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10 interesting series 2018


Probably, not to find a man who likes to watch soap operas. Comedy, detective, love, children – everyone will choose something that is fun for him. When viewing the next series people relax, forget about troubles and problems, because in those moments, he lives the life of the main characters. The series is "more comfortable" than the movie. It consists of several short episodes. In the evening, before bedtime it is possible to see one. Very often it happens that while people choose the film, arguing with the household or just can't decide, the time allotted to rest, is over and it's time to go to bed. Besides, the characters of the series are usually so attached that it is ready to watch the show again and again. Well, the creators don't disappoint the audience, they are filming new seasons. But not every show is worthy of attention. To see some of them are only a waste of time. We will help you to avoid this. Below is a list of interesting series in 2018.

10. Ghostly tower

The series covers the events of the tragedy that occurred September 11, 2001. The FBI and the CIA combined. They are fighting against Osama bin Laden and "al Qaeda", but all their efforts are futile. Besides, instead of having to deal with the case, they begin to compete. In America, a terrorist attack in Iraq, the war begins. The series will be especially interesting to those interested in the history. It captures the attention, the plot drags. Although everyone knows what the outcome of the series, but to learn about the reasons that led to such dire consequences, you will want many. The series attracts attention because it tells about the tragic events. Such projects are very few.

9. Terror

Another American novelty. In the center of events, the history of polar expedition. Two ships the Terror and Erebus" are sent in search of the Northwest passage, which connects the Atlantic and the Pacific ocean. But it is a misfortune. Ships icebound, and the members of the expedition has to contend with the elements, disease, lack of food. In addition they are threatened by some hostile force. The series were praised by critics, but the reviews on it were mixed. Some of them seemed that bright is not enough the sense of the snow trap, which is hit people. Those who have read the book, too, was dissatisfied. Someone the series seems stretched. But, anyway, you can see it is definitely worth.

8. Castle Rock

After the suicide of warden in the West wing find the boy. He says nothing except the name of the lawyer. Henry Deaver grew up in this town, and he returns to find out what really happened that day, and who is this young man. A good mystical story. By the way, filmed on the book by Stephen king. His fans will certainly appreciate this series. Oppressive atmosphere, intrigue, exciting plot. Viewers will wonder what the end of this story. But you need to watch it carefully if briefly distracted or just daydream, it is possible to lose the thread of the narrative. Every detail here is important.

7. Barry

Killer named Barry takes a new order. His victim is a guy who is studying to be an actor. So Barry is in acting courses. These classes give him great pleasure, he decided to cancel the order and start a new life. This series is a mixture of Comedy and Thriller, easy, sometimes fun. Reviews about it are positive, the ratings are quite high. The audience interesting to look at the man with a double life. What will you choose Barry? By the way, each episode ends with intrigue, it seems that now the main character exactly expose. And the viewer will be able to see in the TV series the intersection of two different worlds.

6. Lost in space

This is a remake of the TV series, which was filmed in 1965. The collapse of the spacecraft, carrying the Robinson family. Now they have to learn to survive in the new environment. The series is well suited for family viewing, because the main roles are played by teenagers. Many have expressed negative opinions about the show, but they forget that first and foremost he shot for kids. So they are going to love it. The plot is dynamic. Really a lot of technical mistakes and logical inconsistencies, but the show turned out good and nice.

5. Sharp objects

Reporter Camille gets the chance to change their lives. Her career is hardly glittering. When it is sent to a small town where there were some murders of young girls, she hoped that her journalistic status will increase. The girl was born in this town, where she grew up. She had a difficult relationship with her mother. So once Camille is back in town, memories and problems again came crashing down on her. The series is very exciting. Complex plot, dark atmosphere, great acting. Some people think that the series is tied. However, this does not spoil it. Here is just a style of storytelling. Viewers who are fond of psychological thrillers, the series will surely like.

4. 911 rescue service

In the center of events – the work of firefighters, police and ambulance. When a person encounters misfortune, he picks up the phone and call 911. The series is shown, that workers live very hard times, but they are ready at any moment to help. The series will be of interest to everyone. Each episode is a new story. Of course, this topic is not new in the world quite like this series. But captivating that the same events are shown from different points of view. Dynamic events, a lot of action. Besides, the show was very soulful.

3. Patrick Melrose

Patrick rich, but his life is hardly happy. He had a rough childhood, father brutally he was treated. Mum did not support the son tried to protect him, it is inactive. Grown-up Patrick will have to fight with his inner demons and a passion for alcohol. Who will win this difficult struggle? Recognize only those who dare to see this show. This is a story about a man with a broken destiny, and not about rich people who allow themselves too much. The main character played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Game it excellent. Actors supporting roles also did their best.

2. Here and now

In the center of events – a life not quite ordinary family. Husband, wife, their child and three foster children, all of different nationalities. They do not always find a common language, often there is a misunderstanding, quarrels, problems. But the situation is further exacerbated when one of the children begins to see the inexplicable. Not everyone will like this show. Some can shock relationships of same-sex couples, and promotion of drugs. Perhaps teenagers to watch it yet. But there still is something to see. Unusual plot, a combination of real life and unexplained phenomena are unlike others, and from that even more interesting.

1. Killing Eve

The series tells the story of the killer, which when a new task is faced with the employee of intelligence services. It's a worthy opponent, and women are now obsessed with each other. The series is notable for its dynamic plot. Passion strained to the limit. Spy Thriller, but it is not quite like the movies with a similar plot and genre. The series keeps the tension. Viewers want to watch again and again. Amateur detectives and spy stories will definitely not be disappointed.

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