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10 interesting mysteries of the Pacific


Scientists say that the oceans studied by science is not more than 10%. Imagine how its waters are fraught with secrets and mysteries! Even if you take only the Pacific ocean, it still remains much unexplored. Many mysteries related to this huge water area, excite the imagination as fans of the mystics and the skeptics. In the waters of the Pacific ocean continuously conducted research that promotes the mankind is getting closer just inexplicable that pose of his depth.

Presenting the top 10 most famous and unexplained phenomena occurring in the waters of the Pacific ocean.


This experiment, the reality of which scientists questioned, was allegedly carried out by military forces of the United States in 1943, in the Pacific ocean. During this experience allegedly disappeared, and then in a matter of seconds appeared in several dozen kilometers, the destroyer Eldridge with the entire crew. Also probable is the connection of this experiment with the development of American military technology blackout the backlight to reduce their visibility to the enemy.

The official U.S. government then and now have denied the fact of carrying out of such experience, however, despite this, rumors about it continue to spread. Extant members of the crew of the Eldridge confirm the version of the authorities and insist that the so-called Philadelphia experiment was nothing more than an invention of journalists.

9. The Disappearance Of Amelia Earhart

With this tragic event has been more than 75 years. Then the plane, which was operated by a female pilot from the United States Amelia Earhart, disappeared from the radar. What was the cause of her death is still unknown. Amelia had planned to take a flight to the island of Howland. After some time since the last radio messages of the pilots tried several times to establish a voice communication with the captain of the ship accompanying the aircraft to the destination. However, none of these attempts have not crowned success. Most likely, the reason for this was breakage of the antenna aboard the aircraft. To the island of Howland was quite a bit, when communication with the aircraft is interrupted. What prevented the pilot to land the machine as planned, the island remains a mystery.

8. The face on the bottom

Lloyd Stewart carpenter the study of the bottom relief of the Pacific ocean with amazement found that the topography of this area is very similar to the face of a man. This was the fact that the author of the discovery wrote a whole book devoted to the development of this theory. Most of his colleagues such a hypothesis at best makes us smile. But still her supporters.

7. Bomb Mark4

In 1950, the U.S. military in the waters of the Pacific ocean lost nuclear warhead. It happened during transportation. At some point the engine caught fire the aircraft, and to protect the crew of the aircraft, the bomb it was decided to throw into the water. Fortunately it did not detonate. And after almost 65 years it is accidentally found in the study of DNA.

6. Giants of the depths

In the most extreme depths of the Pacific ocean live huge sea creatures giant squid. Their length can reach 15 meters. The fact of their existence is now scientifically confirmed, so these creatures are not mythical. However, the researchers of the Pacific is still questioning the possibility of the existence of these creatures, whose length reached to 30 meters.

5. Purple sphere

This phenomenon appeared before scientists recently in 2016. Mysterious glowing inside the purple area, the size of which reached several centimeters in diameter, seen at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of southern California. The unknown creature was discovered through scientific research vessel Nautilus. When the researchers saw this object, they were shocked, because none of them had no idea what or who they had to face. Scientists have put forward the hypothesis that the sphere is nothing but an unknown species of plankton.

4. The basking shark

While exploring the bottom of the Pacific ocean, the scientists were able to take pictures of a giant shark. In the study, it was found that her true size is about 18 meters! Simple layman it's hard to believe, but the facts speak for themselves. There is a theory that in the depths of the ocean live creatures, whose size significantly exceeds even such instances.

3. The Pyramids Of Yonaguni

Mysterious underwater pyramids near the island of Yonaguni to this day become the subject of fierce disputes of scientists, after all, is still unclear: in its pure form whether it is a creation of nature or man-made statue of man? History of the study of these mysterious buildings begins in 1986, when the divers saw at the depth of 30 meters unusual formation of rocks. Unusual pictures of the pyramids with lightning speed flew over the front pages of most reputable publications. The stone blocks are clearly visible traces of processing, which indicates that these pyramids are man-made.

2. The Bloop Signal

This sound was recorded in 1997. 15 years later, scientists concluded that the source of this unusual sound is the displacement of the ice fields or the natural movement of icebergs.

There is also a version that this sound belongs to a living being, as yet unexplored by science. Main characteristics of the signal, we can conclude that this creature is probably the huge size of the much larger blue whale.

1. Unknown animal

During the next study of the bottom topography of the Pacific ocean, near the coast of California, scientists have found a strange formation. At the bottom found a large footprint, at the end of which was a spherical object about 4 meters in diameter. What this object was, to this day, no one knows. Around this conundrum, built many hypotheses and plausible, and not. Of course, the average citizen is much more interesting theories that tell about the fantastic sea creatures that live on the bottom of the sea since prehistoric times. Well, none of the versions neither confirmed nor refuted.

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