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Top 10 mistakes when brushing your teeth


High quality hygienic treatment of the oral cavity – the main condition for the good state not only teeth and gums but also of the respiratory system and the digestive tract. Therefore, every person who is concerned about his health, you must know how to properly take care of teeth. Seems difficult to clean the teeth? However, according to experts, most people, exercising usual hygienic procedure, make the identical error. Find out what are the 10 most common mistakes we constantly make.

10. Storing a toothbrush in a closed container

It's very fashionable to store their toothbrushes in special containers and caps. However, few people know that the toothbrush after use must be completely dry. Otherwise, its surface will soon appear and will begin to actively proliferate pathogenic microorganisms, which once in the mouth, can cause the development there of an infectious process.

Evidence of improper storage of a toothbrush is the emergence of a nasty smell or darkening of the bristles. Similar to brush require replacement.

9. Begin with one and the same place

All dentists agree that it is always starting brushing from the same place, we significantly reduce the efficacy of hygienic treatment of the mouth. This is because a person usually starts to brush your teeth very hard, and towards the end of the process, the excitement begins to subside. Because of this, experts urge to periodically change the starting position.

8. A disadvantage of rinse

Dentists insist that after each use, the toothbrush should be thoroughly rinsed to remove not only traces of toothpaste, but most of the bacteria collects on the bristles after cleaning. If the bristles only superficially rinsed, the bacteria that you removed from the oral cavity simply return to their place if you reuse brushes.

It should be noted that proper care of the toothbrush extends its service life.

7. The wrong technique of cleansing

Now very often in kindergartens, schools and other institutions held workshops, teaching children proper tooth brushing technique. Unfortunately, according to statistics, many adults have no idea what should be the movement of the brush over the surface of the teeth when they are processed. Many believe that the movement should be predominantly horizontal instead of vertical. Some of them ignore the necessity of cleansing the palate and tongue surface.

6. Lack of hygiene the inner side of the teeth

Making sure the exterior side of the teeth cleaned from plaque, we are usually satisfied with this, we finish the procedure. At the same time, forgetting that on the back side of the teeth accumulate plaque, not less. As a result, there is formed Tartar, which in turn, after some time, turns into tooth decay the main cause of tooth decay.

Dentists insist that special attention to the back side should be paid when cleaning the front teeth. There is accumulated a large amount of plaque that could in the future lead to the development of caries.

5. Insufficient cleaning time

Ideally need to brush your teeth three times a day, and the whole procedure should last at least 2 minutes. Of course, few of us are able to take a few minutes hygienic treatment of teeth during the day, but to clean them in the morning and evening obligatory condition of maintaining oral health at a decent level. Remember: it is better to pay a few extra minutes a day brushing your teeth, than to allocate a large sum of money on visits to the dentist.

4. Using the wrong brush

Now the shelves are full of a variety of toothbrushes. They can be equipped with various additional functions according to the manufacturer should provide even more care. Basically the similar bells and whistles it's just a marketing ploy to increase the price of the product.

First of all, when buying a toothbrush, you need to pay special attention to characteristics such as head size and stiffness of bristles. Excessive brush extremely complicates the whole process of cleaning and makes it not effective enough, especially if we are talking about a child's brush. If you have a gum disease, then experts recommend to buy a softer brush to once again not to irritate the mucous membrane.

3. Not so frequent brush replacement

The Golden rule says dentists every 90 days should be replaced toothbrush. This principle applies both to the usual brushes and nozzles for electrical appliances. A modern brush manufacturers are equipped with indicators, coloured bristles as they wear begin to fade, thereby reminding the master about the end of his life.

2. Choosing the wrong bristles

When choosing a toothbrush, it is equally important to pay attention to the angle at which the bristles are embedded in the base. It is best if a combination of vertically arranged bristles with a built-in at a certain angle. It should also be noted that the bristles may be made exclusively from synthetic materials.

1. Excessive and vigorous brushing

In almost any case too much leads to loss. This rule also applies to brushing. More than 3 procedures per day is too much. Pathological hunger for purity you is absolute sterility in the mouth (which, in principle, impossible to achieve by any means), will achieve irritation and thinning of the tooth enamel. This is especially true for those who are falling into a marketing ploy, opted for the use of toothpastes with bleaching pigments. Therefore, hygiene should also exercise reasonable moderation, so that your zeal has not resulted in the emergence of additional health problems.

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