increases 500 times its normal size

About increase penis during pregnancy every mother knows – the uterus with the size of a fist growing to the size of a watermelon, that is, on average, 500 times against the norm! Initially, the muscle weight of the bag is about 28 g and gestation of the baby is filled with blood, oxygen, lymph, nutrients, etc., which leads to increase in weight up to 450 or more grams. After birth, muscle fibers are actively reduced, so the body gradually returns to its normal weight and dimensions.

8. Improves structure of hair

Pregnant women have to go to prison in the process of carrying a child: joints weaken, deteriorating teeth, even visual acuity may regress. All the more surprising that the structure of the hair from moms-to-be objectively improved: the rods become stiff, increasing the growth, increasing the density and silkiness. These changes are associated with increased secretion of estrogen, which prevents hair loss. But after birth, unfortunately, healthy hair started to roll in, and sometimes even the shreds that you have to consider the norm.

7. Foot can grow one full size

Many pregnant noted that no longer fit into your usual shoes worn with long years. And in fitting shoes standard size for a foot certainly not to pull. The hormone relaxin, which is produced during pregnancy, loosens the joints and weakens ligaments in the body (including the legs). Against the background of increasing total body mass, the leg becomes more comprehensive, expanded, and even the tendency to edema leads to an increase in the size of the foot a couple of inches. Don't worry, after delivery of the foot will gradually return to normal, and you will be able to wear your favorite shoes.

6. Your heart grows

During pregnancy formed additional placental circulation, forcing the heart to drive extra liters of blood. Its volume is circulating in the pregnant woman's body increases by 40-50%. The load on the muscle increases, so it is only natural that it enhances its activity and increases in size, is doing its best to maintain a normal rhythm of contractions. It is therefore very important to consume more potassium to maintain the health of muscles, perform moderate cardio, yoga and breathing exercises, less nervous and worry.

5. Strange tastes you can talk about something more

Many men are annoyed that their pregnant wife begins to eat at the same time absolutely incompatible dishes, such as herring with Apple or chocolate soup. A complete blend of flavours is a classic manifestation of pregnancy that is associated with the rebuilding of the metabolism. This way the body shows what minerals and vitamins it lacks the formation and development of a new life. When there is a shortage of rare minerals, the future mom may even draw on non-edible items like ice, chalk, sand and even dirt. A strange taste preferences, which are impossible to satisfy is the signal for going to the endocrinologist and nutritionist. For example, the usual desire to eat a bucket of ice cream at a time indicates iron deficiency and the risk of anaemia (a common complication).

4. High mothers are more likely to give birth to twins

In 2006 doctor Gary Stayman decided on an independent experiment in one of the American clinics. The obtained results are surprising: the higher a woman is, the more likely she'll get pregnant with twins, with twins or triplets. Unfortunately, detailed data on the relationship between growth and number of embryos not given.

3. Soften the joints

During pregnancy the body is constantly in a state of rebuild, allowing the musculoskeletal system to adapt to the complex process of procreation. Begins to actively produce the aforementioned hormone relaxin, which is responsible for the relaxation of muscle tissue (prevents hypertonicity of the uterus), tendons, ligaments and joints. This allows the third trimester gradually diverge pelvic bones, expanding the vaginal canal and providing a large movement of the fetus through the birth canal.

2. Syndrome or pregnant dad syndrome Kuvad

Many men do not take this syndrome seriously, and in vain, because he found confirmation in the medical practice. Some prospective fathers with psychological problems can carry the image of a pregnant wife for himself, so much so that their body begins to show similar symptoms: growing belly, increase Breasts, there is change of tastes and smells. This problem needs to be treated by a psychiatrist or psychologist, because in the future it could lead to less harmless nervous breakdowns and mental disorders.

1. Baby gets the nutrition before the mother

Everyone says that the expectant mother should eat for two. Of course, we are talking about the use of a greater amount of vitamins and minerals and not food per se, and this is justified because, on the formation and development of the embryo goes the "best" components from the body. If you do not fill the need for calcium, for example, in women and increased risk of fractures, more common in the muscles and ligaments, broken teeth enamel. If you are going to diet during pregnancy, remember that child in any case will receive a maximum of useful substances from the mother's body, even at the cost of your health, and sometimes life. Pregnancy is one of the objective reasons, it is time to get your diet and satiate it extremely useful food.

Here are the amazing processes occur in the body of the expectant mother. Remember that carrying a child is a huge work, and in some sense a sacrifice, so take care of pregnant women, help them with weights, give up your seat in queues and transports not idle talk and wasted nerves.

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