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10 interesting facts about the wedding and the new house Harry and Megan


The most significant event in 2018 was the wedding of Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle. Young people met in the summer of 2016, through a mutual friend. In the autumn of the same year of their relationship became known to the media, they write about the alleged affair and implying that this is a serious relationship. Soon followed by an official statement confirming that the Prince really Dating an actress. In September 2017, Harry introduces his girlfriend with his grandmother, Elizabeth II, and in late November it became known about their engagement. Lovers admitted that they plan to get married next spring. In December announced a wedding date – may 19. The wedding turned out gorgeous. We will talk about some of the moments of celebration, and the house where they plan to settle.

10. Wedding dress

After it was announced their engagement, Megan didn't have time to search for wedding dresses. But in mid-December, at the persistent request of a friend, she decided to deal with this issue. Megan sent dozens of sketches, among which were representatives of well-known brands. But she immediately knew what she wanted. Closest to her "perfect" dress was a sketch of Clare waight Keller. They met. Soon Megan said that he had chosen her for making wedding dresses. But Keller had to keep it a secret until the wedding day. Turned laconic outfit that opens the shoulders of the bride. Write that gave him the 135 thousand dollars, and paid for the dress herself Megan. Opinions about the dress was divided. Someone thinks its a stunning dress, modest and elegant, but there are those who call it too simple, baggy.

9. The Bishop Of Buckingham

During the marriage was made by the Bishop of Buckingham. He read a long speech, which was addressed to the newlyweds. From time to time he quoted from the Bible, using your iPad. Interestingly, the guests present at the ceremony were forbidden to use any phone that they could shoot a video or take a picture.

8. Wedding Bridal tiara

On the bride's head was the diamond tiara. This is a vintage decoration that Megan gave at the time of Queen Elizabeth II. There is a tradition. All girls included in the Royal family of England, must at the wedding to wear a tiara. Unmarried girls and women these ornaments to wear are not permitted. This tiara was made in 1932, and before that belonged to Queen Mary. The main decoration of the tiara is removable brooch made up of 10 diamonds. This brooch once gave Mary to the wedding.

7. The car for the newlyweds

The young couple went to a reception at the electric car Jaguar E-Type Zero. This is an exclusive car, which most of the elements from 1.5 E-Type 1968. But he replaced the internal combustion engine, instead put a battery and an electric motor. Now this car in 5.5 seconds to accelerate to 100 km/h and the maximum speed at which it develops – 160 km/h. the car special license plate E190518. It is encoded the date when the ceremony was held.

6. The former beloved of the groom

Attended the wedding and 2 ex-girlfriends of Harry, he kept good relations with them. There was Chelsea Davy, which is his first girlfriend. They met in high school, since he studied in the neighborhood. The gap occurred due to the fact that Chelsea went to South Africa to study, but her boyfriend had to stay in England. From 2004 to 2011, the couple then parted, then again started to meet. The girl was with him at many official events. After they finally parted, the Prince met with dancer Cressida Bonas. In 2012 they started Dating. The British love to know about it, because many of this girl liked. She was not seen in any scandals, was successful and beautiful. But after 2 years the couple broke up.

5. Location Frogmarch cottage

After the wedding the couple lived at Kensington Palace, like other members of the British Royal family. But they want to move to Frogmore cottage. This rustic residence located within 1 km from the Windsor castle. Such an unusual name he was given because of the frogs, of which there are a lot of, because it is marshland. In the summer of 1875, the Queen breakfasted in the cottage, and noticed that there are too many frogs, she called them disgusting.

4. Grade II

England has its own classification of buildings. This cottage was able to get the status of Grade II. This means that the building is special, it has historical significance. In 1975 it was included in the list of buildings in the country, which should be saved.

3. In the cottage lived the Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna Romanova

In Frogmorton cottage once lived the sister of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. We are talking about Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna Romanova. She stayed in this cottage from 1925 to 1937. We should not be surprised that she was sheltered in one of the suburban Royal residences. The Grand Duchess was besides, and cousin of George V, one of the British kings.

2. The mausoleum of Queen Victoria and Prince albert not far from the cottage

The love of Queen Victoria and her husband albert go legends. This pair was a model of exemplary family. Spouses never cheated on each other, no scandals, there was not a single hearing, discrediting their conjugal virtue. During their life together they fought only 1 time, because of the illness of his daughter, but then reconciled. Prince albert died at age 42 that was a real blow to his wife. The wife survived her beloved husband of 40 years. They were buried in the Mausoleum, located near Promorsko cottage.

1. Planned renovation Frogmarch cottage

The Royal family wants to update Frogmore cottage that the couple could live. But soon the cottage I want to make a comfortable hotel that meets all modern standards. There will be a yoga room, a gym and a separate room for the nanny.

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