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10 historical evidence of the existence of aliens


The existence of aliens has not been proved. But, nevertheless, thousands of people believe that we are not alone in the Universe. There is evidence that the inhabitants of other planets ever visit this Earth. Their traces are not a direct proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life. But they make you think, because it is unlikely that in certain periods of human history could create something similar.

10. Puma Punku

Near lake Titicaca, in South America, is a complex of buildings. Once it was a majestic sight. But gradually time and the destruction of the stone blocks for production of crushed stone in the construction of the railway led to the fact that it has lost its former beauty. The construction of this megalithic complex still remains a mystery. Studies have shown that the huge blocks weighing 131 a ton and 85.2 tons of red Sandstone was brought from a quarry located in the distance of 10 km As it was done, is still not clear, no hypothesis is not universally accepted. The stone blocks were processed in a special way, because of what they could be connected together without using mortar. To create them, you need to have good knowledge on descriptive geometry and to possess special technologies for stone processing. Given the fact that the beginning of the work falls to 600 years BC, and the excavations have not found traces of another, more advanced culture, it can be assumed that the builders were visitors from other planets.

9. The Nazca Lines

On the Nazca lines located in southern Peru, found about 30 pictures and 13 thousand of lines and bars, and 700 geometric figures. These images lasted for several hundred meters, so the ground from almost not visible. The drawings were discovered when flying over the plateau. Still not clear who created them and for what purpose. The lines are shallow trenches of width up to 135 cm, and 40-50 cm in depth. Interestingly, on a plateau no sign of workers who had to perform these earthworks. Meanwhile, they had to stay, because it cost the car to ride this land, there appeared traces of it. Many workers who had to dig these bands, left no tracks, no prints of his feet. Therefore, ufologists believe that these are reference points for the alien ships. In those days, when was created the figures, people could not fly, but to see them only from the height of bird flight.

8. Vimanas

In the literature of Ancient India mentioned aircraft, which moved the gods or heroes. They could travel long distances in a short period of time and destroy the enemies. And interestingly, in the ancient Indian texts are not just told about these aircraft, they are described in detail, so that they begin to believe in their existence.

7. The Pyramids Of Giza

This complex of pyramids located on the Giza plateau. There is a hypothesis that participated in the construction of the aliens. The main volumes of the pyramids were made of blocks weighing more than 2.5 tons, They were cut down from the limestone in the quarry. Even now, with modern technology, it would be difficult to drag these stone blocks and collect them in huge structures. In those days, their appearance can be explained only by a miracle.

6. The Madonna with Saint Giovannino,

This is a picture of Domenico Ghirlandaio. She remembered that over the left shoulder of the Madonna can be seen the disc-shaped object. He carefully traced, so that the smallest visible details. To the right is a man, closing my eyes. This shows that this object is so bright, brilliant, I have to cover my eyes to look at him. UFO resembles those aircraft, which were observed later.

5. The Bible

If you carefully study the Bible, and it is possible to find evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. In the Book of Ezekiel tells of God's messengers, who arrived in a strange wheels. They emitted smoke and a rattle. When the machine landed, there was a strong wind, clouds of fire, which shone with radiance. They came from the Cherubim, vaguely resembling a human. They had 4 faces and 4 wings, which were under arms. There are other passages that can be interpreted as contact with an unearthly intelligence.

4. The Sarcophagus Of Pacal

In 1952 in Mexico was found a sarcophagus. It was the mummy of a Mayan ruler of the Great Pascal, who was mummified using the same technology as in Ancient Egypt. The lid of the sarcophagus was a stove. On the surface of this plate was applied an interesting pattern. There shows a man perched in a chair by an unknown aircraft. On his head a helmet, which leaves something like the wire. With one hand he holds a lever, and the second presses on the switch. His costume resembles the clothing worn by modern astronauts. UFOlogy I think this is proof that king Pascal once flew in a spaceship.

3. The Moai statues of Easter island

This monolithic statue made of stone by the natives of the island. There are about 900, the heaviest statue weighs 82 tons. Still not managed to figure out how the natives were able to produce these statues, as they were transferred from place to place and what tools were used. Some scientists do not believe that savages could cope with such a difficult task, given the fact that the average statue weighed 5 to 10 tons. It is possible that they created the aliens who came to this island because of the failure of their spacecraft.

2. Ancient Sumer

This is the first civilization in the world that know how to build reservoirs and canals, invented a trolley on wheels, plough and sail boats. They divided the circle into 360°, an hour 60 minutes, the Sumerians created a written language. In their texts, that they came from heaven the gods in fiery chariots. They could move to any corner of the earth for a couple of seconds and fly to the stars.

1. Stonehenge

This megalithic structure located in England. Still do not understand its purpose, although it was put forward many hypotheses. Someone thinks its the ancient Observatory, someone sure is a special place of burial. The stones used for its construction weighed about 25 tons. There were those whose weight was 50 tons. It is unclear how ancient people were able to cut these blocks of stone, to deliver them to the desired location and set in a strict order. The builders had to possess vast knowledge in mathematics, Geology, astronomy, and architecture. Russian researchers, Valentin Tereshin and Vladimir Avinsky, believe that this structure created by aliens, encrypting with his astronomical and other information.

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