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10 interesting and budget ideas on how to spend a holiday


Summer is a great season to finally give rein to their desires and dreams, to go to a long-awaited vacation. While, however, every season opens the doors for a rest. Colleagues and then come back tanned and rested, showing colorful pictures, sharing funny stories. And you sit in the office and wondering where to go on a limited budget so to keep up with inspired colleagues.

The most important tenets of any rest: to sleep well, to devote time to a hobby, to change the situation, not keep track of time and, of course, experience new emotions and impressions.

Below we suggest 10 ideas to spend a holiday in conditions of limited Finance. While positive emotions are guaranteed, regardless of the location and kind of activity.

10. Near travel

If the leave is small, the fatigue does not allow wasting time on active flights and ferries, it is possible to go on vacation "in the area". Highly recommend to visit Ufa, and from there only 7 hours drive and you are already in Kazan, where you can see the local Kremlin, the famous the Annunciation Cathedral and the mosque. And 10 hours the road will lead you to Ekaterinburg with its famous sculptures, famous people, beautiful architecture. To study open all the Golden ring of Russia – Kostroma, Rostov, Sergiev Posad, Vladimir and others of the beautiful city. Arrange educational tour without stopping in each city for 2-3 days more, to reach more amazing places.

9. Training or retraining

There are people who really like to work, but the soul and the body asking for new experiences. You can perfectly combine the pleasant with the useful. Workaholics can enroll in a course that allows to acquire new skills or knowledge PEREPODGOTOVKI to another profile, to improve skills etc. Often they are held in various cities around the country, and some of the seminars and did abroad that will allow you to relax with a benefit for a career. Some of the trainings and business seminars involve active play, various quests and difficult tasks that will help you to unite with a new team, make useful contacts and friends as well as share a lot of impressions.

8. Natural attractions in Russia

Mother Russia is rich in natural landscapes and reserves. Believe me, after leaving a familiar city, you can experience a completely different world of mystery and tranquility of nature. For travelling we recommend the Altai mountains, mineral waters, Pyatigorsk, lake Baikal, wild and wonderful Karelia, the famous Pillars of weathering, the Curonian spit. On Baikal should visit each person, as the nature of the area belongs to the UNESCO heritage. Beautiful blue water, amazing flora and fauna – a veritable Nirvana for those tired of the bustle of the work of the soul.

7. Relax at home

Someone will think that there is nothing worse than spending the holidays at home, without changing any environment or atmosphere. Of course, we do not persuade you to do household chores, do the cleaning or pay a visit to the neighbors. Just to have a good holiday without leaving the city. Create an intensive program for each day, for example, view the city events (exhibitions, fairs, concerts). Can visit the local museums, terrariums, house of wax, theater, to enjoy urban architecture, explore areas which have never walked. It's time to visit a new restaurant or buy a ticket just arrived in the circus. In the end, in a city Park can be read in the welcome book, which for a long time did not reach the hands.

6. Beach rest in Russia

Russia can offer not only cultural centres in historic sites, but also active and beach tourism. Resorts of Azov, Baltic and Black seas, Krasnodar region attract tourists from all corners of the former Soviet Union. Stay is available in the financial plan, and can also be filled with a wide variety of excursions and entertainment. The best beaches, surrounded by nature, it is better to look in the Crimea (Feodosia, Evpatoria and other cities of the South coast) and in the Caucasus. Also the Spa area is lake Seliger, in the village of Nebug, famous Sochi, Eysk, Anapa and Gelendzhik.

5. Go on holiday in Bashkiria

Who would have thought that in this country you can fully relax and to gain experience, but "little Switzerland" and the truth it contains unique places, such as Kapova cave, lake (Kandrykul, aslykul, Talkas), river Zilim, Nugushskoe reservoir. All I advise to visit ounovskie menhirs that can replace costly and tedious trip to the English Stonehenge.

4. Visa-free European countries

More and more popular to acquire small European States which have opened visa-free regime for citizens of post-Soviet space. This Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia amazing. Unique natural landscapes, mountains and sea, the winding river, and thus also European level of service. Prices for tours to these countries are quite reasonable, which gives the opportunity to visit various historical places and tours. The language barrier in these countries is minimal – many of you know well-Russian and English. Comfortable holiday climate and warm attitude to the guests will allow you to relax, especially after an easy flight from Moscow is just 2.5-3 hours.

3. Journey through one of the countries of the former USSR

If Russia, you and have all traveled and wants a change of scenery, then you open other countries of the CIS and the former Soviet Union. And the prices are not so dependent on the fluctuations of foreign currency. We offer you to go to Abkhazia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan or Azerbaijan. In most countries you can only travel on a Russian passport, and some demand overseas, but without having a visa. Try the unique national cuisine, admire the mountainous terrain and just take heart in a foreign country.

2. The trip to the country, to the countryside or to nature

Escape to your own "Buttermilk". Not necessarily the dressing up to the cottage for planting, watering and harvesting. Of course, a small exercise will strengthen the muscles and will benefit your body, but should not be abused. Go outside the city just to breathe air permeated with the scents of hay or grasses. Arrange a series of kebabs and other preparations at the stake. Collect the herbs, then add in the fragrant tea in the winter, go to productive fishing, dry mushrooms for future use, a bath in the river or reservoir. And the possibility of eating fresh vegetables, fruits and berries from the garden will help the body to restore metabolic to make up for the deficiency of vitamins and regain a healthy glow.

1. The resorts of Turkey and Egypt

The famous "all inclusive" for many years, attracts the tourist. This is very useful when without any visa is possible to give up on the côte d'azur and well-groomed beaches, drink refreshing smoothies and stuff the belly of the local dishes. While these resorts are really rich in unique attractions such as Pamukkale, the Sphinx, the pyramids of Tunisia etc. Travel Agency and then throw last minute, allowing you to relax is available. Chocolate tan and complete Nirvana is the rest in tropical countries popular at all times.

Wherever you decide to rest, remember that a carefully planned program is the key to success. In advance, make a list of activities and excursions that would like to visit, and try not to deviate from an intended plan to capture the maximum positive impressions.

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