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10 interesting facts about dreams


Everyone knows that a person spends in the sleep state a third of your life. But this area is still not fully understood, although interest in it has appeared for a long time. Many scientists tried to explain the nature of dreams. There are many different points of view. Some think that dreams show the future. Others believe that dreams reflect the emotions experienced and the feelings. In the age of technology, scientists have the opportunity to look into the brain. Most experts came to the conclusion that dreams relieve the people from unpleasant emotions. Like it or not, the exact answer nobody gives. There are only hypotheses and guesses. But scientists have made some really amazing discoveries about dreams. We present 10 interesting facts about sleep.

10. 90% of dreams are forgotten

Probably your friends or acquaintances say that it was not a dream. It's not true. Dreams come to all. Most can't remember them because I Wake up in the phase of slow sleep. Dreams – discharge of the brain, the person finds solutions to their problems, freed from unnecessary drama. They visit everyone, just not all of them remember. According to statistics, after waking up one remembers half of what he saw. In the next 10 minutes forget more than 40%, the memory is still only 10%. So, if you care about your dreams if you want them to remember, keep beside the bed, notebook and pen. Wake up, immediately write down your vision.

9. The dreams warn of mental disorder

Lack of sleep adversely affects health. Several centuries ago, tortured by insomnia and even executed by sleep deprivation. Man, not sleeping for several days will likely go crazy. But it is important not only the duration of sleep. If you Wake up the person at the beginning of each dream, three days later, his psyche shattered. Hallucinations, problems with attention and memory, irritability – all these symptoms will accompany him as long as he's not fully sleep. At infringement of sequence of sleep phases, also develop mental disorders.

8. They see even the blind

Blind from birth people would rather not even see dreams, and feel them. They have feelings, sensations, tastes and smells. A healthy person can't even imagine such a thing. Dreams are based on information which he received during the day. Blind people can't see the images, they feel. These feelings and dream them at night. People who lost his sight in conscious age, we see normal dreams. Their memory provides images from the past. Gradually, these emotions are erased. A person perceives the world for the other senses. After a while he doesn't have dreams with images.

7. We dream only what we know

Dreams are colorful, fascinating and beautiful. Or Vice versa, dreadful and terrible. It seems that what is happening in the dream events do not occur in reality. As is the case with people who invades our dreams. Often people dream us strange, as if their faces have never met in real life. But it's not. Everything that happens in the dream – it is the emotions experienced. Accordingly, it has already happened. Of course, the real situation in the dream, sometimes take bizarre forms. But rest assured, if you dream of a stranger you've seen it. Perhaps it's the salesman from shop at home, or just a passerby.

6. People who quit Smoking, have more vivid dreams

It was found that people who quit Smoking have more vivid dreams, compared to smokers or those who smoke does not have tried. Some dream that they are Smoking, but this is quite rare. Most dream of striking images. This is explained as a symptom of quitting Smoking. Ex-smokers admit that before their visions were disturbing, murky, frightening. After the rejection of bad habits, they are visited by an extremely pleasant dreams. Scientists attribute this to the fact that cigarettes affect sleep cycles. Smokers tend to find sleep disorders, insomnia.

5. Dreams are actually not about what you see in them

In most cases, sleep is not about those events that we perceive. Dreams convey to us information in the form of symbols, the subconscious gives absolutely other picture. A simple example is nightmares. If you dream of your boss, who turned into a zombie and wants you to dine, you most likely have problems at work. You did what you had to do, or simply have a strained relationship with the head, and you can't overcome fear in front of him. But not always, of course, dreams so clearly convey information. Some encrypted so that you will long to think about what was this dream.

4. Lack of sleep is ruining your personal life

Amazing but true. Partner, regularly not getting enough sleep, it becomes unbearable in a relationship. He eternally dissatisfied, constantly nags, complains about life and blames his mate in the lack of attention. Restful sleep is key to physical and mental health. If people didn't sleep, he is irritable and intolerant. If the communication with strangers he still has work to restrain myself, with family and people usually don't stand on ceremony. And who in this case goes? Right, who is near us always and will endure any of our antics – loved one. If you value the relationship, but suddenly notice that once again unjustly wronged partner, think maybe you need to relax.

3. Sleep on your left side can relieve heartburn

Almost everyone at least once in life have experienced these unpleasant sensations. It is caused by the release of stomach acid. Can occur gastroesophageal reflux disease. Oddly enough, but helps in this case sleeping on your left side. This is due to the structure of the human body. The stomach is separated from esophagus circular muscle. It does not pass food from the stomach into the esophagus. When you're lying on right side, it relaxes and does not perform its function. Therefore, the problem of heartburn is easily solved. Sleep on your left side.

2. External stimuli invade our dreams

This often happens with everyone. In the dream invade our feelings, smells, other sounds. If you froze, most likely in your dream winter snow. When melody alarm clock, you can sleep. Because you dream that you are at a concert of your favorite band. It's easy to explain. The body sleeps, but the brain continues to function but in a different way. He responds to different stimuli, digest the information received during the day. Dreams are so believable that surprise people. But more often a person dreams the satisfaction of his physical needs. If he wants to drink, in dreams he will look for water.

1. You are paralyzed while you sleep

You may not know that when you sleep, parts of the body paralyzed. Nature provides to the people in the dream were fixed, did not take the dream as a real event. The neurons of the brain send signal to your spinal cord. He relaxes and becomes immovable. Some people after sleeping notice with horror, unable to move. This state lasts only seconds, due to the fact that the brain wakes before the body. If the muscles that control the diaphragm are paralyzed, you will have the feeling that you suffocate. So, if this happens, do not worry – this is a natural process.

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