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10 famous people who decided on a sex change


Genetics is a very delicate science of life – the slightest deviation in the DNA code, the division of eggs, or another process, can be with defects or mutations. The same pathological process is the one being born one gender outside and another inside. This is an internal misalignment with themselves and society, and sexual preferences generates a lot of complexes up to depression and even suicide.

Happen such problem with everyone, and celebrities are no exception to nature. The only question is that they have the finances to conduct transgender operations that help a person to gain the floor, which he feels. Of course, surgery is dangerous for health and is accompanied by strong hormonal correction but for the psyche of many stars it is the output. In addition, sex change has helped some of them regain the popularity and fulfillment.

Look at the 10 stories of becoming celebrities, which made it possible to change the natural gender.

10. Andrej Pejic – Andrea Pejic

Born in Bosnia, Australian model Andrej Pejic in the image of the androgyne was in the list of 100 sexy women in the world. But just a change of image, wigs and makeup did not bring the guy the satisfaction of his essence, so four years ago, he decided on surgery. He also changed his name to a female version of "Andrea" and now is conquering the catwalks with a new look. Pejic recently signed a lucrative contract and is a well-known brand of cosmetics. In 2013, Andrea with a new look starred with androgyny in the video Bowie. The model continues to talk about gender stereotypes in our society that prevent realized personality. And, of course, like any normal girl, Andrea prefers male company to female.

9. Bruce Jenner – Kathleen Jenner

This story is really amazing, because "at ease" feel a real man, athlete and a professional athlete. He is the winner of Olympic medals, championship in the decathlon. And now 65-years-old man shocked his family by telling that all his life, celebrated their feminine nature, therefore, all three marriage did not bring him the desired happiness. Bruce eventually changed sex and name, became an actor and actively gives interviews to popular media. So people go for his dream at the end of life, although lived all his life "in someone else's skin".

8. Chastity Bono – Chaz Bono

And now let's talk about the reverse transformation. Daughter of the famous singer cher, chastity from an early age was round, lush and rather clumsy girl. Children in the companies teased and bullied little girl, and in the future personal life is also not evolved. Popular mother gave the child enough attention and love in their career. For cher was a real shock that her daughter secretly had a sex change and now calls himself Chaz. The new "son," the diva said that abuse is harmful surgery that Chaz just laughed, because his mother had converted almost all my face and body numerous plastics. So an inadequate sample was from a child since childhood.

7. Roderick Cox – Laverne Cox

At Rodi misalignment of the internal sensations and external floor began in childhood. He shocked and outraged classmates that bravely attended school in women's clothes and even makeup. Instead of consulting with doctors and psychologists, the child suffered harassment from peers and rejection from teachers. When he grew up and was able to make decisions himself then had a sex change and became a beautiful girl go as Laverne. In the new life she became an activist for the protection of transgender and famous actress. Laverna has no regrets about the choice, because he brought her peace of mind and the coveted popularity.

6. George Jameson – April Ashley

One of the most daring and dangerous cases in our ranking. Boy George was born in 1935 and started to realize his true nature since childhood. At that time, the time was not so democratic, and sexual minorities tried to hide their true feelings and desires. The slender young man had a very pretty feminine face, which was ridiculed and abused by other teenagers. George went through a suicide attempt and was even in the psychiatric ward. Treatment did not change the dream guy, and save money, he went to Morocco, where he started one of the first transgender illegal operations. Well, George got a talented and competent surgeon, allowing him to become a beauty April. Then the girl's life changed – she became an actress, the wife of the Lord, to have 4 children. Now April is happily married and left her career.

5. Igor Bogachev – Juliana Romanova

Russian celebrities also follow European trends. A popular event organizer in Moscow decided to change the gender once loved a man. Igor worked on myself, went through several drastic operations and have become a burning brunette Uliana. The woman is still in demand in the PR business, and even participates in androgynous photo shoots, and some of them are very erotic in nature.

4. Robert Arquette – Alexis Arquette

The actor has continued his famous dynasty. At some point, the cute guy realized that a man to him to be abhorrent, so decided to change the floor. Now a striking beauty Alexis became popular and in demand actress. By the way, the family of the girl quite gently underwent such drastic changes, and even appreciated the new acquired dignity. Alexis already profitable showed itself in the popular film "Beauty" and "the wedding Singer".

3. Neil Megson Is The Genesis Of PI-Orridge

Neil is familiar with a variety of roles in life – and vocalist, and electronic musician, and poet, and occultist. But the most crucial role in his life played a sex change, after which he became a woman Genesis – phenantroline (characteristics of both sexes). The second wife of the Nile/Genesis supported pandrogeny project. Together the pair used the services of plastic surgery and hormone treatment resulted in the maximum similarity. Genesis also changed the shape of the bust implants. Wife in 2007, died from heart disease. And now Genesis is the only representative both on the planet.

2. Larry Wachowski – Lana Wachowski

The family of brothers, who shot the famous movie "the Matrix" was well received by the public. But not so long ago it became clear that big brother Larry Wachowski constantly felt female trapped in a man's body. He suffered for a long time that cannot be taken for what it is. Guy shared his thoughts on sex-change with his family, and that it is surprisingly supportive. Already at the screening of "Cloud Atlas" fans met active and cheerful girl Lana. Bright hair and fresh image gave a person confidence to realize their life goals.

1. Andy Wachowski – The Wachowski Lilly

The change in the older brother praised and Andy, and family support was an important factor for stellar guy. Recently the younger brother also said that he had a sex change and is now demanding to dignify his Lilly. He also lived women's consciousness and worldview a long time, but was afraid it would be perceived by the public and relatives. After a courageous brother Andy decided to tell the world the truth. And, admittedly, turned into a fairly cute little woman.

We do not undertake to judge how correctly to enter into controversy with nature and change your gender. If such changes benefit the people, for personal development do not be redundant any methods, even dramatically, such as transgender surgery.

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