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10 interesting facts about Japan and Japanese


What do we know about Japan? In the first place, that it is Eastern archipelago. A densely populated group of Islands where high-quality industry and legendary cars are closely intertwined with wacky inventions (chindogu) and chips with Cola flavor (the gastronomic delights of the Japanese deserve a separate story). In General, the country is quite distinctive. By the way, not even a state, and the Empire. We offer you to expand the idea of the country of the Rising Sun and to see the ten most interesting facts about Japan and Japanese.

10. About 1400 earthquakes a year

And indeed it is. On average in Japan, the ground shakes about 4 times a day, and it is quite a common thing. A record is considered to be 1930, when there were more than 4000 aftershocks. Happen this kind of natural disasters in the country of the Rising Sun due to the fact that the Islands on which Japan lies are part of the Pacific volcanic ring. About 10 percent of the world's seismic activity occurs in Japan. As a result of frequent earthquakes in this country have the most advanced technology of the prediction of the activity of the earth's plates. Also had to improve construction technology, after all, skyscrapers in Japan a lot.

9. The first has no right to declare someone a war

It's not someone else's fiction, and the official abstract of the Constitution of Japan. Thus, the Japanese armed forces can take action (and purely defensive in nature) only when you declare someone a war or enemy invasion on the territory of the country. History goes back to 1945, when after the Second World war, the Japanese Emperor signed an international agreement that this country allowed to have an army as such. However, this does not negate the fact that the defence of Japan actually engaged in the United States of America (it is already stipulated in a separate agreement and is strictly adhered to until today).

8. Snowmen molded from two snow balls, not three

Regarding this statement there are a variety of legends. For example, that the third ball is simply not enough snow. They say that the Japanese are just too lazy to roll another ball for the snowman. Do not forget to mention the fact that the Japanese people is low, as a result they are problematic to throw a third snowball on top. In fact, the Japanese just sculpt a sitting snowman, they even have a special name for a snow doll "Yuki-Daruma". If you believe the legend, the Yuki-Daruma is a doll of desires and brings happiness to the one who blinded her. Agree that, despite the missing element, Japanese snowmen look very cute and neat.

7. Tokyo is recognized as the safest city in the world

At least so decided the Economist Intelligence Unit, annual component of the rating is the most favorable from the point of view of security of cities. Program evaluation of a large city includes 49 criteria, including such definitions as the personal safety of citizens, digital security, infrastructure security and security in the health sector. For compliance with each criterion points (maximum 100), and Tokyo during the compilation of the latest rating scored 89.8 points, becoming the safest city in the world. Moscow, by the way, is only in the fifth ten of the list.

6. You can smoke almost everywhere

While we have the last few years smokers are creating more restrictions and barriers in Japan, citizens are fuming with extreme loyalty. No, of course, at gas stations touch a lighter not, still the same as in the airport and on the railway transport. But these companies actually are those the only places where in Japan are not permitted to smoke. Otherwise no restrictions, feel free to smoke where you want. By the way, in Japan, little boxes, and therefore, almost every smoker has a pocket ashtray.

5. The sixth part is covered with forests

It would seem a simple fact, because somewhere in the sixth part of the country is covered with mountains, somewhere in the steppes, and to fill the sixth part of Russia will hardly have all over Japan. However, it is the country of the Rising Sun 17 percent consists of forests. And so it will continue for a long time, as Japan has banned deforestation for commercial purposes. While the Japanese themselves consume large amounts of wood, using literally every inch of the tree. So here it is not so much about saving the world's resources of wood, and on a favorable position of Japan in which their forests can remain intact.

4. Grow square watermelons

How to say grow. Rather, give the watermelons in a square shape during their growth. The necessary configuration is achieved by placing only just beginning to grow fruit of watermelon in a special vessel made of metal and glass. The result is really impressive and unusual – a perfectly square watermelon. The problem is that it can not be eaten, the fruit is simply immature. However, the Japanese are not going to eat your creations. Watermelons as a rule, act as gifts and Souvenirs, while they are significantly more expensive than conventional berries.

3. Taken to sleeping in the workplace

It should start with the fact that the Japanese are workaholics, no more in this world. Attitude to work in this country is not respectful, not responsible, it is simply fanatical. The Japanese are ready to work round the clock, but sometimes I remember that they are still people too, which though sometimes you need to sleep. Since time in the workplace is (in most cases 12 hours), it is not considered shameful to take a NAP right there. It is clear that to fall apart in front of senior management is not necessary, then as colleagues and small bosses will treat you with understanding. In addition, in any enterprise there is a bed where a worker may, if desired, to spend the night.

2. Do eat dolphins

Generally in Japan, a lot of what consumed what will not fall even the hungry eyes of Europeans. Agree, you probably prefer the hamburger than the delicacy of poisonous fish. Dolphin meat, by the way, is also toxic and contains mercury, but the Japanese is not the least bit embarrassed. A variety of soups and kebabs of Dolphin are considered to be chic and prestigious dishes. Also, the meat of these sea creatures can be found in free sale in supermarkets. Some dishonest sellers put on the counter Dolphin meat disguised as whale more expensive. As for us, both is questionable delicacy, but this is Japan.

1. There are sidewalks, heated

Remember in the introduction we mentioned that Japan is quite unique country? At the end of our list appear irrefutable evidence of this. You see, in Japan, the sidewalks are heated, but in any city there is no Central heating! How warm housing in cold problem every inhabitant, but not the state, apparently. As for the amazing sidewalks, vehicular and pedestrian roads of Japan really is equipped with electric heating, which is activated in the period of snowfall. Thus, eliminating the need for winter tires solved the problem with the ice and warm shoes. Well, the boots there just are not.

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