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10 interesting scientific facts about flirting


If the flirting to be just as informal communication, it will only please. However, some people deprive themselves of this because they think that flirting is perceived by the other side too seriously, afraid to break the rules of decency. It should be remembered that a passing flirtation does not always imply some kind of relationship in the future and is a measure of levity. Such advances are useful even for long-established couples. In this article we look at 10 interesting scientific facts about flirting, which I know not all people.

10. "Rejuvenates" the relationship

People who retain a romantic relationship for many years, evoke the admiration of others. However, over time this love becomes less passionate, and often even very strong feelings turn into a habit. Some spouses from time to time sent with each other on dates to return to the relationship of romance, but this is often not enough. Many people are left trying to renew your relationship, because "all live", but is a direct path to the routine and mutual irritation. To avoid such problems, you need to re-spin with each other a novel: this advice is relevant for those spouses who have lived together for many years.

9. Increases social status

Flirting people think others successful, beautiful, confident. That impression turned out correct, the flirting should be unobtrusive, friendly, light, appropriate in business communication. The jokes (which should be flat), unobtrusive compliments will significantly increase in the eyes of the people your authority. However, they will not give the impression of a lack of intelligence or carelessness.

8. Animals flirt, too

Dolphins "dancing" to attract the attention of any females. During such flirting "gentleman" lightly touches "the lady" fin. If the female makes it clear that she is interested in continuing Dating, the male lightly bites down on her fin. In some cases, these mammals make to each other are the real surprises. The male, for example, may give its female pieces of sea sponges, and various corals and algae up from the bottom.

7. Produces endorphins — the hormone of happiness

Endorphins are called natural drugs. This substance is produced in the human body. It can cause a feeling of happiness, but this effect lasts only a very short time. One of the most simple ways to feel happiness is to flirt with a nice man. If a man flirts with any woman in his body produces a large amount of testosterone. While it does not matter what purpose is pursued by the representative of the stronger sex: just to compliment an attractive lady or to meet her for a serious relationship.

6. Flirting is harder to refuse

Cleverly flirting with the help of flirting may even manipulate others. Many people specializing in the field of psychology claim that few can deny a person who has for companion a genuine interest and shows a lot of attention. Of course, to go beyond reason, doesn't find, or flattery flirting will be quickly recognized. Very important is the sincerity. Frankly don't need to take advantage of people: the person who does so will quickly ruin your reputation and lose weight.

5. Not threatened by an ongoing relationship

Flirting is not the same as change. People want to feel their importance in society, to please others, and that's absolutely fine. Flirting with other people did not threaten the family relations, but keep in mind that flirting is only allowed within reasonable limits. Psychologists also argue that flirting can be the beginning of friendships.

4. Increases self-esteem, liberating

All people know about "botanists" who have no idea about how to communicate with the fair sex, and the charge which make the seduction of a hobby. If a person wants to be liberated to stop being too shy, flirting can help him. During flirting the brain literally shuts off, and the person is completely guided by their emotions. As a result, he forgets about his fears and insecurities. All pikaper know that this is a good exercise on self-esteem.

3. Activates the instinct of procreation

The suitability of women for family life and motherhood the man showing signs of flirting that are typically female. Flirting ladies constantly touch the curls falling on the face, they begin to slightly shake your hips. Instincts usually occur even if romantic intentions are completely absent, and the flirting is just friendly.

2. Helps to assert itself

Some believe that it is impossible to assert themselves at the expense of other people, but it is allowed if the person is not beyond morality. Your emotional state will improve dramatically if you will raise your self-esteem, flirting with the opposite sex after a hard breakup with a partner, illness or a prolonged depression. Easy and quick, flirting with any stranger is unlikely to hurt anyone, but it certainly will improve the mood – and you and this stranger.

1. Overrides the external faults

Because after flirting in the blood becomes much more endorphins, very quickly, a period of euphoria, causeless happiness. People who are in that condition, don't try to search for others disadvantages: they are enjoying this. Flirting man begins somewhat to idealize his companion. The same thing happens with passionate people, who see each other only good.

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