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10 future inventions that will change human life for the better


Many of us enthusiastically read fantastic books, which brought to mankind is absolutely unthinkable technological solutions and developments. Brightest work, talking along with someone, flying machines, the possibility of prolonging life for a few decades.

If you often read news and to follow the scientific world, it is possible to greatly surprised, because a lot of written science fiction has long started to come true. The ordinary person doesn't suspect that already, for example, trying to print the donation of organs on a 3D printer and developed the concept of longevity. We are not talking about complicated developments in the field of physics, military industries and space exploration where science is moving in leaps and bounds.

Hollywood blockbusters about the future of the world will not surprise you after reading this article. We present you a dozen "fresh" inventions of the future that are actually useful to human development.

10. Robotic companions

About the development of robots that perform the surgery or assist in the coordination of industrial activities, we have already heard. Even robots that help elementary actions on the farm somewhere in Japan was proposed. But ultramodern Jimbo is not just a moving pile of metal with speaker and indicators. He can not only move actively, but also to dance, come to the call of the owner and to fully guide a person. Also, the robot learned to Express emotions such as laughing, which translates our interaction with the machine to a whole new level. Today robots companion is ready for serial production in the coming years will be able to replace alone and incompetent people allowed.

9. Sensors for portable diagnostics

Increasingly popular app on phones and tablets that allow you to calculate calories of meals, keep track of distance covered, as well as helping to observe a healthy lifestyle. But it's all a grain of sand in comparison with the planned biosensor technology that will be implanted in smartphones. These units will be able to give the exact number of calories in the food we going to eat. But that's not all! The main purpose of the biosensors – measuring vital signs of the person such as oxygen level, pulse, pressure, etc. by using the biosensor can be replaced by the procedures of EEG and ECG, allowing for home-diagnosis.

8. Supercomputer with artificial intelligence for the diagnosis of diseases

Continuing the theme of medicine and diagnostics, the invention of the future – smart computer, which allows to diagnose the patient with a minimum error. Even the genius of Dr. house made mistakes despite a strong team of professionals, but every hasty thought can cost human life. Computer "Dr. Watson" will quickly collect the global information according to your symptoms, the clinical picture and analyses, giving a preliminary diagnosis and even the prognosis could be expected. Specialist, of course, will be to analyze the computer information, and to give the final diagnosis, but the chance of medical errors will be reduced.

7. Dentistry without drilling

The dream of all adults and children going to the dentist without fear of the drill, creepy sounds and painful sensations. Nanogel Brix 3000 will allow you to soften the enamel which is damaged by caries or other pathologies. Adjusting his layers, you can achieve removal of only dead and infected tissue without affecting the healthy area of the teeth. After such softening caries is quickly removed and you can proceed to filling. According to the data, the procedure is painless, and greatly simplifies contact with the dentist.

6. A device that helps paralyzed people get back on their feet

One of the most important inventions of the future created in Lausanne. Scientists are perfecting a device that will allow paralyzed patients to regain control over the immovable parts of the body. The device includes a pair of chips designed for implantation in the brain and spinal cord. After injuries of the spine, as is known, the brain never loses the ability to send commands to the body parts, but distorted by the conductivity of impulses. The device will allow you to read signals the Central nervous system, to broadcast to the muscles, restoring their ability to contract.

5. Adaptive wheel

Our cars will also get new-fangled gadget that will improve their operation. The market will present airless wheels fitted with adaptive tread. Of course, the developer of the model is the tycoon of the market Michelin. He offers to replace the classic rubber durable porous material, which is resistant to punctures and standard damage, but still does not require paging. Surprisingly, the material will print on a 3D printer, adjusting it for the exploited motorist the road and even weather conditions in the region. The wheel can not be changed, but only "to put on" special protectors.

4. Running shoes that help to move faster

And again Adidas was on foot ahead of time. The firm has released sneakers with midsole, which is performed again using the infamous 3D printer. Such an element is adjusted individually on a number of parameters: mitigating impact, shape, flexibility, size, etc. In the near future I plan to put in the shops this printed "machine" that will produce a truly unique running shoes under buyer, allowing you to move faster and more comfortably. And while the series has gone on sale with soles designed according to the firm based on long experience of working with clients.

3. Biogoloniki

I am glad that this time the distinguished Russian designer who put forward the idea of biological refrigerator. The essence of the concept is that the food cools biopolymer gel. The refrigerator will have doors, cameras and shelves – enough to put food in insulated gel. This invention will consume only 8% of the energy of the house (to go to work the control panel), and the cooling takes place without energy consumption. The gel is not sticky, odorless, hypoallergenic, and can be placed in any area of the home, even on the ceiling.

2. Glasses that allow the blind to see

Amazing know-how that could change the lives of many people who have lost their sight. When the patient wears such powerful glasses, the processor captures video of the environment and using special algorithms, transmits to the brain could discern. The first thousand blind people have been able to test this amazing unit and to ensure the usefulness of the concept.

1. Underwater transport tunnels

Moving under water to overcome the distances easy! Norwegian scientists decided to build the world's first underwater floating tunnel. It will be placed at a depth of three to ten meters and represent a pipe with a larger diameter that can accommodate two lanes of moving traffic. The project has already invested 25 billion us dollars, and construction is expected to complete by 2035. Developers are pressing questions, because you will have to consider many factors: the density and water pressure, the influence of stormy weather and strong currents on the structure, etc.

Here in the 21st century, progress is steadily developing. A little more, and we will witness the latest materials, fixtures, devices and robotic equipment. After a couple of decades, some of these inventions will be able to afford and the average person.

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