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10 interesting facts about the actress Megan Fox


Despite the fact that Megan is often played similar characters and really good pictures with it, not so much, but this actress is mega popular and has crowds of fans around the world. Fans adore her for her acting and appearance, journalists like to talk with girl for her harsh and controversial statements. Megan is very talented and has an extraordinary magnetic beauty. The actress proudly says that in the family she was native American Indians. For a very long time she worked as a model before to gain success and fame in the field of film industry. There are still a few little-known facts about the incredible Megan Fox.

10. A quarrel with the Director

Megan was worth a life to thank Michael Bay and his "Transformers", because they brought the girl worldwide fame. The Director had big plans for Megan, and we can see the actress in the first two installments of the franchise. She was supposed to star in the third part, but between her and Michael there was a major scandal, which resulted in the Bay fired Megan in the middle of the shooting process. It all happened due to the fact that the film demanded the actress to gain about 5 pounds and tan and the girl in the answer has started to protest and reached the insults Michael. After Megan called him Hitler in the press, just Bay fired Megan and replaced it in the frame on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

9. Famous tattoo

The often-discussed tattoo with a lot of words on the side of Megan translates as "Once upon a time a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart." Megan says that she reworked the words of Shakespeare. Another tattoo that caused a stir in the press, is of a personal nature. When Megan and Brian have only just started Dating, the girl stuffed the abdomen of his name. In response to a question of journalists why she is so at risk, Megan said, "I'm sure we'll be together until the end of life. And if we break up, I'll just call your son Brian." The most famous tattoo of Marilyn Monroe, the actress gradually removes laser, explaining that she got a tattoo at a young age and is now older and no longer wants to wear a portrait of a man with such strong negative energy.

8. Parental divorce

Megan was only 3 years old when her mom and dad took the decision to divorce. Megan's mother just a few months, already married with a man who was much older. He moved his new wife, Megan and her sister Kristi in another state. New stepdad was a real Puritan parenting step-daughters and treated them very strictly. As a result, Megan often began to happen panic attacks, which provoke uncontrolled aggression towards others.

7. The scandal with journalists

Megan and her husband are very ambiguous after the wedding began to treat the press. Previously, the actress, together with her husband willingly gave interviews left and right and shared with paparazzi all the events of his life. But after a secret wedding and birth of children Megan and Brian began to carefully guard his private life. It is connected with the scandal of 2012, when the star couple began to pursue a couple of very Intrusive media. Once Brian could not bear the persecution, and came into conflict with the journalist Delbert Show, then between them fight was fastened. Later, the Show was even sued by the husband for Megan allegedly caused the harm.

6. Family and children

Megan loves her husband. She started Dating Brian when the actress barely turned 18 years old. Since then, the beloved has supported all initiatives of the stars and helped her in her struggle with uncontrolled aggression. When the relationship was 6 years, green has made a proposal and they got married. As recognized Megan, they never planned on children, just decided that fate itself will determine when it will be time to become parents and how much they must have children. The husband of actress says that she is the most wonderful mother in the world and is ready to give up your career if it will be needed for the education of three children.

5. Strong character

Megan started work at 15 and did not hesitate even a part time bartender. The actress is very hard working and always achieves its goals. Moreover, Megan Fox is the girl without complexes. She is self-confident and can openly Express their opinion without fear of wounding anybody's feelings. Perhaps that is why the actress is so often at the epicenter of scandals that erupted after each of her the harsh statements in the address of a particular celebrity. However, every conflict Megan always goes with her head held high.

4. Plastic (before and after)

In 2007, almost at the same time Megan did just 2 plastic surgeries. She had a boob job and lip. The breast implants she received after he became a star in photo shoots for men's magazines. Early breast Megan did not differ curvaceous. And lips that were full, have allowed her to sound more like the icon of beauty angelina Jolie. After 2 years, the actress was expecting a rhinoplasty her nose made thinner and narrow. Moreover, almost every year, it is injected into the cheek fillers and smoothes the face using Botox.

3. The victim of bullying

Megan in the school was wildly popular among boys. Pronounced beauty girl attracts all the attention from men, and the young Megan appeared a rival who was terribly jealous of the success of the future actress. Now the star recalls with a smile how often her beauty tried to disfigure, podkaraulivaya after school and trying to beat it. Girls constantly calling her and even stuck gum on the hair, Megan so that she spent agonizing hours trying each time to get her out.

2. The first role

One of his first roles the girl received at the age of 15 years. Then she managed to work with the star sisters Olsen in the Comedy "holiday in the Sun". There Megan portrayed a nasty girl who tries to annoy the heroines. A year later, she first met with Director Michael Bay, who confirmed her cameo role in the movie "Bad boys 2". At 18 she was able to play with Lindsay Lohan in the film "Star stage", and after that 2 years she starred in the TV series "Queen of the screen". And only in 2007, Michael Bay gave her a starring role in "Transformers."

1. Teenage mutant ninja turtles

Megan says that as a child I loved to watch "teenage mutant ninja Turtles". She liked Michelangelo, and the actress says with a laugh that was even in love with this character a long time ago. So it was a great pleasure to play a journalist April in the new history of the mutants. She was very excited about this experience before filming and worried even more than before his role in "Transformers." Starred in the first part of the "Turtles" actress being pregnant. So in between takes she was actively chewing on salted biscuits, which comforted her.

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